Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays Tales

I been missin my 'puter for so long, dat I started kissin it when I finally saw it opened again.  Mom says I am sick! sick! sick! for lickin a puter.  Yoo didn't know, but I haf dis obsesshun wif lickin surfaces.  I lick wood.  I lick da granite counters.  I lick da chairs.  I lick da wood floor.  Mom says I am reeeeely weird. Hey if it makes yoo feel good den I say go fur it! 

~Beau Beau

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Finally Friday after a loooooong week.  Jus wanted to show yoo how I helped Mom wif her back.  I showed her she jus gots to lay ofur da chair an hang her arms down jus like dis an den she would feel better.  She tooked mine advice an did dat lots of times.  Don't know if any of yoo has had sigh-atticka a.k.a. sciatica but it is a hurty fing and not a pretty sight to see a human hangin' ofur da chair.  Hahahahaha!
So jus a warnin' to all yoo humans owt dare, do not sit in yur chair for all hours of da day wifout moovin.  Get up an stretch jus like us cats do.  If yoo will notice, yoo will see dat we stretch efurry time we when we get up to do somefin.  An although we lay around a lot we do not sit for hours on owr butts.  So people - get up an move!  Enjoy yur weekend and get some exercise ok?

Luvs, us

Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing Everyone

We been missin efurryone.  We hope yoo did not furget about us.  Mom bean has been home wif an owie in her back fur a long time it seems.  We luvs haffing her home 'cept she does not do much but lay down a lot.  We tried to be like a heatin' pad for her sometimes.  We tried to get on da  puter by owrselfs but dat is pretty hard to do so we had to wait till she gots better enuf to sit in da chair for more den a few minutes. 
In da mean time, Spring has sprung an we gots to go owt on owr deck to try to catch some birdies.  Plus all dem Sparrow birdies are nestin' in da roof an we get to see dem go in and out, in and out all day.  Dat is lots of fun. Have a good week efurryone!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Fun on Friday wif owr Ham-Micks!

We got new Ham-Micks from Forty Paws! Woooo Hoooooo! We lufs dem! We had so much fun opening da box (wif a little help acourse from da beans). Den we rubbed owr noses all ofur dem and gotted all worked up so we could take a little nap rite away on owr new Ham-Micks.

First we had to make sure efurrying wuz owt of da box.

Den we inspeckted da pretty fishes on da material dat we made owr bed owt of. Effuryting wuz in good order.
Ohhhh la laaaaaaa! Yes! We luf owr new Ham-Micks! And dey smell so good too! Hee heeee.

It took about one minute for me to jump on and den relax in my new Ham-mick. I finks I will be spending lots of time just sitting here and taking my little cat naps. It is so nice cuz I do not haf to sit on da floor. And, my Ham-Mick is just da rite size.

My Ham-mick wuz da rite size for me too. It looks a little small here but dats cuz I was in such a hurry to lay down on it.
When da food Daddie came home he laffed an laffed cuz he did not know what a Ham-Mick wuz. We asked him to buy dem for us but he did not know what dey would look like. He wuz happy wif owr purrchase.
Fanks Forty Paws!

Beau Beau and Angie