Monday, July 31, 2006

Secret Paws package is here!

Lookit all the secret paws stuff! An it's all for us. There was a leezard in there that I putted the bite on. Angie frew it around a little too. An efurryting was our favrit colors, blue and green. It came from our secret paws friend ISIS! We Luvs you!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Queen of the box

Ahhhh. This is my box. Mine. All Mine. I had the mommy move this box ofur to the door screen so I could look out at the birdies and since then it has become all mine. I used to lay inside it but I tinks I like it much better upside down. These are the tings I do wif my box:
I sit on it.
I lay on it.
I sleep on it.
I poke Beau Beau from it.
I contemplate life from it.
I look at the ants crawling on the floor and I don't care.
I look at the birdies through the porch door.
I scratch my ears on it.
I rub my stink on it.
I am queen of the box.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


My butt's cleaner than your butt... my butt's cleaner than yours... my butts cleaner cuz there's no dingleberries... my butt's cleaner than yours....!

The question is -- Who do you think had the dingleberries hangin' off their butt?
Beau Butt
Angie Butt

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stranger in the night

Efurry night when the air cooling box isn't on we sit in front of the door to watch the neighborhood and look for the bunny that lives outside. Then look what we saw instead! It was a stanger kitty. He walked right up to the door and started talking to us. Mommy said "why are you kids makin' all that noise?" Then when she looked she saw the stranger too. He didn't efun run away when Mommy came wif the flashy thing. We finks he is the new neighbor cat. He seems friendly enuf. AND he only gotted scared when I tried to catch a buggy on the screen and he jumped back a little. Hee hee. UPDATE: He is a rude little kitty. He peed on our DOOR last night! The screen is all stinky too. Yuk.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

High jumper

Wowie! Lookit how high I jumped! We gotted a new flyin' feavur toy that acts like a birdie only it isn't. I'm gonna catch that birdie efun if I haf to jump ten feet!
Angie wanted her picshur in here to of her trying to jump higher to catch it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Blogiversary Kukka-Maria

It feels about 100 degrees here and of course the beans are trying to save money (after they so generously loaned us some money for Kukka's gift) so they turned off the air box that makes the cold air come out. The only ofur way to cool down is to let the air blow ofur the great white expanse of my belly.
This is one of those instances where it probably helps that my belly is getting seemingly larger.

Enuf about me. Now onto Kukka's Blogiversary gift. Now since we somehow missed the gift registry early on, almost all of the gifts had already been given. So, me and Angie came up wif an elegant spa day for you at the Palms Resort and Spa in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. The picshur below is of the completely private rooms where you can experience the pampering of your life. Since I had been there recently, getting myself primped up while the beans weren't looking, I can vouch first-hand on the luxury of the experience. The spa will primp you and cater to you in the way to which one as glamorous as you truly deserves and are accustomed to. Happy Blogiversary Kukka!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

You decide

This is the kids' Mom here. I don't even know what to say about this. After I walked into the dining room tonight and saw her stuffed in the bread basket, I burst out laughing, grabbed the camera and she sat there and let me take the pictures. I didn't have the heart to yell at her to get off the table. The more I told her she's not supposed to be there, the more she settled down into the basket.
They are not allowed on the dining room table and we have a thing (called the beaubeauizer) that we shake and it makes loud noises. It's usually enough to just show it to Beau Beau and he runs away. She usually just ignores us. So they are only allowed to go on the kitchen table because we don't eat there. As I prepared to upload this, a "squillion" titles came to mind. Some are:

1. How's this for fittin in small boxes?
2. Angie on a platter
3. Pass the salt please?
4. "You tole me to stay off the table. I'm not on the table, I'm in the basket"
5. Hmmm, where's the butter?
6. I'm hidin' from Beau Beau

You decide

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Mommy wanted to show you all a picshur of Butchie, her poodin from before. He is why she loves tuxies so much.

We has a website for him as a tribute to him. He was Mommy's all time favrit Tuxedo cat and was the bestest and sweetest boy for her. He found Mommy and his Daddy (a different Daddy than we has) one day on their back deck. He started hanging around and spent the summer wif them outside. Then in the fall he gotted real sick from a 'fection and they broughted him to the Meriden Animal Hospital. Then they had to keep him in the house till he recovered. Since his smell was all ofur them, their ofur cat, Tiger, gotted used to him and let him stay. They existed well together, Butchie went outside (in and out all day just so's he could see if she put more food in his bowl! hee hee) and Tiger stayed inside to keep a watch on fings in there. He purred real real loud and used to run to her when she called his name. She had him a long time before he finally gotted too sick from many complications due to diabetes and then he wented to the Rainbow Bridge. We hope we'll meet him and Tiger there someday a long time from now when we cross the bridge too.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Plumpy boy

Mommy finks I'm gettin a little plump wif all the good stinky goodness I've been eatin'. I fink she jus caught me in a bad pose.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Day

Enjoy your day and your freedom. Much happiness and blessings to everyone.

Beau Beau & Angelica

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sorry bout This Morning

"Beau Beau?"

"Sigh. What Angie?"

"Do you fink Mommy is still mad at us?"

"Maybe. After all you did get up at 4:00. You know the humans don't realize what the best part of the day is."

"I know. But I was trying to be quiet."

"Angie, you were playing wif the bug on the screen. It made lots of noise."

"But I thought that was my job."

"Yes, but not at 4:15Am. It was noisy wif you scratchin' at the screen. Then Mommy had to get out of bed to make you stop."

"Ok but then I wented into the hallway to give them some quiet."

"Yes, but you started playin' wif the balloon and the clip fing made lots more noise banging against the closet door."

"Is that why Mommy tooked it away from me?"

"Yes, that's also when I heard you start runnin' up and down the hallway. That's my job you know. That's when Mommy wented right to 'DEFCON' mode. That's when you gotted me in trouble and she putted me downstairs an closed the door."

"I know, I'm sorry. I gotted scared and that's when I started to frow up."

"You probably frew up acoz you ate a buggie and then you runned up and down the hallway. Sisfur wasn't happy eifer. You woke her up acoz it sounded like thunder downstairs. Then once I realized that the door was closed an it was close to stinky goodness time I started crying."

"I know. I heard you. But Mommy didn't."

"Yes, but Sisfur did. I jumped on her bed and cried some more to her and then she gotted up and let me out. Then it was wayyyy past stinky goodness time and the humans were 'noring me and wouldn't get out of bed. They had to get extra sleepytime in coz you woked them up too early and they needed to get up in time for early Church."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll try not to do it again."

"Don't tell me. Tell the beans."

"I'm sorry Mommy and Daddy." I'll try not to wake you up too early tomorrow."

"Thanks Angie". I know you're normally a good girl. We loves you but just let us sleep until at least 5:30 AM tomorrow ok? We have to get up for work and I can't be chasing you around the house at 4:00AM to make you be quiet."

"OK Mommy. I'll be quiet and make sure Beau Beau is quiet too."

"Sigh. Can I go back to sleep now?"