Saturday, June 29, 2019

Squirrel Patrol and a Sad for Binga

It's been a long time since we posted as you can see from the last one with the snow on the ground! So we have to give you a new picture of us in the Summer weather.  We love the early Summer nice weather because Mom leaves the slider door open for us with the screen door locked.  That's cuz we learned how to open the screen door... "snickers".  Still, we can smell dem squirrels when they come right to the door to see us. We love this weather and our morning squirrel and birdie patrol.

And we had a sad news for you all. Our special cat friend, Binga, has moved on. She was 19 years old!  It was time and as heartbroken as we are we know she lived the best life any cat could ever have. Her human told the best stories of her and her life with Sparkle and now with Summer. has always been such a great inspiration for us and I bet they have left a comment on just about every post we've ever made. We love you Binga and you played your life role purrfectly and left a loving and special mark on the lives of so many! ❤️😻

Head butts and purrs,
Tommy and Teaghan and Mom Brenda

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Funday

Chillin our on a Sunday afternoon with some remaining wintry weather. The clocks turned ahead today so Spring is just around the corner!

Hope you all have fun today with your furriends and family on this Sunday funday!

Tommy and Teaghan

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Ts are Two

Happy Birthday Tomas and Teaghan! 

The Ts are two years old today.  We are so happy these beautiful creatures have come into our lives.  They bring us much joy and keep us busy.    Now that I am not working I get to spend even more time with them.  We all get lots of exercise playing and running around the house but we all eat a lot more too now! LOL! 

Teaghan is 13.6 lbs today (6.06 kgs) and Tommy is 16 lbs (7.25 kgs).  Ok well maybe we should be exercising a little more...

All in all it's a good cats life. 

~Tommy & Teaghan

Teaghan relaxing by the heat

Teaghan having a Zen moment

Teaghan sitting on the heat watching the squirrels outside

Tommy having his Zen moment taking a bath

This is Tommy's look when he's trying to see what Teaghan is up to.  One radar ear is focused on her

Tommy in all his furry glory

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Dona Nobis Pacem

Today we blog about Peace.  Just last week we got a new cat tree. As we explored it, we looked it all over, sniffed it, tasted it, inspected it, and claimed it each as our own.  Then we had a little power tiff at the top but we got through that and then settled down.  Peace is much better and way more fun to enjoy life.   The only way to Peace is through the love of Peace, not with war.

Peace and love to all,

Tommy & Teaghan

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tommy and Teaghan's First Birthday

It's Tommy and Teaghan's first birthday!  Happy Birthday to the Ts.  My how they have they grown. 

First some official info about them:

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat 

Date of Birth: 24 Feb 2017 
Color: Red Tabby Blotched & White 
Sire: TICA RW/SGC Into Wishin Rio Samba 
Dam: CFA CH Finnishline McKenzie

Today Beau Beau still looks on because he popped up in my FaceBook feed this morning with one of his "high five" pictures.  It was like he was giving his own birthday wish to Tommy and Teaghan.  Then when I went to upload a video of the Ts watching the squirrels and birds this morning, we got a big dose of lots of old videos on YouTube of Beau Beau and Angie as well. 

 It's been an amazing, fun year watching these two grow into the huge, gorgeous, loving creatures they are today.   We posted their first story here.  They started out as the tiny kittens you see below weighing mere ounces to the approximately 12 and 14 lb furballs they are now.   

Tommy is a love ball who likes to lay across any part of me, jumps on my back or shoulders when he can (that won't last too much longer as he gets bigger I hope!), sleeps with his face to my cheek sometimes with me at night, lays on my stomach with his head in my neck and drools all over me.  He's a funny boy. 

Teaghan took longer to really reach out and touch me.  She now will lay on my stomach at night sometimes and has at times slept by my side or on me.  She likes to sit in front of me the most while I work on my laptop.  I get to work from home a lot more now so I get to spend lots of time with them and they will sleep during the day in their kitty condo beds or somewhere in my office while I'm working.  Amazingly they stay off my desk and just sleep instead.  They associate my office with sleepy time rather than play time.

Tommy and Teaghan don't cuddle with Bob, my husband, but they have finally started to sit next to him on the sofa and Teaghan has sat on his lap a couple of times now.  They are growing much closer to him as he has started to play throw the ball or any of their toys with them for a while each night.  They have really started looking forward to their night time play time with him and it has brought them closer together.  I'm still waiting for them to reach out and touch him at 4 to 5 a.m. instead of me since he's the one that feeds them in the morning.  They seem to think that jumping on me is the trigger to get him up.  Hah!  

Here they are when they were first born and today.

