Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tommy's Girl Trubble

Ut oh. I got girl trubble here. Hey girl kitty! What yoo fink yoo doin takin a poop in owr yard? 



Saturday, February 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Tommy and Teaghan

Happy Birthday Tommy & Teaghan!

Adobe firefly generated image. AI doesn't seem to understand numbers so they get one candle instead of seven 😹. Prompt:  two red and white long haired tabby cats dancing and celebrating their birthday with a cake with 7 candles

Today they are 7 years old. Wow has the time gone by so quickly! But then again so many things have changed in that time for all of us. From their birth in Troy, New York at Finnishline Norwegian Forest Cats to their beautiful Mom McKenzie with her litter of three with their first Mom, Colleen. You can read about their birth story on that first post about them "the kitties are born" here.

Tommy:  "Yeah, lots have happened in that time. Our first scary ride away from our house to our new house. We had lots of fun there, looking out the windows and watching the squirrels eat peanuts right next to the door. We had lots of human friends come to visit us.  Then we had the loooong car ride from our big house in the land of snow to the land of no snow and lots of warm weather and pine trees."  

Teaghan: "And we have learned to not jump on Mommy at 3 or 4 am but to directly leap right onto Dad the food man.  Also we now sit in one room now with the birdie TV all around us."

The Mom, McKenzie, with Tyler, Teaghan, and Tomas
Teaghan's face looks a lot like her Mom's. 

Teaghan looking like her Mommy

Tomas (Tommy) kitten 1st week with his signature white heart on his back
Finnishline Teaghan - (with Angie's red spot on her back)


Tommy with a T, or heart, or Angel marking depending on how you look at it and how the white fur lays

The T's tunnel standoff. Seven years later and they are still playing together, playing hide and seek, sometimes cuddling, most times not :-)

Here you can see his marking looking like a heart. 

Thanks to all our blogging furriends for reading our stories and visiting us all year. We appreciate it! 

We will be celebrating our purrthday today as usual, watching bird TV, eating plate after plate of food, and sleeping. :-) 

Purrs and love as always,
Tommy and Teaghan

EDIT:  We made another picture and didn't even ask AI for 7 candles and it gave it to us! WOW!

Created this one in NightCafe. 


Monday, February 19, 2024

Aww Monday with Teaghan

Awww Monday
with Teaghan

"What? I can sleep any way I want to!"

"Bet you can't do this!"

Purrs, Teaghan


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Southport Birds

Happy Saturday! Today is all about the birds. 

First, there has been a Robin migration going on with hundreds of them in our yard and the neighborhood. They have been feeding on insects in the grass and under the pine straw in the back yard. The outdoor bird TV has been quite entertaining and exercising for us as they go from window to window to watch them.

Seagulls and their usual scavenging ways were the entertainment on Friday as  Mom took a walk down to the pier in Southport to sit on the bench and drink some coffee that she got from the Southport Coffee shop. She also got a little to go box with a blueberry scone in it. As she made her way to the waterfront, the seagulls spotted the box, and started flying from the pier to the grassy area near the water and the benches. When she sat on the nearest bench, they cried out and made all sorts of commotion, some even walking up very close to her. One brave seagull, (musta been the leader) walked very close to her, all the while yelling at her to open the box! Then the other pretty black birds, the ones with the glistening shiny blue and black feathers started in calling out for food too. They made all sorts of noises with their heads thrown back yakkin' away to the sky. She felt bad that she didn't give them any of her food but 1) even though people often feed the birds bits of bread, bread and sweet foods are not healthy for them, and 2) she might have been swarmed with seagulls all flying over her and you know what might happen then right? Bird poop! 
There were also a bunch of Ruddy Turnstone birds (I thought they were Plovers, but Google says differently...) digging for insects in the grass. They were not interested in looking for scraps. 
Eventually, our food man daddy showed up and quickly ate the rest of the yummy sweet blueberry scone. The birds went on their merry way looking for the next person to come with some food.

The Robin migration is here. There were hundreds of them in our yard over the last week.

Say what?

The Seagull yellin at Mom

Ruddy Turnstone feeding on bugs

Purrs and love,
Tommy & Teaghan (with help from the Mom taking the pictures :-))

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Ts One or Two

First there was one, or was it two? 😹

Not very often this happens where they are sitting together. And, they also groomed each other without Tommy taking a quick bite out of poor Teaghan. They must have liked the tv show we were watching last night, something on Acorn TV. 

The Ts and B


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Snooperbowl Sunday Selfies with Tommy

Sunday Selfies on Snooperbowl Sunday



Two different days of Selfies of me with the Mom. She says I'm a Momma's boy. She's right! But mostly this is what I do when I want her to get up and give me more food. Hah! 

Today we are going to have lots of food for the Snooperbowl. Our chick-hen treats (chicken jerky) are already baking in the oven. We can smell it and it's making us drool. When they are done Mom throws them and we chase them and then eat them. We will be running and chasing just like football players. 😸 AND, we get an EXtrA TrEat every time they show someone named Taylor during the snooperbowl! Yay!

Which team are you rooting for? The Chiefs or the 49ers?

Created with Dream.ai using Tommy's photo as reference

Created with Dream.ai using Tommy's photo as reference

Hope y'all have a fun day no matter if you are watching the big game or doing something else you love.  Cheers!

Tommy and Teaghan
(and the Mom, Brenda)

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Thursday, February 01, 2024

Thankful Thursday in North Carolina

Thankful on Thursday

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of being in our new house. We are so thankful for our new house and especially after that little time in the condo (...excuse me, Tommy, but that was 5-1/2 months remember?).  So we'd like to show you some pretty areas outside of our world. Now we don't get to go out there except when we get hauled out to the stabby place at the v.e.t. so we haven't been there ourselves. We have lots to be thankful for, especially my our new tunnel, but there's an ocean, a big river, and sand, and birds all nearby. The Mom took some pictures to show you.  Enjoy! 

First, we have lots of different kinds of trees in our backyard for the birds to hang out in. They are Magnolia's, Wax Myrtles, Willow Oaks, Long Leaf Pines, and plenty of places for the birds to fly and eat. Even the tiny hummingbirds come by.

Here's the intracoastal waterway a few streets away from us. Those are oyster beds in the water. 

This is one of the big birds that fly all over the place here. We don't know what kind it is but we think it's looking for lunch. 👀

The oysters here are the Eastern Oyster.

A close up of the oysters busy doing their job of cleaning up the water.

Next we have this area on the Cape Fear river in Southport. It is even pretty on a cloudy day.

The water view up the Cape Fear River looking north from the pier in Southport

The pretty seagulls that rest on the pier. Mom says she thinks it's "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" :-) 

Next we have the beautiful beach on Oak Island, NC. If we walked a straight line it would be about a mile away from our house. But it takes a while for the big metal monster to get there from where we live.

The dunes on Oak Island, NC

The walkway to the beach on a windy day.

Looking at the dunes at low tide

The pretty ocean waves on Oak Island, NC

This was low tide on a windy day in January when the sea foam blew over the sand. Mom said it was funny looking and was blowing and jiggling all over the beach. 

And a view from the backside of the Ocean Crest fishing pier on Oak Island, NC 

That's it for now! We hope you enjoyed the views and thanks for stopping by!

Tommy & Teaghan