Monday, March 27, 2023

Aww Monday and Teaghan's Tail

Teaghan's Tail

Mom saw my tail hanging down so nicely that she just HAD to take a pikture of it. Geez can she stop with the camera for one minute? A girl cat has to have some quiet time ya know? 

Yeah take another pikture when I'm not looking MOL!

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Friday, March 24, 2023

Flashback Friday - an old photo op with Beau Beau and Angie

A flashback friday post from March 5, years ago when Mom and the Food Daddy  lived in Connecticat with Beau Beau and Angie who crossed the bridge before we was born.  Mom says sometimes it seems like yesterday. Sometimes it seems like a squillion years ago.  Beau Beau and Angie used to get treats? That reminds us we haven't had our chick-hen treats in a while. Hmmm. 

Purrs and XO

The Ts


March 5, years ago

Doesn't look like March with the pumpkin in the photo... hmmm...

One day our lady mommie wuz taking pictures and practicing wif da timer fing and she put it on da tripod and den she made us push da button wif owr paw.  Organix treats helps to keep us in one spot.  It is not easy to get a picture of us together in one spot like dis.  She took over 20 photos before we gots dis one.


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Selfies Side and Front

Sunday Selfies

 Nope not this one

Nope not this one either
OK this one will do.


No not this one.

No not this one either

Ok this one will do, but I got one ear on Food Daddy opening the frigermator


Friday, March 17, 2023

Happy St Patty's Day - Seven Drunken Nights

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Top of the Mornin' to You!
Hahaha there are lots of funny songs to listen to.
Here's Mom's favrit:  Seven Drunk Nights

Who did it better? 
Version by Celtic Thunder


The Dubliners

Enjoy the lovely bawdy song and another blessing to y'all:

May your glass be ever full.

May the roof over your head be always strong.

And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead. :-)

Purrs, and hugs,

Tommy and Teaghan


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Wordless Wednesday - Just hanging out



 Hi! Happy Wednesday.

Purrs, Tommy and Teaghan

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Saturday Caturday and more Art

Just a few more AI art photos using Dream by Wombo again. We'll take a break from AI art for a bit and do some watercolors and pastels in the next couple of weeks. 
I like this piece as a rendering of a woman, with the flower of life and soft and colorful flowers surrounding her. Amazing that this is what AI created using the prompt "Flower of Life" with a photo of the Ts as reference. We also used the Art style "Floral v2". 

Flower of life and Floralv2 in Dream by Wombo.

And here is a creation using a photo of our last house in CT in the front yard. It gave us three tabby cats and made the front yard beautiful. Now I can see how using a photo of a house and some words with flowers, etc. can possibly create a nice landscape plan! Woooweee! And, is this a sign that maybe we should get another kitty? 😺

The Ts (and a friend) in the front of our last house in CT. Image created in Dream

OK this is more like our messy yard was, but it added a fence. That is an idea we never thought of - especially since there was a stone wall below and if we took all the shrubs out then a fence would have been good there for safety.  There are so many uses for design that I can think of with this AI art. And I do miss that mid century modern transom window design of our house. Hope the new owners are enjoying it as much as we did. :-)

AI Dream rendering of a photo of our last house in CT, with two tabby cats and a wild flower front lawn, with a fence. Image created in Dream

 Thanks for stopping by and looking at the art!

Purrs, Tommy and Teaghan

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Thankful Thursday and Art and a Date

The mom has taken over our bloggie for today. There was a little too much involved for us to use our paws to create these paintings.  Here goes:

Today we are doing an art day and linking up with Rain's Kitchen and Garden. It's her Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Cool Colours (blues, purples, greens) post. And I am soooo thankful that I was able to find a way to express myself through my artwork. It has helped me to finally feel comfortable, calm, and transitioned in our new home in NC.

 First up we have one of my recent watercolor mixed media paintings. This was created from a recent class I took online in  Maria Grossbaum's Abymisso Art School. This was one of the exercises in the Secrets of Lotus tutorial. It teaches you first how to be intuitive, and technically how to create a 3d effect with Pebeo relief outliners and use and mix lots of different materials: watercolors, acrylics, watercolor papers, relief outliners, and iridescent paints among others. Also you learn how to create gradients, textures, mixing color, and the freedom to just create. Many beautiful effects can be achieved following the instructions and/or creating intuitively.  After the exercises are completed, the techniques are used to create the final painting, a field of lotus flowers. You can follow her guidance exactly as she does or create something all your own using her techniques. 

