Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Farewell Skeezix

We're not actually going pink today in honor of Skeezix because our background is already pink!  So, instead of waiting for Mancat Monday for this photo we decided to put this one up today.  It's more of a tribute to that special bond between human and feline.  Beau Beau will do anything to get in front of us to get attention and to show us his love and get some love from us.

I'm sure all of us in the cat blogosphere felt that special love whenever we read about Skeezix and his pleasure of licking Mr. Tasty Face's face.  It's something we will never forget and will miss hearing about.   We will miss the stories from Skeezix - the rides, the face "liks", the vishus deer reports, his loves and stories of his "urjes".   We will miss the fashionista photos of Skeezix too.  Well, heck, we're just gonna miss everything about him.

Farewell Skeezix. We'll miss you little dude.

Love, Beau Beau and Angie