Tomas (Tommy) kitten 1st week with his signature white heart on his back

Tommy at 1 year chasing his birdie

Tommy looking at the birds outside - 1 year old weighing in at 6.45 kgs (~14.2 lbs)

Teaghan kitten 1st week pic

Teaghan at 1 year weighing in at 5.75 kgs (~12.11 lbs)

Teaghan at 1 year

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas from the Ts

Merry Christmas everyone!  Wishing you a wonderful, blessed, Christmas Eve and Day filled with joy and wonder and love.  Teaghan and Tommy are happy and healthy and are growing and growing and growing.  They are both around 12 lbs now.  Tommy will continue to get bigger.  They haven't slowed down too much yet with how much they want to eat daily.  They do get lots of exercise running up and down our stairs and chasing each other but they could still use some more.  That's our goal for 2018.  More exercise for them will help to keep them healthy and trim.  Teaghan sort of looks like a furry basketball... LOL!  

Beau Beau and Angie pretty much left our Christmas trees alone.  I think it's because they got to go outside so it wasn't such a big deal to them, and we kept the ornaments up higher.  We still miss them more than anything but it's truly a joy to have the Ts in our lives now.  They certainly keep us busy!

Since the Ts get into EVERYTHING and EAT EVERYTHING, and will still try to chew on cords but not as much as before, and it's their first Christmas we decided to put the tree outside.  We also were going to be on vacation for a week and it wouldn't have been fair to have our friend and cat sitter to have to teach them what a Christmas tree is!  This way we all get to enjoy the tree and the lights with no worries.  Next year we'll try it with a huge tree inside and see what happens. 

Christmas here in the Swick/Bentley household is going to be a pretty quiet one.  Wishing everyone all the happiness and joy in the world. 


Brenda and Bob and
Teaghan and Tommy

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tommy and Teaghan Wegie Update

Teaghan may turn out to be my new little blogger

Where did the summer go???  My last post was in July.  Geez.  I just can't seem to make a decision about my blogging voice. Once Beau Beau was gone that was it.  I knew it was time for a change but now that I have Tommy and Teaghan in my life I haven't found a new voice for them.  So I'm still working on that and thinking about what direction I want to take.  Until then I will just write as myself and give updates on T&T.  

Tommy and Teaghan at 6 months
They are different than Beau Beau and Angie.  Physically, They are almost 7 months old now and are HUGE for kittens. They were both altered last month. As "Wegies" (Norwegian Forest cats) they are really furry yet they don't seem to shed much at all.  In fact the only fur I find is what gets blown around when they play fight. I only comb them once a week and very little comes off them. They have beautiful almond shaped eyes and long really furry tails.  Relationship-wise, they are like a very close couple while BB&A just tolerated each other quietly.  Tommy and Teaghan spend a lot of time keeping each other happy, chasing, playing, and grooming each other.  They are still very kittenish with that high energy, yet their quiet time personality and bonding with us is really strengthening.  I have been finding it hard to capture them in photos though - mostly because they are often in motion!  I give their Mommy Colleen a lot of credit for being able to take all the photos she did while she raised them until I got them.

Tommy is a gentle giant type. He is like velcro to me.  He's either trying to wrap himself around my neck or laying on me when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep that is... So he's a mamma's boy for sure and he's been close to me right from the start.  Tommy weighs in at 9.2 lbs now and his fur is slowly changing, getting thicker. He jumps higher and farther than any cat I've had.  From the edge of the bedroom dresser to the bed, he flew over 7 feet.  And he jumps to the top of a high dresser I have (51 inches) like it was nothing.  Yet, for a big boy he makes little eeep sounds when he's hunting, usually for a stray fly here and there.  
Tommy - 6 months
Teaghan is more independent, and like her mommy Colleen said, she likes to take time to analyze things.  She has warmed up to me and has become affectionate.  If I pick her up she will immediately settle herself in my arms and start purring.  She doesn't feel the need to cling to me like Tommy does.  Funny, as I just typed that, she came up to me and wanted to drape herself over me.  She then walked over the computer and around it and was laying on my arm purring up a storm.  Maybe she's trying to tell me something!  Maybe this time Teaghan wants to talk!  She will come and lay in my lap if I lay on the couch.  I very rarely watch tv so I have had to make the time to do that for a little just so she can have some quiet time with me.  Teaghan seems to have a light bouncy energy and she prances about especially when I talk to her.   

Teaghan 6 months
I'm learning more about Tommy and Teaghan every day.  As I'm getting to know them even better I'm still not sure what direction I want to take the blog.  I'm feeling like I'm waiting for something and I don't know what that is.  Maybe I just need a streak of creativity to hit me.  Maybe it's just not time yet.  In the meantime, I will continue to post now and then with updates on them.  They are a slow maturing breed so it'll be interesting to see how they grow.

Momma B