Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo Hunt - Beautiful - Angie

Today's photo hunt theme is Beautiful. Angie is beautiful isn't she? I could stare at her all day. And, there's nothing more beautiful than when I see her streaking across the yard towards me with that beautiful white fur blowing back in the wind. Or is that just love?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tattletale tales

We had a bizzy nite last nite. Yoo ever wake up in da middle of da nite to hear a high pitched screamin' noise with growls and more screamin' an hissin' so dat it makes yur furs stand straight on end? Da noises am loud an mean an nasty soundin' an yoo know dat a major cat fight is about to take place? I was in mine bed while lettin' da beans sleep there, purrin' away an talkin to da mommie lady last nite when all of da sudden we heard dem screamin' noises. I jumped straight up an so did mommie to take a look outside. Now it couldn't haf been one of us acoz we did a bed check afore we went to sleep an bouf me an Beau Beau were inside.

Mommie, in her ratty nite shirt, started down da hallway when we heard da noises gettin louder an meaner coming from downstairs an dey sounded aspesisshusly like a mancat who lives in da house. Mommie pounded her way quickly down da stairs while I crept along behind her. She started gettin all shaky like coz she fot somehow Beau Beau wuz goin to jump frew da screen to attack whatever he wuz yellin' at. She fumbled wif da lite switch an only got one on an ran to da window ledge were Beau Beau wuz sittin looking owt da window. Beau Beau wuz howlin like a banshee and she even fot maybe he wuz hurted or maybe a skunk got him frew da window or somefin (altho dare wuz no smell so I don't know where she got dat silly idea). She tried to pet him to calm him down an he turned an hissed at her an hissed again an kept lookin frew da screen window. She didn't see anyfing owt there but he kept goin at it. Den alla sudden he started up screamin again and den Mommie saw da evil introoder kitty. It looked like calico kitty dat cuts frew my yard. Da kitty wuz a little ways away jus lookin towards da window. Mom banged on da window to scare her away an den I tried to get up to da ledge an started screamin rite along wif Beau Beau. All of owr hairs were standin on end by now an bouf of us puffed up free times owr size. It sounded like a real hissin screamin cat fight cept it wuz only me an Beau Beau yellin' at dat evil introder. To make fings werse den Beau Beau must haf got confoosed coz he turned an den tried to fight wif me instead. He tried to jump on me while still screamin. Den bout of us turned and he chased me upstairs. Beau Beau must haf jus freaked owt an ran to look in another window. Mom pounded up da stairs wif her ratty nite shirt blowin behind her. She stopped an quieted me down but I wuz ok anyway. As she went back to bed she turned on da lite to look for dat crazy mancat Beau Beau but he wuz no where to be found. Dat jumped up when da lite went on. How he never heard da ruckus we all just made I'll never know.

Dis mornin efurrything is back to normal cept Mom is not too happy coz she is sleepy an cranky now from bein awake for hours last nite. I finks I'll take a nap now too.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vishus Deer alert

Vishus deer siting, vishus deer siting! Mine mom and dad food people were drivin in town an dey had a vishus deer siting! Dare wuz a whole bunch of dem. Dey wuz heading owr way but were a few miles from here. I don't know how long it will take dem to git here but since da neybur has dat one dat is hanging out in front of dare shed I finks dey might be coming to bisit! Oh goodness. Lock da door! Close da winders! Ohhhhh.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The way I see it

Messij to da food lady. This zen bizness is gettin yoo no where. All it's doin is makin yoo late fur werk. Yoo been tryin it an nuffin is happenin. Efurryday yoo go to werk at da same place an do da same fing yoo been doin for TWO DECADES! Dat's way more than I could count on my pawsies and prolly all mine friends pawsies too.

Now da way I see if is if yoo wants to do da same fing efurryday yoo could jus do what I'm doin right here. Yoo could be layin owt on yur scratchin post, yoo could take a little nappie in yur cushy bed or efun like Angie yoo could take a nap in yur little box. Apparently she is not on da same level of comfort as I am but dat's her fing. Purrsunally I like soft beds. Den yoo gots yur toys. Now wif dis nice post here I don't efun haf to move far if I wants to play. I jus put mine paw down a little an dare is da mousie. How kool is dat? So if yoo wants some zen I finks schmaybe yoo could find it rite here at home.

~Beau Beau

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Zen

It's as good a day as any to get zen-like don'tcha think? Now repeat after me, phblbbtttttt, puuurrrrr, phbblblllbb, purrrrrrr. Let yur mind go blank. Stop thinking for a change and see what happens.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tomatoes on Thursday

See, I am here and haz fings to say too. So, no, Beau Beau yoo can't haz yur own bloggie. At least not yet. Today is about tomatoes. If yoo grow them yoo can help to have more green papers for stinky goodness and chick-hen. In fackt, if yoo has bouf you can give da raw food and stinky goodness to us felines and den yoo hyoomans can make chick-hen an tomatoes in da oven.
Da tomatoes here happen to be bouf green an red coz da big fat woody da woodchuck keeps knocking dem on da ground. As a bonus wif da tomato dish schmaybe yoo can catch a woody chuck an cook him up too. Hmmm. I wonner if he would taste like chick-hen?


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is me, Angie, under the glass dining table on owr deck. I like to sit here an see if any food is about to be given to me.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mancat Monday

BB: Don't cha fink I should haf mine own bloggie? Angie is hardly efur on here anyway rite? I will haf mine own blog an Angie can haf hers an if she has somefin to say den she can say it.

