Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Hawk Scare

Holy Carp!  Yoo are not goin to believe what happened dis morning!  It involved a big  Red Tailed Hawk an me.  Ferst, I got da Mom to let me owt on my deck dis morning so I could catch watch da little birdies dat lives under da deck in a cubby hole next to da house.  Den, Mom went to go let Angie owtside.  Here is a picshure of da back of owr howse.  It has lots of windows so we can feel like we are owtside but dare is nuffin like da real fing ya know?  So anyhows, Mom wuz in da kitch-hen when all of a sudden BAM!  She looks quick cuz da noise camed from da window and deck area.  She almost had da big one cuz she knew I wuz on da deck by mineself.  Den she sees dis BIG GINORMOUS Hawk fly up by da deck and her flew into a tree right near me.  Mom ran her big butt as fast as she could back to da deck to see what happened to me! When she opened da door to my deck I was puffed up a squillion times what I normally look like if yoo could imagine dat!  I wuz so big I could hardly fit frew da door!  Hahahah :-).    I finks we were trying to catch da same birdie but she hit da window instead!  When I gots inside I clung onto mine Mom but I wuz not too scared for long.  We looked owt da window and saw da big birdie fly away.


  1. OMC, that WAS a scare! We've never seen a hawk, but we've heard they can eat kitties! :-O

    We hope Ms. or Mr. Hawk stays a safe distance away from your house now!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    That thing's more scary than a vishus deer! We're furry glad yur safe!!!

  3. HAHAHA! You're giving that hawk big ol' raspberries!!! We're glad you're ok - are you sure that hawk wasn't trying to catch YOU???

  4. OMC! That was too scary! You probably scared that Hawk too when you puffed yourself up to the size of the door.

  5. AAAIIIEEEEE! I almost had a heart attack reading about that!

  6. Beau Beau
    Do not mess with dem hawks.
    Dey do not have a sense of hum-er.
    We has two hawks dat must've had babies cuz dey have lived her as long as we have been here.
    Dey is men-assss-sing.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  7. Whoa!!! That was scary! I am glad you are safe!

  8. Oh Beau Beau, dat was scary! Glad yoo managed to puff yoorself up and scare dat hawk away. Dat is what happened, right?

  9. Thank goodness you were inside!

  10. Whoa... One of those things dive bombed the Woman when she was on her rumbly bike once. I'm thinking she peed herself a little though she swears she didn't.

    I wonder if they taste like chicken...

  11. Holy canoli, Beau Beau! We are glad you are okay! You gotta be careful around hawks. They can be really mean! Our dad saw one swoop down and pick up an evil squirrel and fly away.

  12. Holy Shmokes! That must have been REALLY scary! For your Mom, we mean.

  13. Oh wowzwer! That was a horrible ordeal for your Mom and for you Beau! Oh My Cat! Oh my goodness. This is just unreal. You be careful going after birds when there are hawks flying about.

    Luf, Us

  14. Those big birds are SCAREY! We sure HOPE it was goin after the little bird...

    I was outside last week an 2 big Owls showed up. The Big Thing got me inside FAST!


  15. Yikes! We have seen Mr Hawk in our yard, but we have never been outside at the same time. Glad you are OK.