Friday, June 30, 2006


Beau's Mom suggested that there should be a new attitute for positive names and a new name for his byline rather than "lean mean kitty machine". She's right. We need more positive names and fings in life to create good feelings and good karma. We're trying to fink of a good byline for you, Beau.

So then Mom shouldn't call me negative names like "psycho". But she says I look crazed in this picshur. It was one of my jumpy days in the box. I fink I mighta picked up vibes from Fat Eric. He was all wriggly and stuff the ofur day like me!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June Roses and flowers

Mommy wants to show everyone her June roses. She was so impressed wif Fat Eric's Mom's flowers picshurs she taked some of her own when they came out in full bloom. We don't know the names of the roses. Some came from the store and some came from friends. The bottom fleur is a really nice smelling flower too. It smells like candy. Calico Mom also gived her some tips on takin good pictures so she wanted to say fanks to her too. It looks like trying different fings werked.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey wheres the shrimp?

Um, Sisfur? Sisfur pass the shrimp please. Sisfur, hey sisfur I'm right here. Sniff sniff, shrimmmmppies, I smell shrimpieess. Sisfur, Hey Sissy HEAFURRRRR I'm down here! Pllleaasseee gives us some shrimp. I WANT MY SHRIMP! Oh yummmy. finally. Fanks Heafur. Happy Graduation and Birfday.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sisfur's Graduation

The bean Sisfur graduated High School. The picshur is a little blurry acoz Daddy had to take it and he's not too good wif Mommy's camera. Sisfur is the Class President so she gaved a real nice teary speech acoz she's gonna miss school so much. We nefer wented to go to school so we don't know what school is like. But we is real proud of her and we efen gotted to play wif her graduation balloon! Congrats Heather Sisfur!
Post note: An there's a party too! We smelled shrimpies - Angie's favrit! Mommy better give us some since we has to put up wif all the beans coming ofur. We will be careful though so no balloons will go bang!.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Equal time

HEY! I fit in boxes too an I efen gots a Silver Metal to prove it!. But as you can see I likes to hang outside a the boxes too. But mostly acoz I still gots the ITCHY EARS! What is up wif that? They still itches! Mine Mom don't know if it's the fud or not acoz she has been gettin the good stuff wif no junky in it but you nefer know. Doc Anderson says mine ears are all pink inside wif no buggies so we don't know what's goin' on. Time to try a new fud Mommy. Maybe that venison and peas again will do it. What does efurryone else eats?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Beau knows

Boxes are my favrit place to hang out. An look what I can do besides fit in a box. I can touch my tongue to my nose! Hahhhaaa

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Catolympics and Happy Father's Day

Catolympics Update.

Angie was in a three-way tie for Silver Medal for Fittin in Small Boxes and Beau Beau gotted an Honorable Mention for Tub Soccer.

We had a furry good time at the Catolympics in those wonderful Big Piney Woods. Fanks to all who did such a wonderful job putting the event together. Speshul fanks to Calico Mom for hosting the event. He had lots of fun meeting wif the girls, watching the log turning, and climbing the trees. It was lots of fun. Nice meeting wif all the ofur contestants too. We is furry tired now and will nap a while.

Oh and Happy Father's Day Daddy! We made it back in time. And Happy Father's Day to all the ofur Daddy's out there.

Beau Beau & Angie

Friday, June 16, 2006

Catolympics is Starting!

Some last minute stretches from Beau Beau.Last minute form check for tumbling routines.

After sayin' say five times (for the 5 rings) transport me to the 2006 Catolympics we're OFF! We are now in teleported state at the ole homestead acoz it's CATOLYMPICS TIME! We've arrived in the Big Piney Woods and we'll be checking into our rooms momentarily and then picking up our badges. The lighting ceremony will begin at 9PM EST and we're so 'acited. I'm in the Tumbling - Floor routine and Fittin in Small box events and Beau Beau is in the Tub Soccer and Speed Racing events. Wish us luck!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The ole cupboard

It's about time you let me out of the cupboard! An Pleuh! These peanuts tastes terrible. They're old ya'know. Mommy you really need to go frew this stuff an get rid of the old fud. Geez.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Roses morning

I loves my Mommy and she loves roses (an me too!). So I broughted Mommy a rose this mornin' an left it right where she could fiind it in front of her bedroom door. She almost stepped on it when she finally gotted up this mornin'. Luckily Daddy gets up and feeds us at a decent time.

Beau Beau

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rex and Roses

Last night Mommy and Daddy came home after being at anofer kitties party again. It was a
Roses Party at Sir Rex's house. Rex has hundreds of roses at his house and wanted humans to come and see them. We finks our humans seems to be going to too many parties lately an not spendin enouf time wif us. Hmmmmm. So we stole into their camera an I found these party picshurs. Apparently this must be Sir Rex, Earl of somefin. Mommy hadded too much wine wif the roses and couldn't remember where he's Earl of. .. An what's wif all these "Sir" kitties they know??? I fink I want a title on my name too. Sir Beau an Lady Angie sounds purrty good don't you finks?
Here's Sir Rex wif some guy we finks must be his Daddy. Apparently he jus happened to let him sit in his chair for jus a little while.

This Sir Rex character really has it made. In the picshur below, our Daddy was showing Mommy who's the boss in Rex's house. Yessireee. So in case you're reading this, Sir Rex, thanks for taking care of my humans at your Roses party. Hope they didn't eat too many of them roses and were good guests. Apparently you frow one heck of a dinner party but what the heck are hala-pee-nos? You humans sure eat some strange fings.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Angie's turn

Enuf about Beau Beau an cousins and stuff. Lookit me. I'm doing stretches. See how limber I am for tumbling routines for the Catolympics. One two free, stretch, hold. One two free, stretch, hold. As for the 'lympics torch passing, Miles has passed the torch to Dino, Egypt, and Tuxie and is on his way home. Then the torch goes to my favrit boy, Timmy.

Mom: Angie, why I think you just blushed!

(shy smiles, blink blink).