Saturday, April 29, 2006

Owie story and Potcakes

We forgotted our first most favrit werd of all - OWIE! We saw it at Meezer Tails when Miles gotted an OWIE on his head. Well, I kep bringin big pieces of insulation up to the beans first for presents, then a coz they weren't payin enuf a-tenshun to me. Then some of the insulation musta gotted in my eye and now I gots an OWIE in my EYE!
It was anufer tac-tik to try to get the beans to stay home instead of goin on va-cay-shun but it didn't werk.
Mommy tooked me to see the v.e.t. This time I got Doc Anderson too jus like Angie last time. She putted some yellow stuff in my eye and then some uffer stuff and maybe in a few days my eye will open again. Then Mommy's favrit v.e.t., Dr. St.Clair, found out where she was goin on va-cay-shun and he goes there all-a-time too! He helps out at the v.e.t. clinic in Providenciales! He even has helped their humane society getted their homeless doggies adopted into the U.S. frew their Potcake Foundation . Potcakes are what they calls their doggies there. The Foundations goal is "to provide care and shelter for these homeless potcakes and aid in the reduction of he island dog over-population and provide the best possible care for these special dogs while in our custody and hopefully find them new permanent, loving homes." He's a furry nice v.e.t. to help all those animals out.

No mommy, we unnerstand the problem but we don't wants a doggie. An Daddy tole you no more pudins eifer. Ohhhh we's gettin a bad feelin'... I really better get in that luggage so's you don't bring home any homeless pudins. See ya all later efurryone! Like a pirate, wif only one eye, I gotta go and take care of this!
~Beau Beau

Friday, April 28, 2006

Don't tell

Shhhhhhh. Don't tell I'm in Mommy's suitcase. I eifen disguised my eyes this alien green so she wouldn't notice me. If she looks at me I'll magically be inbisible. This way I gets to go wif her on va-cay-shun. She would miss me too much to leave me behind anyway. Angie has to find her own suitcase if she wants ta go. This is mine spot to hide! I hopes they has stinky goodness when I gets there or I jus might have to go an catch some fish for dinner or wait for leftovers from all a dinners she's been talkin' about.

Friends has been askin' where's we goin' so I took one of their picshur's from last year (I wasn't even a speck in my fur-Daddy's hoo-has then)... This is them on a beach in Provi-den-she-allies in Turks & Cay-cos. Whew, those are hard werds. This is where they goin' again. Maybe I don't wants to go to where there's all that wadder and sand to get in my furs.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tagged and Words

We's been tagged by Badness at Furry Logic! Hoo boy.
Ok here's our words:

Funniest: hoo-ha-ectomy. We just saw this word over at Wm.'s place. We knew about Hoo-has, coz that's what Beau Beau used to have till he got his hoo-ha-ectomy.
Cute and funny word: Squillions (from Edsel/The Pooch). They made it even funnier when you see how he said it over and over on their blog.
And one new word we found at Caturday : zwei-noodle (two cat lap sit)
Favorite word: Stinky Goodness from Max. What better word is that? It makes us perk up efurry time we hear it! Even Efurry is a new word for us.
Sport words: Tub Hockey and Tub Soccer! I was playing tub hockey afore I even knew what it was! It is nice to have a sport word for it.

We tag Two Black Cats coz we hasn't seen them tagged yet and anyone else who wants to play.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mommy's Yukky Day

I'm tellin' you Beau Beau, Mommy is not in a good mood today. Nosiree. She came home a'mumblin an a'grumblin about somefin called admin- or adminny-strative professen-als day. Effurry year she does'n yike it. Some beans gets lots of fings like fleurs from the good bosses and some beans gets nuffing. It was a-posed to be a day to make people feel a'pre-she-ated but sometimes it makes them feels bad instead specially when they do so much for some beans and they don't even cares or they forgets. They never forgets to do fings for them all year. She's mumblin bout made up hall-mark holidays. Beau Beau - what's a Hall-mark? Is that what you do wif your claws on the wall? What's dat have to do wif adminny's day? Whatever it is it makes Mommy feel furry bad. She doesn yike gettin' singled out. They don't have special days for all the other peoples jobbies so it must be a furry bad job all-a-time if they has to have a special day jus so people will a'preshe-ate adminnys. We better gives her special hugs efurry day to makes her feel good and strong so someday she can break frew what she calls the glass ceiling. I don't even want to tink about what the glass ceiling means. That's even stranger than the hall-marky ting. This is all furry tiring Beau Beau. I tinks we have to take a nappy now an sleep on it. Maybe it'll all be better in the morning.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Morning

