Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Story Continues - A time for a new start

I always believed Beau Beau and Angie along with some prayers above would help us find our new cat loves when the time was right.

Here is their story from over the bridge to help the continuing story to unfold...

"Hey Daddy, what's that you're building?  Are those for the new kitties?" 

Some new heavy duty scratching posts

BB:  "Mommy always liked big cats.  I fit the bill because I was a large mancat!  She always thought Angie was a Ragdoll mix even though she was small most of her life, although at her peak she was 9 lbs.  She had the temperament of a Ragdoll, the soft as silk bunny rabbit fur that never matted, she was quiet, she relaxed like a ragdoll when you picked her up, and wait, yeah I did the same thing too... you think I was a Ragdoll too? huh, huh? MOL! " 

Angie: "Hey Beau Beau, I got LOUD after you left, you big mouf..."  

BB:  "So, da 'rents spent the month of January home, relaxing, renewing, healing, and finding themselves.  It opened up their over-indulged, food-addled brains long enough to ahem... start thinking clearly again...  And we heard them loud and clear."

"First, we sent them to a couple of cat shelters so they could look around.  One was Forgotten Felines, and the other was da place we came from, Meriden Humane Society.  Although there were plenty of cats who needed homes, it still wasn't time.  Then we sent them pictures of a cat family of three and another couple of kittens they were thinking about from No Paw Left Behind that needed to be homed together.  They applied for those and another wonderful family got them.  And with the kitten pair one even looked like me!!!. "
"Then, we sent Mommy to a Ragdoll website in CT.  We knew that would get to her cuz that's what she thought Angie was.  But a funny thing happened, next thing you know she found a website about Norwegian Forest cats.  And guess what?  Some of them looked like ANGIE!!!  And a little like me too... hah! "
Angie:  "slowly with the humans... slowly and they will find their way... :-)"

BB:  "Now sometimes these things take time.  We are teaching them patience."  
Next, Mommy sent an email to find out about the NFC's and to tell her about us. We stepped in and guided the pawsomely, furry nice lady (Colleen) from Finnishline Norwegian Cats to her spam email and she found Mommy's email.  She sent her an email back asking to fill out an application, and then they talked and talked!  We were all tails high in the air about this conversation and high fiving each other and you will not believe this but Colleen taught one of her kitties to "SLAP ME FIVE" too!!!   "Hmmmm again Angie... but who is more like a Wegie?" Me me me!"

Me and Mom high fiving/slap me five way back when...  

"We are still working things out from over da 'bridge but it's looking like there will be a couple kitties coming their way sometime this year."   
"You see them yet Angie?"  
"No Beau Beau, but I got a good feeling about this."  

Stay tooned!!!!

~Beau Beau and Angie