Here is what I created for the 3D relief / flowers exercise to show since it has cool colors using blues, purples, and greens and my favorite colors :-).  

And where would we be without showing an AI painting of one of our furry beauties, Teaghan with the ocean background of blues and greens. Dream by Wombo's AI creation did a pretty good job, except it looks like she's missing one ear! Pretty anyway.  

Teaghan Dream Ocean

And finally, today's purple breakfast. Simple Chia (2 tablespoons) and coconut milk (1 can whole fat) with frozen blueberries. Just simple and healthy food. No sugar needed. You can if you'd like to sugar it up, add some pure maple syrup.  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed our art and food today!

Purrs and XO

The Ts and Brenda

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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Wordless Wednesday - Birdie

Photo taken by mom Brenda, a squillion years ago, at the Mira Monte Inn in Bar Harbor, ME. It was one of their favorite Inns to stay in Bar Harbor way before we were even born. 

XO, The Ts


Sunday, March 05, 2023

Sunday Funday and Visitors

Happy Sunday! Just a few photos of us doing what we love, chillin' and playin. Have a fun day today efurryone doing what you love.  Oh and we are having visitor's today. They are leaving their warm land in Alabammy (where those big Pelican birds live) and stopping in to see us today on their way back home to cold land in CT. We gonna get lots of petting and schmaybe they will bring us some food? We can hope rite? We knew they were coming because the beans finally cleaned the house of all our furs and closed our the guest bedroom door. 

Teaghan: Just gettin' in a little snooze today.

I'll save you birdie!

Hey how'd that birdie get in here? Don't toss it up to the bird eatin' monster in the ceiling pweeese.

Pelican from 'Bama

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Saturday Caturday Art - More AI Dream

Caturday Saturday Art

Today's Caturday art features a group of AI artwork dream of Cats Playing Cards made in Dream by Wombo. First, I used one of the Ts photos as the uploaded image that it uses as a reference. You can choose weak, normal, or strong for the influence of the photo on the creation. Normally I use weak for the influence and let it do more of the creating.

Next I used the prompt words "two red and white tabby cats playing cards" for some of these.  I also tried "two red and white tabby cats Gypsy reading cards" and it produced the cat woman card reader with red hair and white clothes. Funny!  Notice too that the cards in the image are not exact 52 deck of playing cards. There is just enough to let your mind imagine what cards they are.  

My choice for Art Style was different every time and this is where it gets confusing. I'm starting to recognize the style of some of them and have some favorites like Abstract, Realistic, Unrealistic, and Flora and Flora v2. They are the ones I need to write down when I pick them for future reference. I also need to add in the exact steps I used although they will always come out differently. Also, I use my computer and the browser to create these, not the app. I believe with the app you have ads pop up. It's pretty smooth with the browser version and I just save the images to a folder. 

Lastly, there is an option in Dream to purchase your creation or others as a canvas print. So if you create something really beautiful you can have a nice piece of canvas artwork. Pretty nice!   

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Caturday Art Two Red Haired Tabbies go to the beach

 Caturday Art

How in the heck did we get here?
Artwork created in Dream by Wombo
This photo painting was created using the prompt: two red tabbies go to the beach and one of their photos. I don't remember what style I picked for it.

I had fun a while ago when I first started playing around with the AI Art in Dream by WOMBO.  I'm a little obsessive when it comes to online stuff, games, etc. That's why I have to be careful with online games or now, online art! :-)  A few days of obsessively creating these dream cards and I had to put that to rest so I could get working on my other art projects. It did give me some ideas on how to start to paint some pictures of Tommy and Teaghan. I am a watercolor artist and haven't even tried yet because I've been intimidated by all the white shadows in their fur. Now that I have played around with this AI art somewhat, I think I can use more vibrant colors and/or do some abstract paintings of them instead of trying to paint them exactly as they are.  

This AI art is easy to do, fun, and relaxing and a lot come out really interesting. Some day you'll be seeing a real painting from me instead of these dream cards.

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Purrs and xo,
Tommy, Teaghan, and the Mom Brenda

Friday, February 24, 2023

Flashback Friday and Tommy and Teaghan's 6th Birthday!

