Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011. Let's see your New Years List

Happy New Year!  May 2011 be as wonderful as you wish it to be.  Owr beans are sitting down and relaxin tonight and working on their goals for the year.  We want to see yur list.

Da way you do it is this:  Ask yurself what you would do in 2011 if money wuz no object.  Just think, if you already had all da money you wanted what would you do then?  Just make a list of a few things (no more den 5) in 3 cat-agories :  1) fings you want (like for us dat would be a really nice kitty condo), 2) fings you would like to be doing (like getting to go outside more), and 3) fings you see yurself being.  Like being a slim and trim and healthy kitty, or skin flake free, or a really high jumper, yoo know, fings like dat.

See, money gets peoples panties all tied up (we dont haf to worry bout panties which is really nice).  We kitties already haf all da money we want cuz we haf none!  Duz dat make sense?  So we get to do what we want like sleeping whenever we wants to, looking owt da windows, going owtside sometimes when we want, (dat's one of our goals, to get to go owtside more), we gets to sleep wherever we want in da house, even if we wanted to sleep in da sink.  Hmmm, sleeping in da sink may go on owr list to.  We haven't done dat before.  And while we're at it, drinking from da faucet seems like somefin dat sounds fun.  We know ofur kittehs on da blogosphere dat does dat already.  Schmaybe dey could tell us about it.

Here is reeely scaled down example of Mommies list:


A vacation house in Bar Harbor, ME (we are not so happy bout dat one cuz dat means a 6 to 7 hour ride in da metal monster)


Visiting Italy (hmmm, somehow dis duzn't sound so good to us either unless we get tons of stinky goodness while she is gone bisiting)


A successful photographer

Actually dis list duz not haf to be all done in 2011 but it is somefin to think about.

If you really want to be serious bout dis, den post yur list by da end of January and let us know in our comments when you do it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mancat of Leezhur

I am a mancat of leezhur.  I got my Auntie Bobbi to carry me around da house on her shoulder.  She has 9 kitties!  Yeah, count em, NINE!  I almost can't count dat high on my paws.    She says dat none of her kitties weigh as much as me tho.  Schmaybe dats cuz dey don't haf gingerbread howses to lik.  Hahahahah!  One of Auntie Bobbie's kitties jus waits for her to walk by an he just jumps on her an if it's not a purrfect landing him just claws his way on.  I was nicer den dat.  I jus laid dare and kept mine claws in.

Yeah, stoopid Mommy deleted mine gingerbread howse bloggie post by mistake.  Too many cups of tea dis morning mommie?  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost Santy Claws time

It's almost here!  Santy Claws is almost here! Yoo see him yet Angie?
"No Beau Beau.  I don't see him yet.  Are you going to be lookin' up all nite long waiting for Santy Claws?"
Yep.  I'm sittin' down by da tree all night.  I want to make sure he gets da milk we left owt for him.
"Yeah right.  I'll be sniffin' yur breaf to see if it smells like milk later."
Yoo wait an see.  I'll be da good one.
Merry Christmas all!

~Beau Beau an Angie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Angie's Ride

I had to go to da stabby place today.  I usually make very quiet little mew noises, but my volume went up a few notches on da way to da v.e.t.  Mommy said my teefies needed to be looked at.  I had a nice vet lady look at me and the one toof we thot wuz bad wuz actually ok.  But I haf to have my front toof pulled instead.  I will now match Beau Beau wif a one fang look.   At least I haf all of my ofur teef not like Beau Beau, when da ofur v.e.t. place took almost all hims teefies.  But all in all, I'm doing pretty good.  Mom would not let me get stabbed wif all da vaccine stuff, but dey still got me by sucking some my blood out.  Dey said I wuz a very good girl though.  Yeah, if some vampire place wuz takin yur blood yoo'd be pretty quiet too don't yoo finks?  I'm lucky dat's all dey took so far.  

Den on da way home, when fings were quieted down a little, I got to drive da metal monster.  I'm a good drive, yeah.  See, I looked back to see what wuz behind me.  

Den I looked owt da side to make sure no one wuz in da way.
Den when all wuz ready to go, I looked straight ahead.  And, here we are at home.  Not bad I say.

Keep yur teefies clean kitties.  Or else yoo might haf to get dem taken by da stabby place too.

Repurtin from Wallyworld, CT,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday stuff

Thankful Thursday, Toes on Thursday or whatever.  I wuz tired of lookin up for Santy Paws so I need a nap.  

