Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Hawk Scare

Holy Carp!  Yoo are not goin to believe what happened dis morning!  It involved a big  Red Tailed Hawk an me.  Ferst, I got da Mom to let me owt on my deck dis morning so I could catch watch da little birdies dat lives under da deck in a cubby hole next to da house.  Den, Mom went to go let Angie owtside.  Here is a picshure of da back of owr howse.  It has lots of windows so we can feel like we are owtside but dare is nuffin like da real fing ya know?  So anyhows, Mom wuz in da kitch-hen when all of a sudden BAM!  She looks quick cuz da noise camed from da window and deck area.  She almost had da big one cuz she knew I wuz on da deck by mineself.  Den she sees dis BIG GINORMOUS Hawk fly up by da deck and her flew into a tree right near me.  Mom ran her big butt as fast as she could back to da deck to see what happened to me! When she opened da door to my deck I was puffed up a squillion times what I normally look like if yoo could imagine dat!  I wuz so big I could hardly fit frew da door!  Hahahah :-).    I finks we were trying to catch da same birdie but she hit da window instead!  When I gots inside I clung onto mine Mom but I wuz not too scared for long.  We looked owt da window and saw da big birdie fly away.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Let me owt!

Let me owtttttttt!  !  It's been a while since we been on line cuz Mommie has been so bizzy.  She made dis picture box of me in her last Photoshop class.  Yoo likes it?  Good fing I don't reely go owt in da woods cuz I finks it would be reely scary.  So maybe its not let me owt, but let me IN!

Beau Beau

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Photo Hunt - Self Portrait

One day our lady mommie wuz taking pictures and practicing wif da timer fing and she put it on da tripod and den she made us push da button wif owr paw.  Organix treats helps to keep us in one spot.  It is not easy to get a picture of us together in one spot like dis.  She took over 20 photos before we gots dis one.