Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Honey P. Sunshine is feeling better and needs your help

Hey efurrybuddy this is our long-time blogging furriend, Honey P. Sunshine.  She has just gone through a long cancer treatment because she had a fibro sarcoma tumor on her foot.  Her Mommie did everything she could for her and she got the treatment she needed with lots of chemo and trips to da V.E.T.  She has finally finished and is feeling better.

Now Honey needs your help by donating to help them get through tough times.  You can read about her and see her journey through her treatment on her bloggie here and more on her story on the fundraiser page for Honey here.

Honey has been blogging almost as long as we has.  She also has stuck in there and commented all these years.  Mommy used to go to her page to listen to some great musik to help her make it through the night in those crazy days long ago.  It warms our heart to see how much Honey is loved and to see how she has made it through the terrible C dis-ease.  Thanks for going to see her page and helping out if you can!

~Purrs and love,
Angie and Mom Brenda

Fundraiser for Honey


  1. best fishes two ewe honey P...we hope yur fund razer reeches itz goal N then sum ♥♥

  2. mommie now haz bin listening to a lot of led zeppelin on yoo toob, oh yeah and dis new tom petty album since she haz bin werkin frum home.

  3. I am purring for a full recovery for Honey!

  4. I am glad Honey's chemo has now finished and hope she makes a good recovery.

  5. We're purring for Honey and hoping she makes a full recovery.

  6. We're purring and praying real hard for Honey!