Lots of changes goin' on in peoples lives at the end of dis year.  In a time of love and happiness there is much sadness.  We hope that people choose to keep any happiness as their strongest thought.  Know that no matter what you are always loved. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mancat Monday

Is it time yet?  Is Sandy Paws on his way?  I'm lookin' for him.  If I see him a comin' I'll let you know.

~Beau Beau

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Angie's Helper

Forget dat Mancat Monday stuff.  It's my day an I want to show off my new blogger helper.  I got my own girl cousin to help me wif my 'puter.  She's pretty and smart too.  Plus she has thumbs dat work where my paws won't .  Ok Jessie, start listening and I'll tell you what to type.  She's a pretty nice typist don't you think?


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We am thankful for all owr furriends on da blogosphere, owr fambly, human cuzzins, all kinds of humans. We am fankful for having a nice place to live and lots of food to eat efurry day.  We am fankful for owr freedom.  We am fankful for owr Freedom to be able to run and play.  We am fankful for love of family and furriends.  We am fankful dat owr beans has a place to werk an takes care of us and others. Today we will enjoy and be grateful for all we haf.

We am thankful for being able to haf a turkey on Thanksgiving day dat looks as wonderful as dis.  And we am glad owr fambly an furriends are coming ofur.  
Hope yoo all can snag some turkey dat looks as good as dis!  Heh heh.  We rekkomend tearin into da big fat meaty leg ferst.  Den run as fast as heck! hahahahah!

~Beau Beau an Angie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angie and Ice Cream on Tummy Tuesday

My human cuzzin, Jonathan, wuz laffin an laffin at me while I ated mine ice cream.  I don't know what's so funny.  I always eats like dis.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hey, someone let me owt of here pwease?  I wanna go owt.  I can efun speak like a human.  I says "goooo-owwwwwwwt".   Sometimes it works.  Sometimes not.  Like dis day.  I finks I will just keep runnin' around da howse sayin' gooooo-owwwwwwwt ofur an ofur.  Dat will get her.  Heh heh.

~Beau Beau

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun on Friday

Um, we see birdies.  Birdies in da feeder.  But dey are not moving.  I finks dese birds should be really easy to eat cuz it looks like dey might be sleepin'.  What yoo finks?

~Beau Beau

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful dat I can see out dis biiiiiiig window.  I kept pawin it ofur an ofur jus like Daisy does. If yoo hafn't seen her video doin dat it's pretty funny.   Mom says she finks I don't know dis is a window at all an I want to make sure.  She duzn't know I wuz jus puttin mine paw prints on it so da evil introoder kitty will know I am in here.  Hah!  Do beens not know bout kitty graffiti?  I been pawin all da windows since day one here in da Swick House.  Hahahahahaha!

~Beau Beau

Monday, November 08, 2010

Mancat Monday - Here Birdie Birdie

Instead of "I thot I saw a puddy tat" I am saying I see a birdie, a real live birdie right above me.  I am just waiting for him to drop right into my mouf!  Here birdie birdie.  Come in an see my toofies.  heh heh.
Have a good day efurryone.  It snowed here in Connectacat during da nite.  Mom has to go to Mew Jersey for werk today too.  It will be a long two days waiting for her to come back.

Beau Beau

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Hunt - Orange

Dis is probably a repeat picshure but it goes wif da season and da theme today.  Mom is gonna try to make a pumpkin dat looks jus like dis  or one dat looks jus like us.   Be afraid be furry afraid if she gets a knife fing in her paws to try dat!  We'll post a picshure when we see dat (many pumpkins later...).
Any pumpkin carving tips will be 'presheeated.

Happy Saturday!

~Beau Beau an Angie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tocks for Derby

Happy Tocktober Purrfday for Derby!  Yayyyyy!  Dis is owr take on tocks fur him.  We likes to be different yoo know.

Wordless Wednesday Portrait of Angie


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tummy

Bet yoo were expecting a tummy shot right?  Well it's about owr tummies alright.    Da door wuz open so we could come an go and it wuz time to eat and where were owr hyoomans?  Not where we wanted dem in da kitch-hen dats fur shure.   We can tell what time it is.  Why can't dey?  Hey beans!  Get in here an feed us!  Geez.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mancat Monday

I'm goin pink for da cause.   I lost mine collar an da lady gotted me a PINK tag to replace it.  I finks she might haf color ish-shoes though.   Altho dis would probably look reely good on Skeezix I finks it clashes wif da blue collar.  Don't ya fink so?

