Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowblind Angie

Unless yoo are frum outer space yoo must haf heard about da BIGGGGG snowstorm we gots here in Mew England.  We lives in Connecticut and we gots snow that piled up to more than three of me high.  Dat's a lot of snow.  Mommy finally let me owt when dey gots da path shoveled out to da car.  I saw a mousie run across da path.  Can yoo see me?


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Snooperbowl Sunday 2013

What? No Snooperbowl party today? No food? No goodies? No chick-hen wings?!!! Oh mine goodness. We finks some siri-us whopping needs to take place with owr hyoomans.

Oh wait. We smell chick hen. Yoo gots dem raw ones for us rite?

Good luck to da teams dat yoo want to win today. Da Pack is not in da bowl so we don't care much one way or da other. Well, cept da lady kinda likes da 49ers..

Have a fun day/nite all yoo football fans!