Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Party

When: Party Starts at 8pm EST
(7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, or use the World Clock Time Converter)

How: This is Live Chat Party! Don't furget to sign in da comments here to be counted fur owr donation.

Don't furget: All cats and buns and rats and ofur furriends please sign in when yoo come to the party so we can keep a good headcount for our donation cawse. In light of this being Robyn Appreciation Day, we has decided we will donate .50 cents for each cat (and buns and such) who signs in (not to exceed $100) to 1/2 to Robyn's fund (see the linkies below fur more information) and the other half to the Meriden, CT Humane Society (where we were adopted from). You can start signing in on da comments now if yoo want.
And don't furget to go check out Cheysuli's blog too.

Party Hosts: Angie & Beau Beau

These luxurious squishy heart pillows will be handed out to all cats as they enter the party. This is to enshure that you all have a BIG HEART *and it's good fur laying down yur purty heads and taking a quick nap*.

Then FOOD!
The list of food starts wif Kiss Cookies.

Den we has bowls of owr favrites - Temptations in assorted flavors.

In addition to Temptations we have all assorted kinds of stinky goodness since efurryone likes all kinds of differnt foods. We want efurryone to be able to enjoy whatefur dey like bestest. If yoo like vishus deer we has it. If yoo like vegetibbles we has it. If yoo like chick-hen we has it. Get da picshure?

Next we has some speshul kinds of foods like bowls filled with Smelts fur dem fish lovers.

And who could go wifout Angie's favrit -- Shrimp!

And fur owr Catifornia furends and dose who can't get these so often, we has crabs. Wait! ACK! - we finks dese are still LIVE! Moooommmmmm! Hurry and cook up da crabs - dey are waving dere clawsies at us!


The will be a community drinking fountain to keep all cats and furriends hydrated after all the playing. The water fountain will provide a continuous flow of fresh clean water. Plus there are all kinds of assorted juices and some milk and cream for those who can tolerate it.

There will be wine fur any hyoomans who happen to wander in and dare is plenty of it.

Here am our basket of toys dat efurryone can help demselves to. We efun haf some little bags of catnip in there.

Songs to sing:
Sung to: "The Muffin Man"
Do you know my Valentine,
My valentine, my valentine?
Do you know my Valentine?
His/her name is _____________.

The Paris Nights Pet bed is here for those who wish to nap in complete luxury. Maybe there will be a King and Queen of the party perhaps?

The Stairway to Cat Heaven dat comes frum houses Six Plush Fur Hammocks™ plus the roof of the condos provide a choice of areas for resting and sleeping. All cats will really enjoy this fur resting and fur climbing. It am speshully nice fur da partay since the hammocks are in a nice red color to complement Valentine's Day.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

His and Hers Automatic Litter-Robots. Dey will be clearly identified so each girl and boy cat knows which one to go into. No stoopid confusing picshures will be on dem. The name "girl" or "boy" kitty will be written in cat language on the outside of da box to insure yur privacy..

Dat's all we can finks of fur now! ENJOY YURSELFS!

One more fing --- An fur the finale -- All da girl cats can takes a rose home wif dem.

p-ess. We linked to da sites that da images came frum in case yoo enjoy dat item soo much you just gots ta haf it. Espeshully if yoo like da food and da luxury paris nights bed, right Mom?

On Cheysuli's blog they have posted that they will donate .50 for every comment (though it's one comment per cat) up $50.00 with the rest to be donated at the first of the month. They sais to let everyone know and come by!


  1. i am commentin now ... becuz mi mom haz dinner planz at 8:15 an dat interfeerz wid mi planz fer da partee. i hope dat mi byootiful valentine date "LL" will be waitin fer me.
    i'll be a little late ... but i hope da partee iz still goin on.

  2. We wuz all checkin in... we knoos it am a bit early.


    We're all here!
    Juss waitin furr in-tru-shuns!

  3. Hi! Pixie and I are signing into the comments to be counted for the donations!

  4. We are all here:

  5. Jazper and Daphne8:01 PM

    Jazper and Daphne are here, to be counted for the donations.
    We're so nervous to meet our dates!

