Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday Selfie with Tommy and Teaghan


Sunday Selfies with the Ts and somebuddy photobombed us...

Teaghan: What the heck? This is my selfie! Get out!

Tommy: She got in my selfie too! 

Tommy: How about this pose in my Tunnel? This one is better.

Teaghan: Ok dis one is better too.

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Have a great week efurrybuddy!

Tommy, Teaghan XO

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Caturday Art with Teaghan and AI Art

Today's blog is artwork created in Dream by Wombo with Teaghan as the model. Take a look at the funny creations below and put your thoughts and favorite in the comments. Thanks for looking!

 The first photo is the image I uploaded to for all and used the prompt "long haired red tabby cat playing with rabbit" (to go along with the past two posts about the visits from the rabbit to our yard).  Each artwork was created using a different chosen art style. AI doesn't always quite get it right with cats as I've seen many output with extra paws, etc. Most didn't even come out with a rabbit in it - might depend on the art style chosen too.   
Original photo of Teaghan

Image #1:  "Rabbit Nurse".
Well here's one with a couple of rabbits. What the heck though - AI made Teaghan and the rabbit Siamese twins? Or playing nurse?😲😆!

Image #2: Bunny Stalker
Art style for this is Watercolor V2. For this one, there's no rabbit in it but you get the idea that she is stalking something. The beauty of Norwegian Forest cats is that they have such powerful legs, not squatty ones as shown in the output image, but maybe that's to infer stalking. I do like how this one came out the best.

Image #3: Kitty Mama in the Woods
This one is the art style Poster Art. AI gave it a rabbit in the background and as a bonus a kitten to play with. Hah! Interesting is that the rabbit mama and baby have been eating in our yard and AI gave Teaghan a baby here, yet I did not use those words to create the art...

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Friday, June 23, 2023

The bunny rabbit is back and more!

Look at the baby bunny! He is torturing us cuz we can't reach through the window. He is so cute though. We watched the mommy push its butt with her nose to show it where the best tasting plants are. She brought it right to Mom's delicious pansies. Then the mommy bunny took a few bites of some of our other plants too. Not to be outdone by bunny cuteness, then along came a snakie! A freaking snake! It slithered through the same spot that the bunny was just eating on. I kept looking at it waiting for it to move. Mommy finally went outside and scared it away so she would stop freaking out too. Whew! What a day! Happy Friday everyone! I hope y'all have some fun adventures watching nature too!
~Tommy and Teaghan

The bunny eating the pansies

Closeup of the baby bunny

And then along came a snakie!

Snake closeup! Gasp!

Where's that bunny rabbit? Is it outside this window?


Monday, June 12, 2023

Awww Monday and bunnies

Awwww! Happy Monday Y'all! Look what was keeping us busy for a few days. There has been a baby bunny hanging out in our yard and teasing us! It is also eating some of Mom's flowers but not too many. It is one brave little rabbit coming right near the window. We run back and forth from window to window to see it. Mom thinks it can't see us cuz the glass is tinted a little. Lots of fun we've been having watching all kinds of creatures outside our windows.  
What kind of animals and birds have you seen lately?

Purrs! Tommy and Teaghan


Friday, June 02, 2023

Friday and the Pawrents are back!

Well it's a little late for Thankful Thursday, but we are thankful for the wonderful care we got while the pawrents were away.  We love our Teresa and Rob who took care of us cuz we got brushed, and played with and lots of lovin'. And now the pawrents are home! We are back to our old routine now.  Not that Food Daddy likes getting up at 4 am to feed us but we have him well trained! Hee hee. 

Teaghan having a nice relaxed snooze in front of the tv.

Tommy smiling, relaxed, and happy.


Tommy and Teaghan