Saturday, September 02, 2006

Luna's prayer vigil

Come on over to the prayer vigil for Luna at House of (mostly) black cat's blog. Help to keep Luna safe and bring her home!

From the House of (mostly) black cat's blog:
"Luna is our cat furriend from Spain who's lost in the forest due to an irresponsible V-E-T. We are hopin and purrayin that Luna gets home safe!"
They offered to host the Power Purrayer Vigil for Luna on their blog. "If you're a cat of a different religion that doesn't exactly pray per se, we welcome you to join us to send good thoughts and pawsitive energies! All pawsitive thoughts welcome!"


  1. Y miss Luna too :-(

  2. Thanks for cme to my home , and i wish Luna come back home :-(
    A big hug for you ...