Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seven Random Fings About Us

Rosie, Abby, Eric&Flynn , and Bombay all tagged us fur random seven fings about us. Wow.
OK here goes.
Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

  1. My hyooman daddy pulls up a box for me efurry day in front of da back door so I can look out onto the back deck at the birds.
  2. I sleep on the hyoomans bed between their pillows most nights but not all.
  3. Some nights I am on guard duty in the kitchen and sleep on the big chair next to the island.
  4. My furs are as soft and silky as can be. Schmaybe that's because Beau Beau licks my furs. Schmaybe that's why my furs smell sometimes like Beau Beau's bref.
  5. I only snuggle wif my hyoomans sometimes and I need to be held so that I can lay rest my chin on their shoulder.
  6. My real name is Angelica but efurryone usually calls me Angie.
  7. Once in a while, only once in a while mind you, I drop a dingleberry (giggles).
Beau Beau:
  1. I nefur have dropped a dingleberry. Hurrmph.
  2. I am trying to find some songs for da hyoomans upcoming wedding but they don't seem to want songs like Meow Shack, Meow Meow Meow, Get da Poopy started, Da Power of Grrr, When a Cat is in Heat, and ofur such cat favorites.
  3. I have not touched the pink insuelashun in a while because I found something more fun to play wif. My new amewsment is da potatoes I pull out of da cabinet.
  4. I know how to get my hyoomans to give me treats. I raise my paw and wave it at them. Then they slap me five and I get a treat.
  5. I run around making grrrr noises. Lots.
  6. It am my job to jump on the hyoomans bed and head's at 5Am until they get up and feed me and Angie. I also grrr and meow while performing my wakeup routine.
  7. I chase, catch, and eat efurry little white moff dat I see flying around in da house. I am da bug patrol manajer.


  1. Angelica, no wonder your fur is so beeoooteeful and soft and silky. You haf your furry own purrsonal stylist!

    Beau Beau, maybe you shud open your own salon fur cats. Then we can all haf soft and silky fur like Angie's.


  2. Those are both very good lists! Angie, I was wonderin' how you kept your furs so beautiful. Beau, I think the high five is a great trick! I never get treats for any of my stunts.

  3. I high five for treats too! Works every time! I think I need a stylist, even though I am already purrfect!

  4. Yoo bofe haf furry good lists.BeauBeau, do yer hyoomans mind when yoo jump on theer heads.When my mum is sleeping and I jump on her head, she yells at me "Eric yer tearing my hair out at the roots"

  5. These are great lists!

    I too have to wake up the hoomans at 5:00 Am..sometimes I get a jump start at 4 and they get nervous about that. Momma gets so nervous she yells "stop it, Patches" in not a nice tone.


  6. What grate lists, Beau Beau Bro! An yur bafroom looks furry nice. Mine beans don't like cleanin, eifur. I's been patrollin fur spideys! They's crunchy.

  7. Wonderful list you guys! Great grooming Beau. Angie always looks great. That "gimmie 5" is very clever. I may have to try it...