Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring is coming

I can smell it.  Spring is coming even though I'm standing here on my tootsies in snow.  I can smell dem birdies.  Dis is my favorite birdie spot where I sit and wait for a birdie lunch.  Pretty soon da snow will go away and my pawsies will not be cold anymore.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Snooperbowl Sunday

It's Snooperbowl Sunday!  Fur all of yoo who don't know, Daddie is a BIGGGGG Packers fan even though we live in Connecticat.  Da beans haf been to Green Bay a couple times to see a game, and Daddie is a big football memorabilia collector and he likes da Packers stuff.  We don't have haf as much as some Packer's peoples but it still is fun to look at it.   Whiskerconsin is a great state wif lots of nice peoples as we can see by all da nice cat bloggers we haf met.  So, we'll be rooting for da Packer's today and may it be a great game for all!

Go Pack Go!

Pee Ess -- dis picshure might not be so far off if Texas gets more snow today!  The world has gone wacky!