Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beau beau's Spring Fling

I wuz owtside bein a good boy, jus chillin' on da deck.  Daddy went inside for one minute and den I went for a little spring stroll.  Da scent of da lady kittehs lured me into da way backyard way past where I'm supposed to go. 

I was takin my time sniffing around even when I heard dem screaming callin' my name.  Daddy was ready to cry snots an stuff.  After feverish purraying by Mommy, and no lady kittehs in sight I decided to swagger home.  I made sure I screamed loud to Mommy when I saw her in da yard.  Daddy was still walking in da other humans yards but even he heard me when I came back.  An you know what?  I got put in da howse an now I finks I am grrroundeded.
Sigh.  We'll see how long dat lasts!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Drink and a Swat

Some of you have seen Angie's drinking habit and her cream splattered inspiration-turned artwork.   You now can view her in action.  Beau Beau gets a surprise at the end. Silly girl...