Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beau Beau's Better

After mine teef stealing traama, I'm feelin' much better speshully after dat nasty anna-seezee-a got owt of mine body. I didn't see any purple flyin fings like mine twin, Victor, but instead I fot I wuz invizzable and could walk frew anyfing so I kept bumpin' mine nose on da PTU cage bars. I finks mine nose hurted more dan haffin' mine teefies stolen. Mom says mine nose wuz swollen twice da size. I gots a little healin' to do on mine nose as yoo can see.

Alreddy I am relaxed more . Da only strange fing is dat Angie duz not know me anymore. Efurry time I try to kiss her neck and lick her she sniffs mine face and bref and den she hisses at me! She looks like she knows me an lets me get close but den she smells mine bref and dats da end of it. I finks she wuz used to da stinky bref and now she finks I am an imposter. I still looks like me don't I?

Beau Beau

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mine Teeth Were Stolen

Beau Beau: MEOW MEOW MEOW gurgle thipth wuth me thfore I thwented gurgle rrrrrrr oo aa awthul v.e.t.
Thifff if me now with maaaa banged upth nothe.

Mom Brenda:
Beau Beau is still walking around a little shaky even now. He has managed to jump up on things but he keeps falling down.
He has FORL (Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions) and that's why the vet took his teeth out. I realize they had to come out but I still am having a hard time getting over the fact that they never even called to let me know that's what was happening. If I hadn't questioned anything they were just going to send me on my way with some antibiotics and pain meds (that are for dogs only by the way) without any explanation of what they did.
Needless to say after 20+ years of going to that veterinary hospital with various cats, I won't be returning.
The good thing about all this is that Beau Beau was probably in pain from the bad teeth and after he heals he should feel much better. Maybe he won't be so aggressive towards Angie anymore (even tho she is the Queen - :-)
Thanks for all your comments to make us feel better. We really appreciate it! We love you all!
BB, BB, & A

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toofie Thursday

Update: Beau Beau did have his teeth stolen. SEVEN of them as a matter of fact. Mom is not pleased. Beau Beau looks like crap and my heart is breaking from what he must be going through right now. If anyone has gone through teeth extraction with any of your babies any advice would be extremely appreciated. I'm really upset that the didn't even call and ask if it was ok to remove them. I thought he was just getting a cleaning and didn't know it was an automatic process that they would just go ahead and remove his teeth. On top of that no one was there to even explain what happened. I had to practically pry it out of them and get an explanation of why and which ones. The first explanation from the vet (from the back room) I got was "he just has bad genes." When I questioned them more and actually got to talk to another vet she explained better but I am still in shock. He's only 3 years old -- I just realized that I missed his birthday this month.. Ohhhhh. Crap.

Beau Beau's Mom Brenda

Ut oh. I jus found owt dat I am goin to see da Docatari dis mornin at da stabby place. Dey are gonna STEAL MY TEEFIES! What Mom? Oh dey are gonna clean my teef. My teef aren't clean enuf alreddy? Jus acose I haf stinky bref duzn't mean I should get my teef cleaned. I mean, I eat stinky goodness so dat's why I haf stinky bref. Angie likes it. She lets me lick her head alla time. Powder likes it when I gifs her kisses too.
Ut oh. Now I jus found owt dat dat dey are not lettin me eat ANY STINKY GOODNESS TODAY! Gasp! :Thud: Ohhhh Nooooo.

~Bad Bref Beau Beau

Monday, May 26, 2008

Traveling Tattle Tales

We am tellin tales bout owr humans Rrooba in da Carrybein trip. Woodn't yoo know dat dey would meet a pretty girl cat right away? She gets to live on an island all da time. At least dare is some grass here but not much. But she gets to be surrouded by all dat water on da island (shudder).

These are da lizards dat are all ofur da island. Mom thot of Daisy the Curly Cat rite away when she saw dese reely big lizards coz she knows how much Daisy likes dem.
Den da birds were all around Mom here on da island too. She had fun wathchin' da birds eat all da ofur humans food as soon as dey got up from da table and some birds efun eated dare food when da beans went to get more food ::snicker::.
And lookit dis shrimp feast dey found at a Sunday brunch! Now we know where to go to stock up on shrimp for da next one of owr parties.
An now we am reely jellus coz we didn't know she wuz bringin' Wally wif dem to Rrooba. Dat's no fair. He gets to go efurry where fun.
Looks like Wally mighta had more fun den da beans did after a swingin' night on da beach. Next baycashun da beans take we am goin to pack owrselves up in da luggage so we can go haf some of dat shrimp and eat some leezards.

Memorial Day Thanks

Happy Memorial Day. Here in the USA we are observing Memorial Day to honor and give thanks to the men and women who died serving our country.
"They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind".
Hugh Robert Orr

Mine humans are finally home from vacation in da Carrybean. To show mine appresheashun for dem returning I wanted to give dem a present. After all my hours and days of waiting an hunting I finally caughted a birdie. It wuz a BIG one too! It wuz so big I could hardly fit it in my mouf! It wuz as big as me! It wuz as big as Beau Beau! Reely! Well schmaybe not as big as Beau Beau cuz him is HUGE. I waited and waited an den I pounced an got him and ran as quick as I could to bring da birdie to mine humans. Dey saw my ginormous gift an were so acited dat dey quickly ran to greet me and get my preshus gift. Mine humans were so greedy to get him out of mine mouf dat dey let her escape! It all happend so fast. I ran again after her to get my preshus gift back but she took off in da sky. Da moral of da story is to not open a gift bird in da mouf. Isn't dat da right way it goes?


