Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel the Fear

"Named must your fear be before banish it you can" ~ Yoda


I will let da food lady say a few werds today.  After all, she helps me cuz I only has paws to press da keys.

Thank you everyone for your nice comments on my photos.  Some of you were interested in where I take my online photography classes.  Most of them have been through Better  I save up my money and take a class now and then.  I like the format and the fact that they are online so I can spend my time taking photos and upload them directly to the class.  It also motivates me to take the photos!  I have no affiliation with better other than I have taken four classes with them.  There are plenty to choose from and I started in the discovery mode to find out what kind of photography I liked best besides taking pictures of my furry loves, Beau Beau an Angie. I highly recommend Tony Sweet's "Image Design, Revealing your Personal Vision" class.   When I first happened upon that class I got that Universal high that you only get when you feel you are on the right path to making something happen.  

So, thanks for your comments as it helps to lessen my fear about moving forward with my dream to be a professional photographer.  I always have the fear that my work is not good enough and I'm still fighting the fear of some day being a full time photographer.  Having this blog is what has helped me to take photo upon photo of the best subjects in the world, our wonderful furry friends.

Forget your fears and follow your dreams my friends!



  1. I'll have to jot down the name of the site, thanks for the info.

    I don't aspire to being a photographer, I just want to take better snapshots. I've actually learned a lot at the Digital Photography School site:

    But of course that's not the same as taking classes and getting feedback!

    Good luck!

  2. The Woman is also aspiring to be professional. It is scary to put yourself out there and see what people think. Remember though, that no one sees the world exactly as you do! If you love and go play and just have a lot of fun and work towards doing the best photos you can, we KNOW you will succeed!

  3. Sounds like a great idea, mum never thought about taking an online class before or looking into learning tips online.

    She is practising with her new camera, and trying new things out.

    Good luck, and we love all the pictures of Beau and Angie.

  4. There is no need to feel fear, the photos are wonderful. Good luck.

  5. Daddy is our photographer, Mommy is scared stiff of cameras! She does OK with her phone camera but that's it. Blogging is doing the same thing for Mommy's desire to write--she's loving it!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    xx Lounge Kats & Mommy

  6. You said it best...forget your fears and follow your dreams! Your photos are beautiful!!

  7. Oh, we hafta get mom to let go of her fears! We'z always loved yoor pikshers...

  8. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Great to know there are sites online to get better at photo taking! Mom here took classes wayyy back in college - even developed her picts. That was a long time ago tho. Good luck with your dream and keep at it!

  9. Keep following your dream!

  10. My human has been a published rock 'n' roll photographer and even won a couple of awards with some of her cat photos (of ME, of course!), plus her dad is a photographer too - and she says you should definitely pursue this as a career! You have a great sense of composition and color and loads of talent.

  11. Brenda
    YOU are a fabulous photographer. Definitely keep it up and follow your heart!

    Abby's Mom Debra

  12. Anonymous5:51 AM


  13. Wow...lots of compliments! Well deserved and fun to learn about your goals and classes, too!

  14. Brenda, that is great that you are taking classes and want to be a full time photographer!! Good luck!! We just love the pictures you take!! You should have no trouble at all selling them!!
    Your TX furiends,