Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday in July Update

Hey Lady!  Yoo finks yoo could let me inside to get some more foods?  Geez, what's a mancat to do?

Yeah, we know we have been bad about blogging for a while now.  Seems like it's a lot easier sometimes to just post on Facebook.  Lots of things happening in the innernets so we've been trying to learn lots of new things, trying new foods, staying healthy (yeah, rite Mommy haf yoo heard my sniffles in the last few days...) and generally just trying to have fun and enjoy this wonderful awesome  warm summer!  Yay!  Well, maybe that's partly why Angie and Beau Beau each got a upper respiratory infection.  Angie's sneezing and general symptoms were pretty mild.  She slept just a little more and wanted to go outside just as much.  A week or so after her symptoms went away, then Beau Beau got the sneezies.  It seemed to affect him much more (well, hate to generalize but he is a MAN cat...) and he sneezed a LOT more and slept a lot more but I think he's going to be fine.  I believe because they are so healthy to begin with that however they caught this virus that they are able to fight it off in just a few days.  Beau Beau is sleeping again early this evening but after a few hours of running around today.  I gave him a small dose of vitamin c this morning and with his evening meal so we'll see if that brings him back to normal.  We're having a party tomorrow so either he's really going to get a workout or he'll just want to hang out in our bedroom.  Haven't heard him sneezing in the last couple of hours so that's a good sign!

Did I just hear the frigemator open?