Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tommy and his plants

Tommy:  Hi y'all! We have been a little bizzy doing a lot of nothing lately. As you can see I have taken over the dining room table. Mom says if I stretch out end to end I can reach both sides of the table. I can do this because she took the orchids off the middle of it. Now I can be the center piece! 
As far as the plant scenario, you know how I like my tunnel time with the "fake" snake. Now here we have a real "snake" plant. Somehow I got blamed for a big piece of it that has broken off.  Just because I run back and forth watching the squirrels and the rabbits out there doesn't mean it was me. The rabbit WAS eating all the cucumber plants out there and I was trying to scare him away. That's all. That's a good thing right?

Tommy's the centerpiece

Back in my sunny spot.

I don't know how that got like that


Tommy (and Teaghan)