Mom: Um, I don't think so Beau Beau. This typist is getting out of control with all the blogs and websites and other things she's trying to do. Your own blog is just going to confuse me even more. I barely have time to help you visit all your friends now.

BB: How bout if'n you just don't sleep as much huh? How about I wake you up at free a.m. an den you get up wif me an help me den huh? Yoo know if yoo don't sleep you can gets a lot more done. Schmaybe yoo can start eating stinky goodness or eat yur food raw too. It duzn't take much time dat way and den yoo will haf more time for me!

Mom: Beau Beau aren't you supposed to say three nice things a day now? How about you concentrate on that.

BB: Sigh. Oh yeah. ok. It's really hard to do dis yoo know. I can't fink of anyfing.

Mom: Beau Beau....

BB: OK OK. 1. Yoo look lovely today Angie.
2. I finks Powder is still a little cutie hottie. (can I say dat Mom?)
3. Thank you Mom for washing mine paws off after I stepped on da wet floor.

How's dat for a start?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday's Job

I'm hanging out today and keeping a watchful eye on da evil introoders dat come into my yard. Here's one of dem. She keeps stalking her sissy way frew mine yard. Who da heck does she fink she is? I efun caught her sittin under one of my trees in one of my hidey spots.
Den we haf Wally da Woodchuck. Altho I must tell yoo dat I fink someone alreddy took care of him coz I haven't seen him in a few days. Schmaybe he got full on all of owr vegetables an he waddled off to someone else's yard. He wuz hanging out under owr shed. It seems to be da place to be for evil introoder animals.
I will repurt back on any shady activities from any ofur trespassers. It's a fun job. Live in the moment. It is the way to make the most pleasure out of any day.

~Angie the Watcher

Saturday, August 16, 2008

For Violette

Rest well little spirit. Thank you for touching our lives.
Beau Beau & Angie

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flower for Friends

In light of the recent loss of our tiny blogosphere darling, Sprout, and the many many others who our hearts are missing, here's a visual reminder to stop and smell the flowers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beau's Toes

It looks like dare are four different kind of toesies here but dey am ALL mine! It might be time for my man-a-cure coz I see one little dagger stickin' owt.

~Beau Beau

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tribute to Sprout

An Angel sent home to God too soon for us. God Bless you Sprout.

Mysterious Monday

Remember owr Grammie an Dan's girl cat Sydney? Her beans have a question on somefin dat's going on wif her. Seems dat she is talkin' REAL LOUD, well, cryin' in human language an day can't figure owt why. It all started when she went to da vet in February and when she came home it started. She cries ten times den stops. Den she cries ten times more den stops.

She just came back from a looonnng visit to the v.e.t. to haf some of her teef stolen (ACK! what's up wif all da teef stealing goin' on???). When she finally came home she cries even LOUDER! Sometimes when her daddy talks to her he can get her to stop but usually not. Ten cries and then she eats like a pig. Ten cries more. Goes to the litter box. After da litter box cries ten more times. And cries ten times some other times. The v.e.t. says her little box functions are ok but she has slight kidney disease. She is 16 years old. For the most part has been in great health. She eats Fancy Feast and a few months ago they changed the kind of Fancy Feast she eats to the kind wif vegetables in it. Mom thinks that might be part of the problem. Schmaybe it's giving her gas. hee hee.

Syd's humans wanted us to ask da blogosphere if any of yoo haf heard of anyfing like what's goin on wif her. We said schmaybe she is turning into a meezer but dey said she's efun louder dan dat! Sammy an Miles -- can yoo believe dat?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Photo Hunt - Dark

It's dark under the deck sometimes. I gotta make sure no one is coming before I start my mouse hunt.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mancat Monday

Finally got around to showing yoo all da picshure of me wif da auction prize we won a while back on Grr Midnight & Cocoa's bloggie. Dis is da beeuteeful cat magnet board dat came from The Wren's Nest. Now we jus needs to put fings on it.

Can yoo pleeze tell mine Mommie to stop takin all dese picshures of me? Geez. I don't amember signing up to be a on da spot model. Schmaybe I shood get paid for dis.

~Beau Beau

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Photo Hunt - Clouds

Photo Hunt - Clouds
Dis is a photo of clouds taken from owr deck just last week. Mom is going to speshulize in cloud pictures and snowflake picshures. Did yoo know dat we is related to Snowflake Bentley who took pictures of snowflakes a looooonng time ago? He wuz Mom's Great Uncle. Ut oh. I hope dis duzn't mean we haf to move where it is efun snowier in da winter dan it is here in Connecticat.

Cirrus clouds at dusk.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Finally Friday

Can yoo beeleeve it? It's finally Friday! Dis is da day dat Mom gets owt of werk early. Schmaybe she will let us get to some bloggies finally and do some catchin up. We hardly seen her coz she been so bizzy. I been bizzy all week cleanin up da buggies dat gets in da howse. Dey am all kinds of fings here. Ants, lady bugs (we haz picshures but not reddy yet), an June bugs and some alien monster bug. Last night I caught da biiiiigggg one! It wuz so big I kep yellin at it an yellin at it coz it wouldn't fit in my mouf wifout movin too much. Dad finally camed an took care of it. Geez. Jus a few more minutes an I wooda had him.

Have a fun Friday efurryone!

~Beau Beau