Friday, November 30, 2012

Scrambled Brains

Me finks someone has a scrambled brain.  Reely?  Reely?  Do you reely finks dis is a good place to leave a bunch of chick-hen eggs? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fireplace Glow with Angie

This is the time of year when we start having fires in the fireplace on the weekends.  While searching for the Photo Hunt Fall photo I found this pretty picture of Angie from last Christmas.  I was messing around with the camera and the lights off the tree made those little football shaped lights above her head. 

As I was thinking about this picture of Angie, we had an interesting discovery about our fireplace. We happened to be burning a fire in it the whole weekend party for ambiance and partly just to take the chill off.  Then Sunday we were cleaning out the ashes when we noticed that one brick was still pretty hot and it still smelled like smoke.  After studying the brick for a while we realized it could be taken out.  Lo and behold there was an ash box in the bottom of the fireplace loaded with ashes and old pieces of burning wood!  We never knew it was there.  The door to clean it out is in back of it in the furnace room.  The previous owners had obviously been using it regularly since it's so full and they had not cleaned it out.  Now that we know about it we can relax and have a nice fire again next weekend.  Hoping to get some more cute pictures of Beau Beau and Angie.

BB, BB, and A

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Photo Hunt - Fall

A furry strange fing happened dis Fall in Connecticat.  Instead of leaves falling and me getting to watch dem all day, snow fell instead!  Most of da leaves hadn't even started to fall.  Yoo can see lots of green leaves still left on da tree.  It wasn't as bad as last year cuz dat storm snapped all da weak branches off then.  Dare are still some leaves left on da trees here so I gets to watch dem and da fat squirrels!  

Update:  We're getting back into the swing of fings and furgot to put da photo hunt link.

Friday, November 23, 2012

We're baaaaaack!

Heh heh I begged long enuf to get da lady to open da 'puter an help me blog again!  It's been a long time since we been here so we wanted to show yoo dat we am still here and we looks just about da same.  We gets on Facebook sometimes but try not to go dare too much cuz da lady gets kind of obsessed wif fings like dat so we keep her paws tied up so she can't go on as much as she wants to.  Reely, we sit on her paws and stare at her reel scary like.  Hah!

The camera has not been owt too much dis year but when it does da lady likes to see how far she can get dat fing up my nose it seems.

And here's a good one of Angie just to show you she's still around too.   She loves to sit owtside on da deck on a little chair da lady found for her.  Efur since da v.e.t. stole her top teef she has marks on her face where da bottom teef come up over her top lip.  Makes her look kinda cute don't you think?

So hi to efurry one and hopes to see yoo around again.  We want to blog once a week for fun!  We finks dat would be do-able.   See you around!


Beau Beau and Angie