Friday, October 28, 2016

Angie Forever

Angie has left our world.  On  27-Oct-2016, She went to join all the other feline souls that have been the love of so many of all of us.  Sixteen short years of her life were spent here.  I've posted this story before but Angie came to me in a dream eleven years ago.  I then became obsessed with finding a white cat.  My husband and I searched for her and we found Beau Beau first.  Two months later I walked into the Meriden Animal Shelter and stood quietly in the middle of the room.  I felt her paws on my legs first.  I looked down and there was my white dream cat, stretching up to get me to pick her up.  She clung to my neck and I knew I had found her.  I promised her she had found her forever home. She has been the light of my life and my husband's ever since then. 

Her story has been written here in the pages of this blog.  Many posts in the beginning have led way to fewer posts over the years.  It seems as though as she slowed down in her old age so did my posts. 

The one thing that stands out the most about her is how much she loved the outside.  With her quiet and mellow demeanor she always stayed very close to the house and just paid attention to the birds and anything else that moved close to her.  Her routine was that my husband would get up at 5 and feed her and then she would go to the door to try to get him to let her outside.  We let her out as often as we could depending on the weather mostly.  She did have a curfew at dark though.  And as most cats that go outside she was in and out more times than we could count.  Even as her age and illness advanced it didn't slow her down from enjoying the outdoors, right up to yesterday, the day we had to let her go.  We will never forget her soft fur, her quiet purr, her calming manner.  We will always remember her sleeping between our pillows, her quiet snore, her warm body against ours. 

Although she was the smaller than Beau Beau, she ruled the house when he was alive.  When he passed two years ago she slept in on a rug near the front door for a month or more.  Maybe she was waiting for him to come home.  Maybe she has found him again.  Rest in Peace our little Angel.  I know you are right here when we need you, just a thought, just a memory away, and always in our hearts.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of her.