Monday, November 28, 2022

Teaghan and an Awww Moment on Monday


If this photo of our sweet Teaghan doesn't make you go Awww then what does? I think she slept almost all day Sunday. She and Tommy must have had a busy night guarding the house from all kinds of wildlife outside on Saturday night. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday Selfie(s) of Tommy

Hey it's me, Tommy! I get to have a Sunday selfie again this week. I asked the Mom to help me again this week so we could get more than one eye in. I don't know what she was thinking! Look what she did. Hey - my face is higher than my butt you know.  Finally at the end we got another one but it's still only one eye! Maybe by next week I can figure out how to get both mine eyes in. 

Plus the final part of the move story, Part IV, is supposed to be coming this week too.  Check back and read the rest of the story and we will show you where our favorite spots in the house are.

Purrs, Tommy 


Saturday, November 26, 2022

Caturday Photo Art with Teaghan

Hi everyone, it's me, Teaghan. My Mommy make this pretty art picture of me staring adoringly at my Food Daddy right before he brushed my furs. She used Photoshop Express and the Bokeh overlay B08 to add these pretty bubbles. 

We are joining the Caturday Art blog hop a little late today. Mom cooked a Turkey dinner today so they could have sandwiches this week. I think they might get tired of turkey. They better not come after our food for something different. Hah! 

Purrs to everyone.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving and Thankful Thursday


Today we are thankful for so much. We give thanks for life, for everyone in our lives,  for a wonderful place to live and love and play in every day, and for plenty of food and clean water to eat and drink. Life is good today and every day.  Have a wonderful, blessed day filled with things to be thankful for! 

Purrs and love,

Tommy and Teaghan

Brenda & Bob

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Easy Like Sunday taking a nap

We couldn't really call this a selfie since Tommy is sleeping and he couldn't hold the iphone haha. He's actually up on the shelf in the closet too high for me to reach him. The interesting thing about this is that Tommy has not slept in his kitty bed since we moved to North Carolina. On Friday, Bob (Food Daddy), brought the Christmas boxes down from the "room that no kitty goes in".  Since then Tommy has been yelling up the stairs from the bottom of the staircase or sitting in front of the door to that room and acting a little strange in general.  He's not sniffing around the boxes although he could have done that at night. And now I find him sleeping in his bed. We are not sure if he's remembering the old house with their smells still on them or the fact that there are boxes stacked up again in the middle of the house, or just because Bob went in the room where no kitty goes and he saw him do it.  The curious cat forever wanting to explore new spaces.  Either way it's something different and I'm actually happy that he's using his bed again.  Just hope he doesn't roll off it while sleeping/dreaming and hit the floor! 😅

Friday, November 18, 2022

Friends on Friday - Part III of the Move

Before the Ts tell the rest of our move story we wanted to say hi to all the friends we've known from all the past years and new ones of cat blogging. As Beau Beau and Angie, it was a time for creativity and a place to make new friends. Since they have passed many life changes have happened. It's time to focus more on our newest furry friends, Tommy and Teaghan, time to renew friendships, and time to meet new ones here in blogger land.  And a special thanks for Ann at Zoolatry who helped to get us blogging again with a new header and answers to questions!

Tommy:  Where did we leave off? Oh yeah the ride from h#ll.  Teaghan sang the song of her people all the way, with a twist, singing "ma ooooh" "ma ooooh" all the way until our Meomy finally let her out of our purrison and held her on her lap. Then it was my turn on her lap except I still kept panting. 

We left in the dark and when we finally got out of the car it was dark again. We thought we were home until we got inside the new place.  It smelled like a herd of woofies and other kitties were in there.  We sniffed around and around. Where was our stuff? Where in da world were we? 

Mom and the Food Daddy told us were in a place called North Carolina. We were going to live in this condo until we went to another house. It was really warm here in Caroliney and we had a real porch to go out on so we could breathe fresh outside air and watch birdies all day!  

Teaghan:  Everything was ok once we sniffed the place out. And then we heard it. The scary noise from above. Someone was above us. Clomp clomp stomp stomp they went. Back and forth and back and forth. What kind of monster was up there? What was it? And is that the noise of a wolfie? clickity clickity clickity nails back and forth from room to room.  We ran from room to room thinking someone was going to come through the ceiling! Mom would get scared from the noise and jump up and say bad werds at the ceiling. Lots of bad werds. Werds we never heard before.

Teaghan looking up at the ceiling when the people above us were stomping around every time they went from the couch to the kitchen area.

Tommy watching the people go by from the screened in porch

Us in our bedroom so we could sleep near our humans

This was another room we played in sometimes. Usually just wanted to get our furs on it. Not too much stomping in here. Sometimes Daddy worked on his 'puter in here.

Teaghan found a nice chair to sit in and take a nap an the color matched our furs

There was a real comfortable couch here that Tommy liked. Mom and Food Daddy spent many hours sitting here reading.

Tommy kept an eye on things outside from here sometimes.

Keeping an ear and eye on the stompers above us.

The stompers (and probably the long ride) bothered Tommy so much he gotted sick. Mom and the Food Daddy had to bring him to the emergency v.e.t. cause we couldn't get in anywhere else and found out he had a UTI. He had to take medicine for a while and then he was back to his normal self, playing hide and seek with me.

Finally we settled in and just kept an ear on the clomping monsters and clicking doggies that came and went every few weeks. 

We can't tell time but Mom told us it was five and a half months we were in the condo when it was only supposed to be two months. The humans were not pleased. Then one day we had to go in the metal monster again! Oh no! Where were they taking us this time!?

To be continued for the final chapter...


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Thankful Thursday


This is me, Tommy.  I am thankful for the nice view from the window. Mom set up the chair for me and Teaghan to look out of. I took the seat away from Teaghan cuz I am looking for the leezards outside. They run along the side of the house. Sometimes I see the lady next door come outside too. And lots of birds go in the bushes.  Lots to look at here. 

Part III of our move series is coming up tomorrow and you can see more of where we live now.