Monday, December 15, 2014

Beau Beau's Hurty Heart

I know it's been a while since we've posted but sometimes things happen that turn our lives around. I'll let Beau Beau tell his tale.

Hi effurryone!  It's bin a while.  But now I gots somefin to tell yoo.  I am in da middle of a scary adventure.  I gots a hurty heart.  Seems like I bin lucky dat I've bin around dis long as it is.

Lots of yoo know my story how I found my furever home when Daddy saw me at da place wif da cages.  I wuz only six mumfs old.  He saw mine big eyes and said to da lady to get me owt of da cage.  I wuz furry quiet when he held me and looked at him wif mine big eyes.  Dat wuz it!  I got to go to mine forever home!

For da most part I haf always felt pretty gud.  I ate good fud and I ran around da big house a lot fur exercise and sometimes owtside wif snoopervision.  Den one time I had to go to da stabby place to get my teef checked and dey stole dem!   I herd da v.e.t. say I had bad jeans.  I don't know when I got doze jeans but fur some reason it makes yur teef get stolen.  Now after a lots of years doze same bad jeans gave me a hurty heart and made me cry wif pain.  So now I am at a differnt stabby place. Da v.e.t. lady here did a good stabby fing to me so mine heart would feel better.

Mine mommy and daddy (aka da food man) are furry scared and purraying lots fur me and I know lots of you haf purrayed and purred for me too.  Fanks all of yoo!  It helped me today and da v.e.t. lady too.

Da strangest fing is dat my daddy's mommy is in da hospital too wif almost da same fing as me.  If yoo all could pray fur her too it would make me happy too.

Luvs and purrs to all mine furriends.
Beau Beau

We will add updates as they come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vishus Deer Wednesday

We wuz so surprized to see dis vishus lady deer in owr garden we almost peed owrselves.   Look at dis - she wuz sayin "I'm coming to get yoo!"

Oh my COD!  Jus like Skeezy used to say, she's likin' her lips thinkin of us nice joosy kittehs.

 Holy Cats!  I don't fink she can see me over here.  I am not movin' a muscle.  Now I know how da birdies feel.

Holy cats!  Daddy come get dis lady out of owr yard!  I fink she sees me! Ack!

Can yoo beleeve dis?  I am not afraid.  Do not fear the vishus introoders.  Stay tooned for more bisits of da manimal kingdom.

~Angie - 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mancat Monday - Mighty Mouse Hunter

For all you sqeuamish humans out dare please look the other way so the picture of mine fresh hunt does not bodder you.  Since dis is Mancat Monday it seems dat dis is the purrfect post for the day. This is da mousie I have been hunting all week.  One day I was waitin' and waitin' for the food Daddy to give me more food cuz my food plate wuz empty.  I kept lookin' at the plate den lookin' at the lady, den lookin at the food Man.  Nuffin.  So when for the squillionish time I went owtsided I finally just went and caught mine own meal.  So the moral of da story is when you finally give up lookin' for something you want really bad then you get what you wanted all along.  

~Beau Beau da hunter

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Floofy Friday

I am so happy on Friday!  And everyday is a fun day when I get to roll around on da lawn.  Yoo are seeing a new pose.  It's da one armed crawl with a twist.  You likes it?  Something about dis makes me want to sing da "Happy Song!"


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Furry Day

Happy Furry Valentines Day to effury one! I know da fleurs are for me. But I can share. Yoo want a taste? Not supposed to eat dis kind of fleur so some buddy keeps moovin dem on me. Purrs and head butts to all! Loves, Angie

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Beasty Beau Beau

Well da lady wuz going frew some piksures from Chrismouse time and she found dis freaky amazing piksure of me.  I don't yoozhulee let humans see how big I reely am but I let da lady put dis one owt dare.  Even I gots scared how big I am!  If I pushed on her a little harder I cudda pushed her rite over hahahaha!  Efun da lady wuz laffin cuz she can't beleeve how big I am.  Am I da biggest mancat or what? Hah!

~Beau Beau da big mancat

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Vishus Deer Sighting in Connecticat

Oh my goodness a vishus deer came right in owr yard! He was so close I cud almost smell him! Him was staring rite at me den he started stamping hims feets! I thot him was gonna charge da window jus like da birds do! I started Wavin mine paws tellin' him to go way. Quess what? Dare wuz a bunch more of dem waitin fur a signal cuz we saw dem at da corner of da yard. Oh my Cod! Finally he turned an ran away and da whole herd went wif him waving dems white tails behind dem.

Dis is one acitin Sunday!

Beau Beau