Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sorry bout This Morning

"Beau Beau?"

"Sigh. What Angie?"

"Do you fink Mommy is still mad at us?"

"Maybe. After all you did get up at 4:00. You know the humans don't realize what the best part of the day is."

"I know. But I was trying to be quiet."

"Angie, you were playing wif the bug on the screen. It made lots of noise."

"But I thought that was my job."

"Yes, but not at 4:15Am. It was noisy wif you scratchin' at the screen. Then Mommy had to get out of bed to make you stop."

"Ok but then I wented into the hallway to give them some quiet."

"Yes, but you started playin' wif the balloon and the clip fing made lots more noise banging against the closet door."

"Is that why Mommy tooked it away from me?"

"Yes, that's also when I heard you start runnin' up and down the hallway. That's my job you know. That's when Mommy wented right to 'DEFCON' mode. That's when you gotted me in trouble and she putted me downstairs an closed the door."

"I know, I'm sorry. I gotted scared and that's when I started to frow up."

"You probably frew up acoz you ate a buggie and then you runned up and down the hallway. Sisfur wasn't happy eifer. You woke her up acoz it sounded like thunder downstairs. Then once I realized that the door was closed an it was close to stinky goodness time I started crying."

"I know. I heard you. But Mommy didn't."

"Yes, but Sisfur did. I jumped on her bed and cried some more to her and then she gotted up and let me out. Then it was wayyyy past stinky goodness time and the humans were 'noring me and wouldn't get out of bed. They had to get extra sleepytime in coz you woked them up too early and they needed to get up in time for early Church."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll try not to do it again."

"Don't tell me. Tell the beans."

"I'm sorry Mommy and Daddy." I'll try not to wake you up too early tomorrow."

"Thanks Angie". I know you're normally a good girl. We loves you but just let us sleep until at least 5:30 AM tomorrow ok? We have to get up for work and I can't be chasing you around the house at 4:00AM to make you be quiet."

"OK Mommy. I'll be quiet and make sure Beau Beau is quiet too."

"Sigh. Can I go back to sleep now?"


  1. you didn't do nofing wrong. i was up at the same time too making Miles cry while i was putting the whomp on him sumo wrestling, then standing on mommy's face. - Sammy

  2. OMG! We did the SAME FING at our house last night! It was 4 AM an Mom got up again an again cuz it was Bonnie on the kitchen counter this time, not me. An she opened the bedroom window a crack (Mom, not Bonnie) an I heard the birds so I climbed onto the dressers an (oops) knocked down a book an some papers an Mom got up to get me down. An Bonnie knocked the treats off the counter but she didn't do it right cuz they stayed closed. Beau-bro, are you gettin eatin by the bed?

  3. Oopsy. Beans are funny bout getting woked up. They don't know how to just go back to sleep like kitties do. We're real lucky cuz Mom works at night mostly so she's up to play wif at 4am. That's a furry cute picture of yall tho. I sure hope Beau's not gettin eaten by the bed!

    ~~ Boni

  4. Hmmm, I was nice to mum and didn't wake her up early. She says she gets a holli-daze for the next two days. So I don't have to get her up early.

  5. Sorry I called you Victor, Beau Beau. I'm gonna go email Kukka bout them glasses now.
    You looks furry cute under the sheet Beau :)
    ~~ Sanjee

  6. You wouldn't be under the sheets at my home!! It is almost 6 pm and 89!!!!

    It's a holiday weekend. Give the beans a little break! They will love you more!!!!

  7. Well they always wake us up when we're sleeping. What's fair is fair.

  8. Angie, your Momma and Daddy go to church too? Mine Momma waves her hands at the beans that sing.
    I waked mine Momma up at 4 the other day...why don't they like it when we do that?!
    Sorry you maked yuckies. Did the buggie taste good when you eated it though?

  9. I fink I did better last night, but my Dad wasn't happy. Bonnie didn't get on the counters an I flopped down between Mom an Dad's pillows at 4am. I still sneezed on Mom an tickled her wif my whiskers, but then I guess I tickled Dad's nose wif my tail cuz he jumped up an shoved me off the bed! Hmph.

  10. What I want to know is, why is it always the MOM getting up at 4 AM to take care of puddins, not the DAD???
    -- B&V's (tired) Mom

  11. Sunday nights we woke Momma up at 3AM....last nights I woke her up at 2AM. I thought we wuz suppose to do that?

    *BOO(ABBY's sisfur)

  12. Don't they know how lucky they are that you're on duty that early? What if there was an emergency and they slept right through it because you were off somewhere else or, worse, didn't wake them up for it? Humans. We just don't understand them! -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  13. Hey, Beau Beau, here's MY pictor wif non-psycho eye things.

  14. Ahhhhh Victor! That pictor am soooo scary! You gotted spaceball eyes!