Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Ts are FOUR today

Wow how time flies!  Tommy (Tomas) and Teaghan are 4 years old today!  I'm going to just show a bunch of photos of them from the past year since I managed to go a whole year without posting anything! Ugh!  Well, it was a crazy year with Covid19 and I blame that instead :-).  I certainly had plenty of time on my hands to write a few posts since we haven't been going many places.  It was the first year we didn't go on any of our usual beachy vacations so I'm sure that made the Ts very happy.  

Ah, to have the zen life of a cat, not bothered by horrible news (real or fake), just going about their happy cat lives, playing, eating, sleeping, pooping.  Could it be that we could all just do the basics and live and love life in its simplicity just as the fur kids do?

Here's some of the photos of what the Ts have been up to lately:

We are FOUR today!
See?  Four toesies makes four.

Tommy - See how it looks like he got kissed on his cheek?

Teaghan showing off her classic profile

Teaghan waiting in her favorite warm spot.

The Ts still using their kitty condo they've had from the first day they came home to live with us.  Their Auntie Charlotte bought it for them.  I'm surprised they still fit in it!  Teaghan is on top.  That usually doesn't happen.  That's Tommy's spot to sit on while I'm working on the 'puter.

Tommy's sweet face.

I'll see to it that we post more often.  Maybe now I can get moving with a new blog just for the Ts.  


Tommy, and Teaghan and Mom Brenda (and food man Daddy :-)