Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

We been werdless fur so long da we prolly should say a little anyway. I am just chillin owt an enjoyin' da last days of dis nice weather before da beans won't let me owtside anymore when it gets all snowy an cold here in Connecticat. Enjoy da rays of sun efurryone if you can today. It am always sunshinny inside yur heart remember. Yo PoppyQ! It must be nice an warm in Mew Zealand now huh?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Mancat Monday

Dare am somefin funny bout dis sinky. Dare am lots of holes where no holes should be.

Look ma, I can see all da way up frew da middle of da sink.
And, Mom, is dis da same sinky hole like we hads a da last house dat yoo nefur put da soapy fing in? Is it gonna stay like dis mom? huh? I can stick my paw rite here jus like before.
But now dare is anufur hole here where where I can put my whole arm paw an all frew dare. Dis am one funny sinky we gots here. Furry good for cats cuz dare am NO water! We likes it like dis. ~Beau Beau, projeck manajer

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mancat Monday

We been furry bizzy for a while now makin a new kitchen. We gots somefim here dat I jus cannot figger owt what it is. I can not fit in it an it has no doors on it so it is not somefin I can use to replace my old office. It duz not look like it has any use at all. Must be a weird fing dat only humans can understand. Dis is what owr kitchen looked like when someone camed an stole it while me an Angie were locked in da bedroom all day, starving, wif no 'tension while all dem bang bangy noises were goin on.
Den after a squillion days of bein locked up in da bedroom, starving, did I say starving before? Yep, while we were locked up somone camed and put some new fings dat looks like I could use a lots of offices and party places for me an mine furriends.

It wuz a loooooooong time while we were locked up safely tucked away while da mens were werkin on owr kichen. But now da kitchen am almost finished an we gots let owt. Geez, after all dat werk, I am gonna take a long nap. Dat's a mancat job fur shure.

Now dat most of dat job am finally done, we should be back talkin to owr furriends. We missed efurryone.
~Beau Beau