Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hi Anipals! Raise yur hand if yur sure - Yep I am sure thankful I haf a nice place to hang owt wif mine Mom.
Plus we am so thankful dat Kimo finally came home to his howse too! Boy him decided he wanted a little adventure and off he goes. Den he comes strolling back like nuuuuuffin happend an like it had only been a few minnits. If only he had a web cam on!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Florida Pics on Friday

Ok our human finally got around to getting some of dare Florryda baycashun picshures togefur.
Ferst, here is a view from dare room on Clearwater Beach, FL.  Dis bridge goes to Sand Key.  One day dey took a trip ofur dare to do some shopping and look at more of da pretty water and see a Veteran's Day boat parade.

Dis is a view from dare room.  It looks like dey were in jail!  We bet if we went wif dem we would haf been put behind deze bars for da whole week.  

 Here is da view at Sunrise looking out towards more of Clearwater Beach.

Here are da birdies we wuz telling yoo about.  Man dey am some big birdies and dey eats fish rite owt of da water!

 One day down past Madeira Beach was a boat parade for Veterans Day.  Dis boat wuz all decorated in flags and wuz probably da prettiest one.

Here is anofur one of doze Pelican birdies comin in for a landin after eatin anofur fishie.  Da birdie wuz watchin da parade too.

 Now we haf some funny picshures of Wally da Red Sox troll dat goes on baycayshun wif da beans efurrywhere.  Wally gets to see lots of stuff.  He wuz loving da beautiful white powdery sand on Clearwater Beach and wuz drinkin a margarita.
 It took him a while but Wally did a good job tossing back most of it.

After drinkin' dat margarita Wally decided to take a nap and get some sun.

Later dat night da beans went out to Columbia Restaurant on Sand Key and had one of best meals dey efur had. Dis dish was roast pork, Boliche, Empanada de Picadillo, platanos, yuca and black beans and rice - probably owr Mom's favrit food in da werld.  She said da Boliche was melt in your mouth, most flavorable, hands down best she has efur eaten.  She wants to fly back to Florryda just to haf dat food again.  We finks we'll stick to stinky goodness owt of a can or some raw chick-hen fank yoo very much.

But da bestest part of da vacation of all for owr Mom bean wuz getting to see her fambly finally after 30 years!  Owr Dad also got to finally meet da in-laws and now he has a new Dad and Mom and three, count dem wif me... three new brofurs-in-law!  And one brofur has a beautiful wife and two daughters and Mike da speshul guy who is like brofur number four.   So we gots lots of new fambly to put owr furs all ofur when we gets a howse in Florryda one day.

Life is good!
Loves and Purrs,
Beau Beau an Angie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We am thankful dat owr humans are home from dare Florida trip to see owr Grampy and Grammy and big Brofurs.  We hafs nefur seen dem and it was a loooooooong awaited reyoonyun for owr Mom.  It was more den a squillion years since she had seen her Daddy and Stepmommy.

So offs she and Daddy went to Florida and left us behind.  Now we wants to go to meet owr Florida fambly too.  I am all reddy to go in da suitcase!  We herd bout all da food dey ate and all da birdies dey saw and how nice da fambly was so we wants in on da akshun.   Dis cold stuff up here in Connecticat is fur da birds!  Hah!

Stay tooned for some water and birdie pictures.

Purrs, Beau Beau an Angie

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ok so it's not wordless Wednesday, it's more of a wordy Wednesday.  Can yoo see mine toofie marks now dat I has no upper teefs?  Da v.e.t. does not tell yoo dat when dey take owt yur upper teefs dat yur bottom teefs will sit on da owtside of yur mouf lots of times.  Mom is still not sure dat I reely needed doze teefs taken owt to begin wif.
Now I hafs some problems wif a back molar toof so I guess a bisit to da v.e.t. will be coming up furry soon.  Well at least I get to drive da metal monster again and looks owt da window at what is going on.
Wait - what duz Mommy mean when she says she will let yoo know so yoo can stay off da road when I am driving?


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Easy like Sunday

I finks i should be getting some eggsersize instead of jus laying here don't yoo fink so?

Thursday, November 03, 2011