~Beau Beau

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mancat Monday

Oh where oh where ha-asssss Beau Beau been oh where oh where... Oh here I am!  I know I been gone a long time, efur since da lost mousie incident.  So I wanted to show yoo where i has been.  Yoo can hardlee see me in dis little picshure but I haf been owtside a lot!  See me sittin on da piknik table?  And see dat tree to da left of me?  Well dat's where da squirrels howse is.  I has dis little game I play where I watch dem so I can POUNCE on dem!  I loves to chase da squirrels.  We has lots of fun.  It is kinda funny cuz once I chase dem back up to da tree, den dey chatters an yells at me ofur an ofur.  Dey make little piggie noises.  It am so funny!  Akshully, no one seems to fink it am too funny, cept me!  Hee heeeee!

But anyway, back to da lost mousie story.   Mom could not find owr Magic Mousie, da one dat makes da 'puter fing move, anywhere.   Well, I kinda knew where it wuz (snickers...) but since hyoomans cannot unnerstand us all dat much, I could not tell her where it wuz.  So, after she wented an bought anofur mousie, guess what happened?  One night she brought da 'puter in da bedroom so she could werk in her sleep I guess, an what do yoo fink happened?  Alla sudden da 'puter showed dat it wuz connecting to da mousie!  Now dare wuz no mousie anywhere on da bed or on da bed table or on da floor all da time she had been looking for it.   So she looked unner da bed one more time cuz she knew it wuz in da room somewhere, and lo and behold, dare it wuz, at da foot of da bed all hidden away unner da covers an all da huge dust bunnies dat are bigger den me.  (um, werd to da lady, a little cleanin here might be a good fing once in a while, ahem.)   If she had only brought da puter in da room a little sooner she would haf found it.  Or if she used her head and just walked around wif da puter it would haf found da mousie sooner too.  Now she knows da next time I push da 'puter mousie around some where she knows how to find it.  Kinda takes da fun owt of it ya know?

~Purrs to all,
Beau Beau

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mine Mousie Trubble on Thursday

Mine Magic Mouse is missing.  Yoo see it here in dis pikshure rite?  Well he must have runned away cuz me can't find him anywhere.  Me looked unner mine food dish, on da island, on da desk, in my stinky goodness bowl, behind da sofa, unner mine bed, me looked efurrywhere.  Him is gone.  Mine mousie has runned away.  If any of yoos see him can yoo tell him to come home please?  Owr bloggin lady duz not like to use da 'puter wifout him.  It's some weird human fing.  But she's da one wif da thumbs so if me wants to blog I need her help.  Fank yoo.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I sneer at da little imposter

What?  Yoo finks dis is funny?  Please.  I don't look dat bad do I?

Yur not even real!  Yoo smell like nuffin!

Let's see how yoo like going for a ride, hah!

See ya, little Beau Beau imposter.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Smiley Boy

I gotted to be outside while da lady wuz takin pictures of my human cousins.  Dat's why I gots dis big smile on mine face.  Plus I wuz OUTSIDE!  I gets to go out wif snoopervision of course.  I keeps da beans furry bizzy runnin all around da yard after me.  First I start by sniffin all on da back side of da house (see da picshure below).

Looking frew mine windows is not da same as going outside.  I can't catch any real mousies from inside ya know.   Dis is also da big house dat da beans been werking on since we mooved here last year.  Dat's why we don't blog so much anymore.  Mine beans are work-a-haulics.  Dey always haulin somefin around like trees an wood an pieces of da howse an dirt an old stuff.  We jus watch an snicker a lot.  Da lady is also werkin on a new blog to talk about mid century modern houses like ours.  Bet she duzn't haf time for dat blog either!  