 Flashback Friday and Tommy and Teaghan's 6th Birthday!

Here's the story of their birth from the post on 2/24/2017 by our kitties in Heaven, Beau Beau and Angie:

So the story continues! Beau Beau here, and I have finally managed to get my message through to the humans - our Mommy Brenda, and Mommy Colleen, the new human mommy (for now… MOL). Colleen is a furry special human mommy to about a squillion other kittehs.  We know cuz we met one of her special furry loves, Gwen, over here at the Rainbow Bridge.  Gwen came here to da bridge on 01-Dec-2014 before I got here and met me right away.  We have been watching over things along with Angie and sending our love to help heal our human’s hearts. Gwen told us how her Mommy Colleen was the mommy of a squillion Norwegian Forest Cat babies and had helped so many other rescue kitties back in the day to find new homes.  And so when our Mommy was ready and was looking for new kitties to bring home, she looked at a few rescue places and ended up looking online at a local CT Ragdoll breeder.  You see, she always had thought that Angie was a Ragdoll cat and wanted a nice loving soft kitty like that again.  But, while she was online we sent her to Colleen’s website, Finnishline Norwegian Forest Cats, where she saw many kitties who looked more like Angie.  In her heart she knew that this was the place.  Now, we knew she did not want an exact version of either of us but something about the beautiful NFC's there drew her in (yeah really it was us meowing into her ear).   

Then Mommy Colleen and Mommy Brenda started emailing each other and they talked and it was like they knew each other from lifetimes ago.  Well, ahem, that’s cuz we have been talking to both of them in their dreams every night and they just didn’t know it!  Our mommy and daddy decided they wanted not one but two new kitteh’s so they could keep each other company just like me and Angie did with each other. 

And the waiting began. Hoping for at least two kitteh’s that bond together is big order to put in with the Universe but we were all pulling for it. Mommy Colleen’s two beautiful kitty mommies, McKenzie, and Rhianna, were both pregnant and due February/March. So guess what?  The beautiful McKenzie had her 3 babies on February 24th!  She had two boys and one girl. This is the Finnishline “T” litter so their names start with “T”. 
Here they are with their Mommy McKenzie (who by the way is another most wonderful mommy) : Left to Right: Tyler, Teaghan and Tomas.

Life is full of signs and signals.  Here are a few that we threw at them: my first name (Beau Beau) was “Tommy” when Daddy found me at the Meriden Humane Society back in ‘05.  Before she even knew that, Colleen said to Mommy, “Tommy” would be a good nickname for “Tomas”…  Wow! Tomas also has a beautiful white heart on his back – that wuz to get Mommy’s attention cuz she loves hearts.  Also, Teaghan has a couple of beautiful red spots on her back, just like Angie’s red spot she had on her back.  Both Teaghan and Tomas go limp when Mommy Colleen picks them up, just like we did when we got picked up.  McKenzie’s mom, Fiona, had her first litter on 27-Oct-2008.  Angie passed away on 27-Oct-2016. There are more signs that we are working on sending...

So after watching some behaviors of how the 3 “T”s get along, and the human Mommies talking,  so far it looks like Teaghan and Tomas will be the new kitteh's of the Swick/Bentley House!  

Finnishline Teaghan - (with Angie's red spot on her back)


Finnishline Tomas

Tomas and his white heart

All Photo credits and permission by Colleen McGrady of Finnishline Norwegian Forest Cats

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thankful Thursday - Nice Neighbors

The hyoomins went to visit our grammy up North for her birthday and we are thankful for a very nice, loving, and well cared for time while they were away. We got to have a great time with our nice new neighbors, our new furriends, Teresa and Rob. We reely like them cuz they were so nice to us and took great care of us. They came over a squillion times a day, took pictures of us every day and even took a video so we could say hi to Mommy and Food Daddy.  And we got lots of petting and rubs, got lots of play time in, and got lots of food. Plus we even got combed! 

We had lots of fun and it was a good time and we are thankful for our new furriends. And we are thankful and happy to see our hyoomins again. We did look out the front door this morning looking for Teresa (aka Aunt T) to see if she was coming back to give us more foods and lovins. Mom says she will come back soon to visit us. 