P.S. dey will be helping us to visit efurryone an catch up on all da news. We did manage to get a message ofur to dem in Rrrrrruba to let dem know bout da suddenness and sadness of Bonnie Underfoot's passing. It reminds us of how preshus and short life reely is. Live each day as full of life and happiness that you can. In honor of Memorial Day tell someone you thank them and love them for who they are and that you are glad that they are in your life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We want food

Hey collij girl! Mom says to gib us some bejitibbles wif owr stinky goodness. Since yur eatin all dem bejitatibbles just fork some ofur to us. Not too many tho cuz we don't wants to gets the farts or anyfing.
~Beau Beau

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Annibersary

Happy 1st Annibersary to da beans efun tho dey haf left us to fend for owrselves while dey are swimming in ::gasp:: -- water -- in da carrybean. Cuzin Alaina took care of us for a coupla days but it wuz like bein by owrselves anyway cuz we locked her in da room so we could eat all da food da beans left us. Den da collij girl takes ofur and we allreddy haf her wrapped around owr fingers so ginormous amounts of food should be no prollem.
~Beau Beau & Angie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Frightful Friday

Holy Schmoley lookit Angie found in da neybors yard! It's a vishus deer layin down. Yoo fink it's sleepin? I don't fink yoo wants to get to close to dat one. It looks hard as a rock! I fink it am takin a nap to help it digest dat tire after it attaked dat byesikkel next to it. I bet it took its two legs an kicked dat byesikkel right ofur. Dent it prolly ate one of its tires. I can't beeleeve dat a vishus deer is so close to mine house! I will keep a close eye on it an Angie is goin to watch it too. Stay tooned.
~Beau Beau

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

I am thankful my humans finks I am so cute. They don't know dat I do dese poses on purpose just to give dem more material for pictures. Plus I saw da luggage owt and I am trying to use all da cuteness I haf to make dem take me wherefur dey are going. My face twin, Parker, tried da pathetic look to get her humans to stay home. I am going wif da cute look instead.
For now, me an Angie am going to haf a little visit at Powder an Parker's howse to keep dem company.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordy Wednesday Photos

This is Beau Beau & Angie's friend, Buddy, who lives at their Grammie and Dan's house.

Dan as been feeding Buddy every day for the last three years. He's one lucky squirrel.
I was testing out my Canon Digital XTI with a new Canon EF 50mm lens and was lucky enough to have Buddy as a living model. I think he really was getting into posing for me. I swear I saw him smile and wink.

Once again, here is Sydney, Dan's cat. She gets to watch out her patio door everyday for Buddy. Isn't she a cutie?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mancat Monday

Me an mine dad are da mancat and man of da howse an are doin a little man to mancat bonding. Dis shows you dat a mancat can show his love wif da touch of his paws. An see - dese are gentle claws. I helps to show him what to type sometimes. Bein a man he usually goes bang bang bang on da keys. I helps him to slow down.
~Beau Beau

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Hunt: Any Photo

Photo Hunt: Angie in her Spring garden watching for the birds.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tiny Angie

Ut oh. Here she comes. What's she doin wif one of owr toys? What's dis? You are a tiny girl Angie! Curled up yur only 12 inches long.
And about 8 inches wide!
Oh no! Get dat fing away from me! I am much longer den yoo Angie. I am 19 inches long to da bottom of my spot 13.
We don't know what any of dis means. Do any of yoo have any ideas why someone would want to messjur us?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring in Connecticut

Spring in Connecticat is reely pretty. Dis is where da collij girl is spendin her last few days dis semester in Connecticat at YooCon (UCONN). Da beans had to go up go get some of her fings coz she has so much stuff dat it won't all fit in one trip. Collij looks like a good place to hang owt. Schmaybe we could go dare to lern how to rite better! Hee heeeee.Dis is da farm next to da dorm. YooCon is way owt in farm country. We herd dat some mean collij stoodents used to tip da cows ofur for fun. Dare are lots of woods around dare too so dis might be where da vishus deer run and play at night. ::Shudder:: Hope dey don't trip ofur any cows.

Den we has owr own backyard to watch da birdies. Dis is a Blue Jay. He yooshully eats peanuts from da shell and he yells at us a lot.
Have a splendalishus Spring day!

~Beau Beau & Angie

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mancat Monday

Someone has to put a stop to dis all day computering. As da mancat of da howse it am my duty to gif us some dearly needed play time. It's 'puter dis, blog dat, arrrgggghhh! I will put da bitey on dis. What? Dis duzn't go anywhere? What yoo mean? It's a wire to nuffin? Den why is it here? Dis puter fing has wires all ofur da place. Where do dey all go? I will haf to find anofur one to put da bitey on den. ~Mancat Beau Beau

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

Sunday in the shadows. No birdie or intruder kitty will get by me. But it's easy like Sunday so this is easy duty today. If I stay real quiet I will be invisible. Shhhh. Don't give me away.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Photo Hunt - Time

It's TIME to eat dinner! Where's da food? ! Where's da food?!And Angie is running out of TIME to get any leftovers for dinner.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Six Word Meme & Knock Knock

Shilgiah the Cat tagged us to do the Six Word Memoir.
Here are the rules:
1) Write you own six word memoir.
2)Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you'd like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5) Don't forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.
6) Have fun!!

Communication seems to be the theme in our world lately and there are so many different ways to do it. It am furry hard to try to communicate when yoo cannot speak da same language an dat's not efun just between cats and humans but it happens efurryday between humans. Communicating with efurryone and efurrything is impurtant.
So owr six words are:

We strive to communicate with all

We's playing Knock Knock for Camies Kitties too:

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange ya gonna give me a treat now dat I played slap me five?

We tag:
Tun Tun
Gandalf & Grayson