Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Tuesday Toes and tails

Just a late Tuesday post of us just chillin and playin. Happy Tuesday y'all!

Teaghan and her toesies

Tommy can't get enough of his tunnel


Tommy & Teaghan

Monday, January 29, 2024

Awww Monday with the Ts tunnel

We took a little break last week becuz the Mom was trying to make some art of her own and she ran out of creative juice.  And she's a procrastinator (is that like a furminator?) and she has a deadline to write a story about us for a local magazine in the development where we lives in NC. Dad said to just take one of our stories from here. Yeah, I think we could do that.

Teaghan took over MY tunnel! Pbbbt!

I put my nose on it first!

Have a fun Awww Monday efurryone!

Tommy and Teaghan XO

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Caturday Art with 2Ts and 3Ts

Our furriends over at Trout Talkin Tabbies (TTT) commented on our last Saturday Art post to use the words "Two total lee awesum catz ona tay bull waitin for a fish dinner" for the prompt in AI. So we tried it for fun and we got all kinds of interestin results as you will see below.

First we uploaded our own reference photo from last Saturday (us sittin on a table on a green table cloth). Then we used prompts starting with the TTT's suggestion and  then changed it to a few different versions to get different results. We also used different effects just to get some artsy feel to some of them. Some cartoon/comic, some pop art, and many others.  There were so many and didn’t save them with the descriptions. 

Here we go:  

First Prompt:   "Two total lee awesum catz ona tay bull waitin for a fish dinner"

This one came up with 3 pictures with bulls resting in a field and one that had one normal looking cat and a cat that had a little of a bull face. haha!  

  1. Nice bulls, no cats

    Cat and cat bull -- mol moo mol moo 😆

Second Prompt:  Two totally awesome cats on a table waiting for a fish dinner

Say what?

We got two awesome cats and 3 fish but they don't look too excited about eating do they?

There was no output with us looking at each other so added the words "looking at each other" for the next prompt -- hoping for an interesting look on our faces.

Third Prompt:   "Two totally awesome cats on a table waiting for a fish dinner and looking at each other".

This was as close as it got for us looking at each other but the thing on the plate looks a little like a deflated balloon, rite? 

What da heck?

Fourth Prompt:  "Two Norwegian forest cats on a table waiting for a fish dinner with room at bottom for text copy."  

I realized that if I wanted to make it an LOL picture or add a caption, I needed room at the bottom. Some times it gave me some space but not all the time. So after all of that and out of a whole lot of photos, we thought this one was pretty cool:

What a trip that was! 

So, Please comment and let us know what you think about the results. Thank you!  You are all awesome :-) and thanks to the Trout Talkin Tabbies for sending us down the rabbit hole :-).

Purrs and loves from "Two total lee awesum catz ona tay bull waitin for a fish dinner".
Tommy and Teaghan

We are joining the Caturday Art Hop. Come on over!

Friday, January 19, 2024

The Ts in Nature and Camellia day

Today we are joining two blog hops, Feline Friday at Messy Mimi's and Nature Friday at host LLB Gang.

For Nature Friday - the star of the day is the Camellia. 
Since we are fairly new to North Carolina we are in love with the fact that we now have flowers in the Winter.  The landscaping at our house was put in before we moved in and unfortunately we have no idea what any of the varieties are. But we love whatever one this Camellia is. This week will probably the coldest of the year and it has gotten in the 20's F overnight. The blooms are still ok on one of the plants and the other had dropped a few over the last couple of weeks. The front of the house is west-facing so they get a lot of sun and warmth from mid-morning through sunset at this time of year.


Two Camellia bushes

The Camellia and a shadow of our lonely not so healthy Quercus - the Willow Oak (at least that's what we think it is.

And to go along with Feline Friday, we have "Tomas (aka Tommy) with a T" observing his nature backyard. We have plenty of pines and another healthy Willow Oak There was a crow out there calling away and he went to see what was going on.

Tommy looking out at his backyard

We'll be updating with more backyard nature photos in the future as we continue to identify what's there and add in more native species to the yard.

Peace out everyone and enjoy the weekend! 

~Brenda and the Ts

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Happy Tuesday with Teaghan

Happy Tuesday! 

Two photos today from Teaghan.  First, Tommy the gargoyle is trying to be funny thinking he's going to get me from up there. But I can hear him breathing. Hah! Then, the Mom thinks she's funny taking all these pictures of me while I'm sleeping. But seeing me sprawled out showing my tummy in all it's glory makes her happy. And yes, she's allowed to touch the floof. :-)  

Is he still up there?

Teaghan's tummy

 Purrs, Teaghan and Tommy on Tuesday! XO

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Caturday Art and windy weather

Tommy:  "The mom has been messing around with lots of programs to make purrty pictures of us. She says it really is quite overwhelming with so many to choose from but wants to try as many as she can before settling on just a couple. And us? Well, we just like to get up early, eat, play a bit, then sleep. Nothing really exciting has been going on except for the storm a few days ago that the tv weather people talked about for hours and hours and put the fear of God into everyone watching. 

The only thing that changed for us was that we had to stay out of our sun room the whole day while the wind was blowing. And then we got to cozy up on the inside couch like usual while the humans whined and purrayed that the pine trees wouldn't fall on da house and the tornado wouldn't come the few miles inland after it was spotted near Bald Head Island. And now it looks like it's supposed to happen again today with the wicked wind. We should be able to curl up in our usual spot this time though since it's not supposed to be as bad. 

Mom says "If a tree falls in the forest and there's no weatherman to tell you it fell, did it?" Meow.


Mom Brenda:  Here are the artworks made with generative AI, Adobe Firefly, using my reference photo and the prompt words "Red and white Norwegian forest cat walking through a windy storm" with the effects of "Art, Fantasy, and Impressionism" to create the look.  The results of a few different effects and one with just "photo" were very normal in that AI wouldn't create any windy look until I added the word "storm". It couldn't figure out how to add blowing leaves or trees in the background on the few passes I made. Interesting results. 

I was really amazed how much the cats look so similar to Tommy and Teaghan even on a few I tried without a reference photo of them (as the first one below). Maybe they'll be a good model for NFC art! 

If any of you reading this use Adobe Firefly could you give it a try and see if they come out looking similar? It would be really interesting to see.

Prompt: "Red and white Norwegian forest cat walking through a windy forest"
 and no reference photo with one effect of "photo". It looks just like Tommy!

With the word "storm" added and art, fantasy, and impressionism effects

With the word "storm" added and art, fantasy, and impressionism effects

My take is that it isn't all that easy to get exactly what you are imagining. It's a mix of the correct terms that AI can work with and what effect you are going for. 

This is the reference photo I used in Adobe Firefly for the images above

Thanks all and have a wonderful weekend, windy or not. ;-)

Purrs, Tommy, Teaghan and the Mom Brenda

PS - we are joining the Caturday Art blog hop at AthenaCatGoddess.com


Monday, January 08, 2024

Awww Monday with the Ts

 Awww Monday with the Ts.  The holidays were long, it's a new year and it feels so good to turn the page, chill out for a bit, and get our creativity going. We'll keep this short and sweet as we get a flow going for the New Year. :-) Have a gooder! Purrs!

Teaghan - hanging out under the Christmas tree.

Tommy - "Whatchoo looking at, human!"

Purrs and love,

Tommy and Teaghan