Friday, February 05, 2010

Fevvers and Fings on Friday

We were furry sad cuz Mommie's werk took away da green papers dis year for efurryone. It is kinda funny dat dey told efurryone what a great job dey did for dem and den gave dem less. We am scratchin owr heads at dat one. We 'preciate owr Mom bean cuz we know how much werk she duz.

So we wuz sad for a day an now we gonna be happy an finks hard bout doin ofur fings to make up for da loss. I got it! I can make green papers by modelin' mine man cat cuteness. Yeah, dat's a good jobbie rite?

For some more happy fings, here are some picshures of owr fevvers in da yard. Da almost meal. Heh heh.

Dis one is a little blurry but it's what Mommie calls "Woody Woodpecker". Him has a red hed an he yells and makes loud chippin noises when he comes to get his food.
Here he is below again sharin da table wif da Blue Jay. Da Blue Jay's scream efun louder afore dey come to get dare food so dey can tell all da ofur birdies where it is. Kind of like netwerking for a new job rite?
It's gonna snow again tonite so da birdies will be coming for more food. Mom will fill up da table again so all birdies come on in! We like to share owr food.

Too bad more werk places do not know dat when yoo share more yoo get more in return. Da more yoo take away da less yoo get back. It's da law of attrackshun in ackshun.

Keep tuned for a week of Angie modelin picshures. It is not too easy to get pretty picshures of her cuz she keeps moving her head. But Mom got some good ones of her dat she wants to share.

Purrs, and keep smilin'!
Beau Beau an Angie


  1. Hi guys;

    Thank you for checking out The Pink Flamingo and letting me know about the load time, etc.

    Is your mommy torturing you with the bird pictures. Scary stuff. We like watching the snow fall.

    The Pink Flamingo Kitties

  2. We are sorry about your Momma's work. I do like the bird photos though.

  3. We love the bird photos! Our birds are pretty boring. Mostly sparrows and finches. We need better birdseed maybe.


  4. We're sad to hear about your Mommie's werk. But we like your pictures. We're waiting to see your modeling pictures.

  5. We are sorry that your mommy's work is giving her less green papers. That's not fair. Bet the people right at the top don't get less.

  6. We bet you could raise lots of green papers modeling cuz you are so cute!! And we love the birdie pictures! We don't have any woody the woodpeckers around here...just some downy woodpeckers and northern flickers which are a type of woodpecker. But we have lots of noisy bluejays!

  7. Purrs BeauBeau, sorry to hear your mum gotted green papers taken away. That hasn't happened to mum, at least not yet. She is happy she is working.

    Mum says the woodpecker is a red bellied woodpecker. If you ever see there belly it has some red fevvers on it. We don't get much blue jay action here.

  8. There seems to be a lot of places taking away green papers from employees who work hard for them. That isn't right.

  9. Those birds are awfully cute, we don't have any like that in NZ.

    We are sorry your mom lost some green papers, times sure are tough.