Monday, January 30, 2023

Awww Monday with the Ts


Happy Awwww yoo better watch out or that birdie will get you Monday!  Teaghan is staying safe on the ground watching the action while stuffed into her little cardboard box. :-). She gets her action attacking the box every now and then. MOL.

Have a happy Monday efurryone!  XO

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Tommy and Teaghan

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saturday Caturday - AI Artwerk

 Teaghan in AI mode

Artwork created in Dream by Wombo

Wooooweeee! Statikee Statikee Zappy goes me!  How do y'all like my floofy look? At least the AI art got it right with the correct number of paws. The whapping paw looks a little weird though.  Mom used a photo of me and the werds long haired tabby cat dream.  We like the artsy blues and flowers it came up with.  Sort of hippy-ish too but purrty.  Actually this could be either me or Tommy cuz we look so much alike. His nose isn't as straight as mine so this could actually be him. Haha! Enjoy!

Purrs, Teaghan

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Change a Pet's Life Day - Fun and Food

Change a Pet's Life Day

Fun and Food!

This insulated shopping bag has two meanings, one it gives an opportunity for some playtime and attention and two, nutrition. This is what keeps the fresh food fresh and what the food comes home in! Yay! 
Also, this is one of the differences of us living in the South. We use these insulated bags and coolers a lot more than we used to when we go food shopping. It heats up quick in the South during the day in the Winter and some of our food shopping trips are 30 - 60 minutes away. Too long to keep meats in the car for the drive home. Annnnd some times we stop for a nice lunch while in the area. :-)  

Teaghan: Hey Mom! We going food hunting today? We going to 'Teeters to get us some stinky goodness and some good chick-hen?  Just make sure you don't put any veggies in here so my furs don't get on it.  😹

Hey what you doing in there Teaghan? 

Teaghan wanted to play and use it as a place to hide but Tommy was not amused that she was in there and tried to put the whap on her. 

Give your kitties some extra love today!


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thankful Thursday Bird bath

We are thankful that we don't have to drink water out of a bowl that these pretty birds just took a bath in. MOL!

Video of birds taking a washy bath in Southport, down near the park on the water where all the people take their dawgs for a walk.  I hope the dawgs know their water bowl has been used by birds first! Hahahaha!

These birds were having a great ole time.

Hey dawgs, just wait a second till I'm done going to the baffroom and takin' a baff in yur dawg water...

A little beach area in Southport NC near where the big birds hang out

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday! And drink yur water!

Purrs, Tommy and Teaghan

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Awww Monday Teaghan gets her Furs Combed

Awww, I'm so happy I get my food Daddy to give me a brushing. This is our new routine. I go tell him it's time for my daily combing to keep my furs beeeutiful. With all this fur I need him to do this. Tommy is waiting for his turn as you can see his tail next to my chair. Some days the amount of fur that comes off the comb is big enough to look like a newborn kitten! Oh my cod.  Better to keep us combed so we don't yak up a big one. Hahaha!

Wait your turn Tommy!

Make sure you get my pantaloon furs!  Hah!

Thanks Daddy you doing a great job! :-) 
Purrrrs and xo, Teaghan

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thankful Thursday with more Pelicans and AI Cat Art


Artwork by the Mom (aka Brenda B)

We are thankful we live here in North Carolina now. There are so many birds in the back yard we can watch every day.  A lot of different kinds come here, a lot we are used to, and even the little Carolina Wren is here too. We think it followed us from Connecticat. So we are thankful we have all these birds to watch to keep us amuzed. But we do not get to see the big water birds other than when one flies above us. 

The above photo is some more Pelican love following yesterday's post. We kitties have never seen a Pelican before but Mom has and she painted this watercolor Pelican for us. It's a funny. The bird is sitting on the railing where the sign says not to sit on the railing. It's a fiesty Pelican! Hah! Mom says she wants to bring us on a little car trip to the water to see big birdies but Food Daddy isn't happy with that idea. Yah think?

Since we can't go to the water she made AI art from Dream by WOMBO showing us with a Pelican. She used a photo of us to start and the words "two red and white tabby cats with a Pelican bird". Ready for dis?...

Hahaha this one made US Pelicans!
 She made this one using Retro-futurism.
This one made the Pelican like us!
 This one might have been by using Paint in Dream by Wombo.

And this one shows us with birds in the background. A little more normal rite?

 And one more. This stuff can get a little addictive. Lots of Thanks to Cactus Catz for posting their AI art by Dream by WOMBO.  It's so much fun making the images but Mom can't get anything else done now! MOL!

This one again was made using Comic. It was an interesting take in that you can see the Pelican at the beach. Yesterday she spent almost ALL day trying to get one good one using AI art showing us at the beach. Guess we just needed to put in the word "Pelican". Wow. You can see how surprized we were to be looking at a Pelican straight on. Meow!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone and come and join the fun and thanks at 
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Tommy and Teaghan

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wordless Wednesday - Brookgreen Gardens


Brookgreen Gardens - Limerick by Dixon Lanier Merritt
Photo by Brenda B.

One of the best things about living in the south now is being able to visit the  fabulous Brookgreen Gardens. It's an awesome garden that is a National Historic Landmark filled with amazing sculptures and located in Murrels Inlet, South Carolina. We became members not too long after moving to NC because we knew we would be visiting often and would want to bring visitor's to see it as well.  It's a drive that takes under 2 hours so it's a good day trip. I laugh when I think about this now because hardly ever took a day trip that long when living in CT and now it's not a big deal. :-)

Looking for a photo for today's Wordless (wordy today...) Wednesday post, I ran across this one that I had taken on one of our trips.  Pelican's are one of my favorite birds and this is just an example of one of the many interesting things to see in the gardens.  I'll post some more photos here and there as we make more trips to the area.

This is the poem / limerick written by Dixon Lanier Merritt:

A wonderful bird is the pelican,

His bill will hold more than his belican. 

He can take in his beak

Food enough for a week,

But I’m damned if I see how the helican. 


Hmmm, I'm thinking I'll take the Ts for a little car ride to see the water and the big birds. Then again, schmaybe not... lol


Monday, January 09, 2023

Monday's Mews - Law Enforcement Day and Taking down the Christmas Tree

We are late again today as usual.  Well somebuddy has to be last right? :-)

It's Law enforcement appreciation day. We thank all our law enforcement brothers and sisters who serve and protect our communities.  People appreciate all kinds of different things every day and we think this one is impawtent.

And, today we are finally taking down the Christmas tree!!! We made a collage of some of our favorite ornaments. One is Mom's favorite wine. One is of a kitty but we can't remember who gave us dat one. One of our new furriends gave us a beachy kind with sand in it! Wonder how we can get in there? Another kind is a pretty resin ornament in the shape of a turtle. Then we have a Beech house one that Mom and Food Daddy got this year at a Christmasy thing because they were doing a Christmas thing a day (that didn't last too long... mol, and last is Grand Uncle Wilson Bentley's snowflake. We like that cuz we don't get to see many snowflakes anymore.

Ok on with the New Year! 


Tommy and Teaghan

Wednesday, January 04, 2023