Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally Friday

Is it really finally Friday? Oh fanks GOD! Mudder is finally home after bein at a meetin. She said dare wuz lots of good food dare but do yoo finks she brot any home fur us? Noooooooooo. Yeah, well guess wot? Daddie let us eat on da table, he fed us all kinds of stuff dat yoo don't let us eat, an we had a good time takin care of him. So dare. He's not too good a da treats fing tho. He furgets where da bag of treats is. We tried to get dem owrselfs but we could not open da drawer. Dat's da drawer dat I am sittin above in da picshure. I am gonna get dat drawer open one of dese days an den I will haf a treat feast. And invite all mine furriends of course.
Happy Friday! It'sssssss da weekend!!!! Yayyyyy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mancat Food

OK Mudder. What yoo tryin to get us to eat. Somefin just duz not smell rite here.

What da heck are deze fings? Breathies? Yoo finks we gots bad breff? Are dey treats? Let me see. Dey look funny. It looks like dare is mint in dem. Yoo finks dat means CAT MINT? As in CAT NIP???

I don't fink deze are treats. Dey don't smell like treats. Dey don't feel like treats. An I don't smell no nip! I step on dem an dey feel funny unner my paws. Dey stinky. Well maybe I will try one anyway. Jus one. Yoo know jus to try it. I am da mancat yoo know so I gets to try it ferst. Schmaybe dare is some nip in dem.

Angie: Hey Beau Beau how dey taste huh? Duz yur breff smell better? Come ere. Let me smell yur breff. Ewwwwww. I am not eating doze fings. Yoo eat em. I'm stickin wif mine Organix treats.

Stinky breff 1 and stinky breff 2 signing owt fur now.
We might be off fur a coupla days cuz Mudder has to go to a stinky meeting in Mew Jersey. Hey, schmaybe we can get Dad to help us wif da 'puter. Yoo finks?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow prints

Do you finks a little girl cat like me could leave such big paw prints in da snow? Doze look like a big heavy monster cat made dem pawprints. No way dat coulda been me.
I put in mine protest. I finks dare am a monster cat owtside tryin to get in. Beau Beau is on alert. Schmaybe he got owt an made dem. Yoo know how bulky he got ofur da hollyday. Yeah, it musta been him.
~ Little light Angie

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Photo Hunt: Bulky

I'm lookin a little bulky here after all da foods from da hollydays. But I can't stop mineself from eatin MORE!

Heyyyy, how ya doin? I finks I smell some pizza. Ow about yoo pass dat right ofur here.

~Beau Beau

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Mancat Modeling on Monday

Dis year is goin to be mine modelin career. Here is mine ferst full portrait sitting. Mommie needs to pay attenshun to what is in da background. Dis one looks like a gots a pole stickin' owt of mine head. She better get her ack togefur if she effur wants to make some green papers on dis stuff. At least da frame wuzn't lookin' like it wuz comin' owt of mine butt!.
~Beau Beau

Saturday, January 02, 2010

It's 2010 and it is alreddy fun!

Oh My COD! It's 2010!

Did yoo know we had a Blue Moon da ofur nite? Dat makes peoples crazy an it made me crazy too. I was so acited fur da New Years dat I made sure I did lots of ennnertainin on New Year's Day. I speshully like da allerjik man who comes ofur a lot an I tried to help him make da roast beast. Him kept talkin to me to show me what he wuz doin an I jumped up on da counter to make sure he wuz doin a good job. Plus I wanted to get a taste afore it wuz eaten by da peoples. Den when I finally got some beef I ate it so fast I frew it up. Den I tried to jump up into da space between da cabbynets so's I could be closer to da fun. Dare wuz no where to go in dare so I fell rite owt. Dat wuz a speshul trick of mine. Den I jumped on all da kitch-hen chairs and runned ofur all da peoples to keep da partay hoppin. When Daddy finally locked me in mine room gave me a break and put me in mine room, I came owt a few times all by mineself. I did dis free times till dey figgered owt dat I wuz gettin owt on mine own and da peoples wuz missin me so what could dey do? Den, I efun played a trick on Mommie an me an Angie kep runnin around her feet like we wuz starvin at owr dinner time. We gots her to gif us a can of stinky goodness an we scarfed it all up. Later she found owt we had alreddy had owr supper. De I wanted to show off to da neyburs an show dem mine balancin skills. I jumped on da island an runned all frew da food an wine glasses an stuff an didn't spill a drop or step in da food. It make all da peoples screem wif plezzzure! Dey yelled "Beau Beau" " Beau Beau". It wuz so much fun. So 2010 is off to a good start and will be a fun year. Hope it is just as happy an fun for all of yoo too!

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