  6. We're here too...George, Tipper, Max & Misty.

  7. Here we are! Grr, Midnight & Cocoa + Flynn - it's 1 AM in England and so he teleported over so he could come with Grr while his mom sleeps.

  8. Hi, it's Fat Eric here. It is pretty late in England but I'll be somewhere about at the party even if you don't see me chatting later!

  9. I heard about the sign-in, and I am most definitely signing in! What a terrific idea!

    Zeus puts inks his paw and puts it down on the paper.

  10. We got here. I came wiv Grr cuz mum has to sleep now, and Eric's here hoping that Rosie can make it wiv her jetpack.

  11. Oh I'm so excited! I see that my sweetie Tipper is already here! I'm going to try to sign into the chatter now! Happy Valentines Day everycat!

  12. I am finally here. Our internet provider dumped us, but let us back in. Waiting for my sweetie.

  13. I's here! I stopped at Sweet Emmy's so I's could s-court her an Meeko an Kiara. Bonnie sed sumfin bout goin to Chase's to nap wif him since he can't come here. WOW! Look at the spread!

  14. The 2 B;s here. We're going to the chat page.

  15. Welcome efurryone. Fanks fur stopping and signing in. Remember to take yur pink smushy pillow when you get to da party. It's a nice place to haf to settle down when you wants to take a nap.

  16. You throw a very very nice party!

  17. What a gorgeous party, wow. Impressive. This is great.

    I am escorting
    Missy Blue Eyes

    :: KC, squirming... ::
    Mommie, aren't u's gonna leaf, u's NOT goin to tha par-tee wif us, are u's????

    :: ML ::
    Don't worry, KC, I'm just dropping you off with your friends... I'll be waiting up when you get home.
    Say hi to the dashing Jack for me.

    And Casper emailed he will not be attending tonight, so Missy is coming to make an appearance and then leave. Bear wants to stay for shrimp!

  18. We're checkin' in! Efurrything looks so wonderful! We're signed in to the chat but we'll prob'ly haves to be purrty quiet 'cause Mom has a cold and wants to go to sleep if she can.

  19. Beau Beau and Angie,
    We was at the party for afew minutes. we is having innernets problems so we can't stay.
    we wanna though.


  20. We're here! Mom and Dad had a late dinner, as usual, so we're a little late. Everything looks great here.


    Bubbles is here already! I've gotta go find him!


  21. Hi efurrycat! Buddy and Finny checking in. Even tho we din't get dates, we hope to haf some fun and maybe find some girly cats to hang owt wif. Buddy has a crush on somecat, but he won't tell who it is!

    Finny & Buddy

  22. We can only comment real quick-like...but we's here and Momma and Daddy are at their ball.
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

  23. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Just thought id stop in and say hello!

  24. purrrs, everycat! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo,love Lucy

  25. We are stopping by to check in too!
    Scooby, Shaggy, & Scout & the 3 guinea piggies: Eddie, Emma Sue & Sasha.

  26. We all come by!


  27. Either everyone's gone, or I'm notworking the chat room correctly. This sucks. I miss EVERYHTING.

  28. I think we're waaay late, but we finally made it--
    ~Flumpy & Meowmepurr

  29. we came back just in time to say goodnight to Jack, KC and Tara. sorry it took so long for the Lady to drive home, but she had to take the Quiet Girl somewhere too. it was a lovely party - thank you!

  30. jus wanna say "thanx" fer a grate partee.
    i hadda lotta fun meetin catz an dancin da cha cha.
    i can't wate to do dis again!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  31. Fluffy8:23 AM

    Sorry to have missed the party! I was gonna come and thenI decided to take a little nap first ,,,,,,,,,,, Looks WONDERFUL!
    I hope my comment can count for Robyn Appreciation Day anyway.

  32. It was a wonderful party, thank you very much for alowing us to take part.

  33. Nobody invites myself (crying)Sniff!

  34. I couldn't be at the party, but does my comment still count!

    It looks like there was much fun to be had! I wish I could have been there!