We am also so sorry to hear about da loss of two of our favrite an most handsome man cat furriends, Fat Eric and Luxor.  It truly is a sad time for all of us, but a happy one for all our furriends from before because now dey get to play wif dem over da Rainbow Bridge.  We'll never forget you dear friends.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday's Story - Our new fur Cousins have a Fur-ever Home

We hafs a story to tell yoo about owr new fur cuzins, Shadow and Indy.  Way back in March when Mom had a hurty back dat hurt like H#LL she went to a Chiropractor Doctor to get better.   One day when was at there, she saw dis ad:

“Due to relocation across the country, we are seeking a home for our 2 indoor cats.  They are brother (orange/white) and sister (tortie) and need to stay together.  They are neutered and spayed and litterbox trained. Both are very friendly once they get to know you although they are more skittish with little ones.  They like to play but are not aggressive and don’t bite.  They have claws but don’t use them on people.  If provided a good outlet to scratch – post or rug, furniture is safe.  They have never been outside and don’t want to be.  Window watching is perfect.  “

Da picture of dem two kitteh's wuz so cute Mom could not stop finking bout dem.  We wuz gonna put da word owt so schmaybe someone on da Blogosphere might take dem but Mom had no extra energy after working cuz of da pain in her back (and her head probably).  But, all fings are for a reason so…  owr human Grammy and her man friend, Big Dan (almost Grampy) came over to bisit one day and lo and behold, dey said dey were looking for not one but TWO CATS!  Well, Mom almost peed her pants wif acitement, cuz she had been thinking about dose Brofur an Sister cats back at da Chiro place.  

Next fing yoo know, Mom got in touch wif da two cat's Mommy, Jill, and 
put her in touch wif Big Dan an Grammy.  Grammy an Big Dan got all acited too (we finks dey peed dare pants wif acitement also, -- must be a fambly fing) an wanted to meet Jill’s cats, Shadow an Indy.  Grammy went to meet dem an fell in love!   It took a couple of weeks an they finally brought Shadow an Indy to dare new furever home.
Da first nite dey both hid under da bed.  Dey are smart cats cuz dey opened all da doors inside da howse while Grammy an Big Dan were sleeping trying to sleep.  Shadow, our new Tortie Cuzin, warmed up to dem first.  Den after about a whole week, Indy, da new Ginger on da block, finally came owt from under da bed. 

When dey got used to da place, dey prolly peed dare own pants wif acitement when dey saw all da new fings to play wif, an places to see an fings to do.  Dey also got to celebrate dare 4th birfday together on July 23.  

Mommy went to meet Shadow an Indy just a couple days ago an dey were furry nice to her and let her take all kinds of pictures of dem.   Dey has lots of toys, Indy gets to chase around da red dot jus like me, an dey eats lots of stinky goodness and dry food (mom says dey am gonna get fat if dey keep dat up).   Plus dey has a HUGE kitty condo and another kitty place where Shadow sleeps, and lots of hidey places and best of all, a door to look out where da squirrels come right up and stare at dem frew da glass!  WOW! 

We loves it when kittehs gets a furever home and we are so happy dat it worked owt for all.   It seems like all dat pain Mom went frew was all for a good purpose in da end. 

Here are some happy pictures of da new fambly (check owt dese two pawsome kittehs):

Shadow in her nice sleepy place

Indy playin wif da lite -- Look at his handsome ginger color!

Indy playin wiff his fevver mousie or fishy

Shadow  has her own kitteh condo - see da little door she gets to go in?  She wuz used to having a wood fire box fing in her last howse so she will be right at home come winter here in Connecticat.

Grammy wif Shadow on da couch.  She  is so happy Shadow is so lovey-dovey.

Um, owr new cuzins haf a big kitty condo (Mooommmmmm we need one of dem!).  Looks like it is big enuf for us if we want to bisit.

If yoo stuck around long enuf to read all dis, THANK YOU!  

It's interesting how things happen and makes you wonder even more about the Universe.  Angels were listening to make this happen.  

We will show how fings are going wif dem from time to time.  

Keep the faith, trust, and be happy!

~Beau Beau & Angie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Saturday

Hey!  Who turned up da heat in Connecticat?  Mom says it feels like Nawlins here today.  An from what she says dat is reeeeely humid an hot.  It is so humid mine furs are wet.   I found a nice spot to lay here in dis one flower pot dat has no flowers in it.  Dare is some dirt tho an I likes to get dat all ofur me.  Time to turn in an get a few zzzzzzz's till suppertime.

~Lufs, Angie

Monday, July 12, 2010

Angie's Mousie Monday

Lookit my mousie I caught!  Him is smaller den my big paw!  Well, It's not akshully a mousie, but it shure looks, acts, moves, and smells like a mousie.  Me an Beau Beau been trackin dis little vermin fur lots of days now.  But I finally gots him.  I has to give Beau Beau a little credit cuz I finks he tired him out from chasing and pouncing on him da last couple of days.  Mom says him is prolly a mole.  I tossed him around a little an den I gots tired of playin wif him.  Den Mom figgured he was done fur but when she gotted closer him wuz still breathing.  We finks him wuz playing Possum.   So she picked him up an frew him back in da Packa-sandra.  Kinda like when yoo catches a fish an frow his back to catch him again later.  Hee heeee.   So I finks I haf a date wif a tired out moley-mousie today.

