Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Finally Friday after a loooooong week.  Jus wanted to show yoo how I helped Mom wif her back.  I showed her she jus gots to lay ofur da chair an hang her arms down jus like dis an den she would feel better.  She tooked mine advice an did dat lots of times.  Don't know if any of yoo has had sigh-atticka a.k.a. sciatica but it is a hurty fing and not a pretty sight to see a human hangin' ofur da chair.  Hahahahaha!
So jus a warnin' to all yoo humans owt dare, do not sit in yur chair for all hours of da day wifout moovin.  Get up an stretch jus like us cats do.  If yoo will notice, yoo will see dat we stretch efurry time we when we get up to do somefin.  An although we lay around a lot we do not sit for hours on owr butts.  So people - get up an move!  Enjoy yur weekend and get some exercise ok?

Luvs, us


  1. My mum had a bad back, and had bad sciatica for over a year. However, it got better slowly and finally went away and mum has no problems now.

    Please tell your mom to take it easy. She should get up and move around when she can, and follow her doctors advice.

    A big Beau massage would help too.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Stretching is good! Gentle Yoga for back care is available via DVDs too, if your mom wants to do that. Or maybe there's even a class near her.

  3. Our mum had a compressed disc which gave her sigh-atticka for a long time. It is mostly better now but she knows as soon as she feels a twinge, she has to be very careful what she does. Our dad gets sigh-atticka too from an old back injury. We hope your mum is feeling better cuz our mum told us it is a very bad hurty.

  4. Sciatica is very hurty! Beau Beau, you are very right about the stretching and moving. Thanks for reminding Mama about it.


  5. Maybe you should become a massage therapist!!

  6. Our Mom has a seriously bad back. Maybe I should demonstrate your technique so I can help her.

    Your friend

  7. Beau Beau
    We do send healing purrs to yur Mom and we is so glad dat she has yoo der to show her how to git herself all back to normal...


  8. mum says Grampie has had sigh-attika. Mum agrees that you gotta get up and move around. Thankfully she has to get up lots to get papers from the printer every day.

  9. Maybe you should get a giant battery and attach it to her back. I understand electric shocks can help back pain. But surprise her with it, that always goes over good.

  10. Our mom haf da sigh-attic-ah too, she haf a leg dat is short and it pulls on dat nurve and makes her cranky and hurty. Da doctor told her to put a Dr shools foot pad, both of dem, in one shoe. It worked purrty good. She also lays on da floor wif her legs up on a folding chair to take da preshure offa her butt and lower back. Maybe some of dis would work fur yoor mom too. Da yoga helps too!

  11. Hope your mom feels better soon. Looks like you're setting a good example. And that's some good advice!

  12. She should get up and move around when she can, and follow her doctors advice.

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