Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful wednesday

Hey effurybuddy! We am happy and healthy and grateful for efurrything. Da lectricity came back on toosday nite so da beans could take a warm baff. See da benefit of being a cat? We can take owr own baff and we dont need any water! Owr prayers are wiff all of those people and animals up da coast and speshully Vermont. Da beans need to go hunting to fill da frigermator up coz daddy bean frew efurryting out efun da last crumb. Da good fing is dat in efurry bad event there is always an oppurtunity. Yeah now da frigermator can get cleaned. Heh heh. So fanks fur all your purrayers and good thots. We lufs yoo all!

Beau beau an angie

Pee ess: yes da beans did let me owt fur a little while unner strickt snoopervizzion.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurryup hurrycane irene and go away. Fank you. We found da ipad so we can post but we dont haf lots of time on it. Plus some human of owrs let her phone go dedded. Dis is lookin owt our window so you can see we hafs lots of leaves. A tree fell across da road at 3am but some men came and took it away. Now we hafs no power. But we hafs lots of light cuz of da big winders. We are lucky cuz we haf no wet basement.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wanna be a Squillionaire!

(sung to Travie McCoy's song I wanna be a Billionaire)

I wanna be a Squillionaire
So stinkin' bad
Buy doze kitty condos I nefur had
I wanna be on da cover of mousebreath! Magazine
Smilin' next to Skeezix and Daisy!

heh heh.  I crack mineself up sometimes.  Dat's what happens when yoo gets howsebound.  Or schmaybe it's da bare-o-metrik presshure from da Hurrycane coming to Connecticat!

We might not be able to post on Sunday dependin' on if we lose da innernets but we haf plenty of stinky goodness an we'll get to eat all da chick-hen up reel quick if da cold monster quits werkin.

We lives up from da coast so we won't haf to leave da howse either an we lives on da top of a hill so we won't get a flood but we will probably get lots of water in da front windows cuz da haf been leakin since dey were put in.  Mom says dat is da joy of living wif such pretty windows in da ferst place.

Mom would love to haf a hurrycane party but Dad won't let her.  We jus gonna watch all da leafs blowin all ofur.  And we hopes we can see some pretty birdies too.  Dat's enuf of a party for us.


~Beau Beau &Angie

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Yep - I am thankful for all my blogging furriends for praying for me to guide me home after mine 3+ hour tour of da neyberhood.  I swear I heard yoo all calling me.   Den, I ranned all da way home.  I had a little limp when I would ferst start walking but I got all checked out by da beans and I seem to be ok.  I also had a little puffiness under my eye but Mom imagines it wuz becuz I wuz crying coz it was dark and I might haf been lost.   Now yoo all know dat mancats don't cry, rite?  So, what happens in da neyberhood, stays in da neyberhood!  And, I did manij to keep mine collar on too so I wasn't all bad rite?

Well I got dat run owt of mine system cuz I haf not efun been trying to go owtside.  But, I am sitting in front of da patio screen door looking owt for any buggies and stuff.   I do want to 'pologize fur putting all mine furriends frew any worry.  I am xtreemlee fankful for all yur support and to be home.  I lufs yoo all!

~Yurs in howse prizzin, Beau Beau

Pssssst - Mommy won't let me owt fur a while but I know dat I can always get to Daddy bean efun tho he wuz cryin for me.  I am sorry for makin mine Daddy and Mommy cry snots an stuff but I am home sweet home and I will be good if I go owt again.  I swear!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beau Beau is HOME!

PANIC is over!  That brat is back home.  I swear my husband, Bob, and I almost threw up with worry.  Beau Beau just freaking sauntered up to the back door after his little fun in the night like it was nothing.  Well, if for nothing else, we got a good close look at the neighborhood and everyone is probably wondering who da heck Beau Beau is!
Beau Beau will not be going outside for a while now.   Thank you all for your prayers, I believe that is always what helps.  And, sorry for the panic but we all know how precious our special furkids are.  WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Brenda and Bob

UPDATE:  It looks like something happened to Beau Beau because he is limping a little, plus he is slinking around like he knows he is in big trouble!  We are thinking that maybe he got stuck somewhere and he was probably howling up a storm in someones garage.  Bob did give him stinky goodness because we didn't want to yell at him for coming home.  Beau Beau will be doing some yelling of his own when he realizes he is not getting his outdoor run.

Beau Beau is Missing

Please send your prayers - Beau Beau is missing.  He does go outside but is we always keep an eye on him and make sure he's in before it even gets dark.  It's only been about three hours but this has never happened before.  We've been searching for him and it's already dark. Bob and I have been taking turns looking for him.  He's never been out after dark before in his life.  We will keep you posted but we are freaking out.  Usually we bang on his stinky goodness can and he comes running.  OMG.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt - Drink

You toucha my cream I break a yoo face.  No one drinks mine cream but me.  I amma a cream freak.  I likes to haf a drink of cream efurry day. It bothers some kitthes but not me.  I love my cream.