~Angie, da Mole Hunter.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Mancat Monday

See mine spot 13?  Dis is how cats say hello to each other, by turning around an sticking dare butts in da other cats face.   I got in da middle of mom's flashy picshures.  Plus I am goin to attack dis flower fing. I likes to pull all dose funny long fings out and drag dem around da howse. 

Oops I got caught in da middle of da picture taking!  I finks I make a grrrreat model huh?
Beau Beau

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day and Fourth of July!  Look - I has freedom and independence from da house!  I broke away an gots to go owtside.  Dat's my freedom and I appreciate it as all of us who has freedom from tear-anny today.  Dat's what independence day is all about.  Freedom.  Appreciate efurry moment dat you has freedom.  Freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom who hoooo freedom! 
Freedom is wonderful no matter where you are or where you are from.  Enjoy every moment of life.  Happy Independence Day America!

Angie gets independence efurry day.  She gets to go owtside but dat's becuz she behaves herself.  I sniffs around an den I run off and it scares da beans.  So I gots to go back in da howse again.
See, I found da place where I yoosually look at from above.  I can smell all kinds of fings down here.  I was sniffin da trail of a mousie under da leaves.  I like mine independence.  I hope I gets to go owtside again today.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Furry Friday

Ok Mommie, will yoo please stop takin picshures of me when I'm tryin to sleep?  I has to get my sleepies in cuz wif all da bang bang noises dat will be going on dis weekend I gots to get it all in when I can.  Oh, and yes, I like to make a statement wif mine leggies and tail look.  Kyoot don't yoo finks?

Happy Fourth of July weekend!  It's FURRRRRRRRIIIIIDAYYYY!  PAAAARTY!  Oh wait.  No one parties around here.  It has become furry borrrrring in dis howse wif all da work goin on.  Well, all of yoo has fun dis weekend!  I will be nappin.  Well, at least for a couple hours.

Purrs, Beau Beau

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursdays Tales

Gasp!  It has been HOW LONG since we been on owr bloggie?  Me an Angie been hissin an yowlin at owr Mom bean trying to get her to help us cuz yoo know we cats can't do dis by owrselves.   Lots of fings been going on.  Since Mom had a hurty back we finks she had a lazy hurty head too since she did not help us wif owr bloggie.  But finally, her hurty back/butt went from feelin like a vice grip was on her butt to feelin like a baggie clip was attached to it an sometimes some fuzzy tinglin in her foot comes an goes.  Sometimes da hurty back likes to give her a little jolt down her leg too jus to let her know dat Sigh-atticka is still dare. 
Den owr Daddy bean's Daddy went over da bridge just a couple weeks ago.  He was just shy a couple days from his 89th birfday.  Da family celebrated his long life, love of family, and his service to his country. 
Collij Girl came home for the summer until she goes back to collij dis time in Chicago at Northwestern Yoo.  She's a little scairt so effurybody send her some courage thots.  Fanks.
Mommy has been bizzy bizzy bizzy at werk and den a nice happy lady came to help at werk so werk is lots of fun now.
Plus Mom bean has been learnin lots more bout picshure takin and usin BIG flashy lights.  I likes to jump on da big white paper she gots up on da wall.  It makes big noises and I can put lots of dirty paw purrints on it.  We has picshures to post too.
Dat's da big stuff dat has been goin on since May.  We will be makin da rounds checkin on whats goin on wif efurryone. 
Purrs and kisses,
Beau Beau da repurrter

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Table Paws

We swear dis was not us putting owr paws on da table! Ferst, we do not haf such nicely shaped paw purrints (altho dey am pretty close to bein dat purrfect, jus sayin). Reely, owr beans saw dis nice table in Bar Harbor, Maine at da Two Cats Cafe. What a great name for a place huh? Hey wait, dare am two of us cats here. How come we don't haf a food place named after us? Well since we don't haf a place like dat, we want a table wif owr paw purrints on it jus like dat. We finks we can do dat furry nicely if we get purrmisshun acourse. What yoo finks?
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