Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I sneer at da little imposter

What?  Yoo finks dis is funny?  Please.  I don't look dat bad do I?

Yur not even real!  Yoo smell like nuffin!

Let's see how yoo like going for a ride, hah!

See ya, little Beau Beau imposter.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Smiley Boy

I gotted to be outside while da lady wuz takin pictures of my human cousins.  Dat's why I gots dis big smile on mine face.  Plus I wuz OUTSIDE!  I gets to go out wif snoopervision of course.  I keeps da beans furry bizzy runnin all around da yard after me.  First I start by sniffin all on da back side of da house (see da picshure below).

Looking frew mine windows is not da same as going outside.  I can't catch any real mousies from inside ya know.   Dis is also da big house dat da beans been werking on since we mooved here last year.  Dat's why we don't blog so much anymore.  Mine beans are work-a-haulics.  Dey always haulin somefin around like trees an wood an pieces of da howse an dirt an old stuff.  We jus watch an snicker a lot.  Da lady is also werkin on a new blog to talk about mid century modern houses like ours.  Bet she duzn't haf time for dat blog either!  

We am also so sorry to hear about da loss of two of our favrite an most handsome man cat furriends, Fat Eric and Luxor.  It truly is a sad time for all of us, but a happy one for all our furriends from before because now dey get to play wif dem over da Rainbow Bridge.  We'll never forget you dear friends.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday's Story - Our new fur Cousins have a Fur-ever Home

We hafs a story to tell yoo about owr new fur cuzins, Shadow and Indy.  Way back in March when Mom had a hurty back dat hurt like H#LL she went to a Chiropractor Doctor to get better.   One day when was at there, she saw dis ad:

“Due to relocation across the country, we are seeking a home for our 2 indoor cats.  They are brother (orange/white) and sister (tortie) and need to stay together.  They are neutered and spayed and litterbox trained. Both are very friendly once they get to know you although they are more skittish with little ones.  They like to play but are not aggressive and don’t bite.  They have claws but don’t use them on people.  If provided a good outlet to scratch – post or rug, furniture is safe.  They have never been outside and don’t want to be.  Window watching is perfect.  “

Da picture of dem two kitteh's wuz so cute Mom could not stop finking bout dem.  We wuz gonna put da word owt so schmaybe someone on da Blogosphere might take dem but Mom had no extra energy after working cuz of da pain in her back (and her head probably).  But, all fings are for a reason so…  owr human Grammy and her man friend, Big Dan (almost Grampy) came over to bisit one day and lo and behold, dey said dey were looking for not one but TWO CATS!  Well, Mom almost peed her pants wif acitement, cuz she had been thinking about dose Brofur an Sister cats back at da Chiro place.  

Next fing yoo know, Mom got in touch wif da two cat's Mommy, Jill, and 
put her in touch wif Big Dan an Grammy.  Grammy an Big Dan got all acited too (we finks dey peed dare pants wif acitement also, -- must be a fambly fing) an wanted to meet Jill’s cats, Shadow an Indy.  Grammy went to meet dem an fell in love!   It took a couple of weeks an they finally brought Shadow an Indy to dare new furever home.
Da first nite dey both hid under da bed.  Dey are smart cats cuz dey opened all da doors inside da howse while Grammy an Big Dan were sleeping trying to sleep.  Shadow, our new Tortie Cuzin, warmed up to dem first.  Den after about a whole week, Indy, da new Ginger on da block, finally came owt from under da bed. 

When dey got used to da place, dey prolly peed dare own pants wif acitement when dey saw all da new fings to play wif, an places to see an fings to do.  Dey also got to celebrate dare 4th birfday together on July 23.  

Mommy went to meet Shadow an Indy just a couple days ago an dey were furry nice to her and let her take all kinds of pictures of dem.   Dey has lots of toys, Indy gets to chase around da red dot jus like me, an dey eats lots of stinky goodness and dry food (mom says dey am gonna get fat if dey keep dat up).   Plus dey has a HUGE kitty condo and another kitty place where Shadow sleeps, and lots of hidey places and best of all, a door to look out where da squirrels come right up and stare at dem frew da glass!  WOW! 

We loves it when kittehs gets a furever home and we are so happy dat it worked owt for all.   It seems like all dat pain Mom went frew was all for a good purpose in da end. 

Here are some happy pictures of da new fambly (check owt dese two pawsome kittehs):

Shadow in her nice sleepy place

Indy playin wif da lite -- Look at his handsome ginger color!

Indy playin wiff his fevver mousie or fishy

Shadow  has her own kitteh condo - see da little door she gets to go in?  She wuz used to having a wood fire box fing in her last howse so she will be right at home come winter here in Connecticat.

Grammy wif Shadow on da couch.  She  is so happy Shadow is so lovey-dovey.

Um, owr new cuzins haf a big kitty condo (Mooommmmmm we need one of dem!).  Looks like it is big enuf for us if we want to bisit.

If yoo stuck around long enuf to read all dis, THANK YOU!  

It's interesting how things happen and makes you wonder even more about the Universe.  Angels were listening to make this happen.  

We will show how fings are going wif dem from time to time.  

Keep the faith, trust, and be happy!

~Beau Beau & Angie