This mornin' I was helping Mom read the Sunday Paper. I made sure I was right on top of things, including her arm. Then after a thorough reading of the business section I took a bath right on the kitchen table. Now that the beans gots a new hot water tank (acept for the minor problem that the heat comes on all a time when the beans takes a shower) we can all get cleaned when we want. Now the water men will have to come back to the basement again. But I know much more about business from readin' the paper so I can help them even more.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Angie in a bag

Hey what's in here? Mom goes shopping and all I get is this lousy bag? Where's my stuff? No clothes, no mousies, no food, no nuthin. Even Beau's not in the bag. What's the deal Mom? At least I look so cute in the bag. There. My smell is all over the bag now and it's usable for any beans or for Beau to jump in. Mom, next time do ya think you can leave somefin in the bag?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big tank noise

Whaaattt is dat noise??? There's bangin and all sorts of things going on around here. First, there was all kinds of noises and squeals coming out of the Heather sister when she stepped in a puddle of water in the stinky basement. Then, next thing we knows, Mommy comes home early, then Daddy comes home early, then some udder man comes over and bangs on the old stinky tank thingy downstairs. Water was efurrywhere! Then things quieted down for a few days, and the beans tell us there was no hot water. Now there are two udder mans in the basement banging on a new big tank. Banging and noises efurrywhere again! I has to keep checking on things and where the noises are coming from. Angie is jus sleepin frew it all. Lucky her. Maybe the beans will be able to finally get clean again tonight. Too bad they couldn't jus cleans themselves like we do!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sign of Peace

Happy Easter everyone. While Mom & Dad are at church today showing the sign of peace and celebrating Easter we are showing our sign of peace too. But just today Beau Beau. Don't think I'll be letting you kiss me again anytime soon.

Kisses & purrs to all, Beau Beau & Angie

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Makin the bed

I know it doesn't look like it but I am helping Mommy makes the bed! I has the big paws and I can pull the sheets the proper way and make sure I jumps on anything that looks like it's moving. Even though my paw paws don't have the xtra toes I likes to spread them out to make sure I gets the sheets all smoothed out the way it should be. Then after all that hard work I likes to take a quick cat nap or sometimes I fake it so that I can scare my Mommy when I jump out at her. I did all that hard work of making the bed mostly all by myself!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Puurrtied out

I danced so much at yesterday's party at the Calico Girls that I am all purrtied out! Think me an Angie are going to naps all day today. We had such fun doin the hokey pokey an puttin our paws in and out. The Calico Girls an efurryone are great dancers.

Today is also Bonnie Underfoot and her boy's puurthday. Happy PUURTHDAY to them!

Nice naps to all!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Calico Girls' Party

Angie is already at the Calico Girls' Party for their new blog look celebration today.

I'm checkin out the new look as you can see and gettin ready to go. We am going to learn how to do the hokey pokey wif Patches and Mittens!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sinky hole

I can see you! See, my paw didn get stuck. I am just waitin for some friends to teleport on over so we can play unner the sink. Then they can look frew the sinky hole too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Raise your hand if you're Sure!

Surprise! I'm sure. I'm sure hungry. Hey it's me Beau Beau! (wavin his paw around...) Hey Mom! Mom... there's a big hole in your sinky. I popped up that stupid plastic thingy that you put here. What's suppposed to be here in it's place? Wait... Is this so's you can drop foods down to me when I wants to hang out unner the sink? Hey, wait a minute... are you trying to say somefin like you thinks I'm a garbage disposal? Gee Whiz. Wait a minute, what kinda food you wanna frow down to me? I'll take a little stinky goodness or some left over chicken. Yeah, that'll be good. Just don't tell Angie though. It'll be our little secret.

Mom: Beau Beau you scared the you know what outta me! But you are sure one funny little guy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

In a box

Hruummmpf. You can sit in the big box all you want Beau Beau. The competition is for fitting into SMALL boxes. And, you're not even signed up for that event. I'm going to practice my tumbling routine and some curling. You're in the speed racing event but you're not going anywhere in that box!

Now that box is too small! Go do some speed runnin like you're posed too.