Saturday, September 09, 2006

Now What?

Beau Beau, sit up here and you'll be safe.

"Angie, what are the humans doin' now? They're runnin' aroun and takin' all kinds of fings out of the house."

They're havin' a Tag Sale.

"But why are they takin efurryting? The fings they are takin' are not tags, it's boxes of fings."

I tinks they puts "tags" on the fings.

"They better not start takin' out the cans of stinky goodness or I'm gonna haf to put the bitey on them. We gots lots of cans. See?"

"Quick, come and help me push these cans where they can't see dem. Ohhhh, hurry, they're takin' more stuff!"

Don't worry, I tinks that they sells stuff at the "Tag Sale" so they can buy more stinky goodness, not less.

"But I heared them talking bout going on a bud-jet. Are they going somewhere wif all the stuff on a bud-jet? What's a bud-jet?"

Not sure but whatefur it is they are over bud-jet for their wedding next May so he is makin' Mommy come wif him and haf the tag sale and Aunties house where cousin Frosty lives.

"Oh! Then they'll come back smellin' like cousin Frosty. What a busy day this is gonna be."


  1. just make shur that they don't take your toys eifurr. Oh, and tell them to go to Vegas and haf Elvis marry them, then they won't be ofurr budget and they will has extra money for fings for you.

  2. k - we knows what a jet is on account of we lives rite near an airport an they flies offur us. a jet is a huge noisy bird wif no fev-vers so is totally useless but ya can't get offur them cause they're really high up, so unless yur a cloud yur always gonna be below them so we doesn't fink yur human pets effun could get offur the bud-jet if they tried on account of they's not clouds last time you checked - or is they?
    and...if they needs sum more $$$ they could sell pic-shures of you two cause Beau Beau's furry hansum an Angie's bee-you-tee-full an those pic-shures should be worth lotsa money

  3. I'm wif Cocoa. Who wouldn't wanna buy kitty pictors? Oh, an the Meezers are right, too. Don't let them take any kitty toys! Maybe they'll find some more at the tag sale an bring them to you!

  4. Fanks fur seein my post bout Bigotes... now you gots to come back an see all the PRESSIES I got! It must be my lucky day!

  5. They didn't get the stinky goodness did they????? You guarded it good, right? I sure hopes so!

  6. You shoulda come and asked me all about it. A tag sale is when people sell tags. I don't know what they do with them, but they must like them. And a Bud-jet is a plane that flies beer all over the place. The Younger Human says it's not very good beer, though.

  7. To the Meezers, Cocoa, Victor, Sanjee, and Max,
    Fanks for letting us know bout all these fings acoz it sure am a strange fing indeed, tags and bud-jets. Mommy was laffin so hard bout yur 'splanations. Don't know why - they make purfect sense to us.

  8. Hmmm. You two had better keep an eye on those humans. They are definitely up to Something!

  9. You two guard that food. One of you should be near it at all times to make sure it stays with you.

  10. Silly things! Your Beans just want to get rid of THEIR stuff. My Beans have one of these things every year, along with lots of neighborbeans. Only they call it a "Yard Sale".

  11. I hope your tag sale went well! We're not allowed to have any here because of some silly neighborhood rules or some such nonsense. Perhaps if your human pets made lots of money, Beau Beau and Angie, they can buy you lots of new toys!

  12. We don't know what a bud jet is but maybe it's like a buj up. When dad's taking up all the room wiv us on the sofa an mum wants to sit wiv us she says"Cum on yoo lot, buj up so's I can sit down. I fink it means move ofurr so maybe they's packing stuff to make room to sit down.

  13. Gosh, I hope none of your toys got sold, either! My mom's been talking about doing that too but thankfully she can't get motivated.

    She says to tell you she got the sink top at Lowe's. It is very cool--I fit perfectly in the sink and she got one of those curvy faucets, too, I'm sure just for me.

  14. You two sure looks cute in that window. That is some nice place to sit.


  15. *waving* Hi you two!!

    We eat Fancy Feast too. Sooooo were you able to push it out of the way enough where they didnt find it? heehee

    Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner Cats

  16. I think a bud-jet means you're not going to get as much, so you better hide what you have. Oh, and like was said, don't let them tag ANY of YOUR stuff!