Tommy:  Here I am making sure I put my smells all over Aunt T's jacket. That way her furry girls will know who I am. 

Thank you Aunt T for the good combing. We look all nice and pretty now.

Ohhhh that's nice. Thank you Aunt T.

Heh heh, I got more of my furs for you to take home on your coat.
 Or schmaybe you can just take me home with you so I can meet your girls. 😻 

We were nice and relaxed and had a great time with Aunt T.

Thank you all for reading our story and reading about our new furriends, Aunt T and Rob. We all are so thankful for their loving care and making us all feel good, reassured, and less anxious about being apart. And now we are thankful our Mommy and Food daddy are home and so are they! Mom says they will return the favor and take care of Aunt T and Robs furry girls some day soon too. So thankful for good friends and neighbors! 

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Friday, February 17, 2023

Flashback Friday - Before the Ts

 Copy and Paste from Nov 2016. 

As Tommy and Teaghan's birthday is coming up I decided to take a look back at where we were before we got them. 

Back to Beau Beau and Angie:

The blog for Beau Beau and Angie was born on February 19, 2006.  It all started with a blog post that I had replied to somewhere about feeding cats tuna fish.  Next thing I know I was creating a blog so that I could reply to the tuna fish guy.  I didn't give it much thought about naming it, therefore the non cat specific url is Cathy (who sadly is no longer with us) from Beau’s bloggie found my blog and sent a link introducing us to some of the few cat bloggers there were at that time.  Once that happened I decided to stick with the url and name of Beau Beau and Angie's Fur Days and we were off and on a roll. 

As I was looking back at those early days of the blog and my life with Beau Beau and Angie, I thought “wow, how did I make it through those years of my life”?  Then I realized that I made it through those years with my sanity because of them.  I was transitioning into a new life from a divorce in late 2002 and a new relationship with my boyfriend and his 14 year-old daughter.  I moved in with them and almost 3 years later along came Beau Beau and Angie just when we all needed them the most.

The furkids brought liveliness, energy, joy, love, fun, enjoyment, distraction from our problems, learning, growth, care giving, and immense entertainment to our everyday lives.  We worried about their health and well being a lot.  We loved them intensely.  We taught them about the big outdoors.  We gradually brought them outside so they could enjoy the weather and have some fun.  There are plenty of stories there!  During this time we got married.  My stepdaughter went to college.  We moved to another house.  Although it was only a mile away it was probably the most terrifying day of Beau Beau and Angie’s life (not to say our own with worry about them).  We moved out and moved into our new home in one day while they went to stay with our family for the day.  They lived with us in our house until they both passed, Beau Beau in December 2014 and Angie at the end of October this year. 

All of their lives with us are here in these pages.  Memories of them are so close it’s like they are still here except for the stillness of the house without their presence.  They are now our Angel cats and their memories will live on for some time within these pages.  The blog went from Beau Beau and Angie’s fur days, to All About Angie after Beau Beau passed and now back again.  Many thanks to the beautiful job done by Ann from Zoolatry for the new header for the holidays! 

Starting after the holidays my husband and I are going to be searching for a couple of cats to fill our home with love again.  As before we know that it will be them that will find us actually.  We are thinking that Beau Beau and Angie will be guiding the process somehow.  The new ones will have big paws to fill for sure!  So stay tuned for the search, the adventures and the stories of our future furkids.  

Blessings and purrs,

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentines Day from The Ts


Meomy painted and created this pretty Valentine's Day card for efurryone. We loves you all and many purrs and hugs on this Happy Valentine's Day.


Tommy and Teaghan, and Meomy and Food Dad. 

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Thursday, February 09, 2023

Thankful Thursday and Tommy with a T or a Heart

 Thankful Thursday and Tommy with a T or a Heart

For Valentines week we are looking at a heart today. Since Tommy was a teeny weeny kitten, we have always seen his back marking as a heart shape. What shape do you see? 

And we are soooo thankful to our first Hyoomin Mommy, Colleen, for taking care of us until we gotted to our new home with Food Daddy and Mommy.  And we are thankful for all the love and care have gotten these past years in our new homes. We are almost six years old! Oh my Cod!

Tommy with his heart shape.

Sort of a T or is it a heart?
What do you see? A heart or another shape?

Another view - kind of like a T

Purrs, Tommy and Teaghan  XO

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