Saturday, June 29, 2019

Squirrel Patrol and a Sad for Binga

It's been a long time since we posted as you can see from the last one with the snow on the ground! So we have to give you a new picture of us in the Summer weather.  We love the early Summer nice weather because Mom leaves the slider door open for us with the screen door locked.  That's cuz we learned how to open the screen door... "snickers".  Still, we can smell dem squirrels when they come right to the door to see us. We love this weather and our morning squirrel and birdie patrol.

And we had a sad news for you all. Our special cat friend, Binga, has moved on. She was 19 years old!  It was time and as heartbroken as we are we know she lived the best life any cat could ever have. Her human told the best stories of her and her life with Sparkle and now with Summer. has always been such a great inspiration for us and I bet they have left a comment on just about every post we've ever made. We love you Binga and you played your life role purrfectly and left a loving and special mark on the lives of so many! ❤️😻

Head butts and purrs,
Tommy and Teaghan and Mom Brenda