Monday, February 26, 2007

All stuff about me- Beau Beau

My twin bro, Victor, tagged me. So here's my story.

A) Four places I have lived:
  1. Meriden Humane Society (Meriden, CT)
  2. In my current home in Wallywerld wif da beans
B) Four things I love to watch:

  1. Angie
  2. Birds
  3. Mr. Squirrel
  4. Spideys
C) Four places I have been outside my home:
  1. Meriden Humane Society
  2. Meriden Animal Hospital wif Doc St. Clair and Doc Anderson
  3. Dats about it -- only Angie gets to go on da deck.
D) Four websites I visit daily:
  1. Yahoo (email)
  2. Gmail (email) The Cat Blogosphere
  3. Cat blogs - altho it's gettin harder an harder bisit when Mom keeps hogging the 'puter fur wedding stuff
  4. Owr beans website
E) Four of my favorite foods:
  1. Anyfing that falls on da floor
  2. Stinky Goodness
  3. Vishus Deer
  4. Temptations (any flavor)
F) Four places I would rather be right now:
  1. In da food place where da temptations are
  2. In the ofur cabinet where it's dark
  3. Unner da sink so's I can look out at da beans
  4. Next to da warm fire box downstairs
Four toys I have owned and played with:
  1. Da plastic bally that I play fetch wif
  2. Fur mousies
  3. Quincy's fev-vers
  4. cat nip bags
H) Four nicknames my family have called me:
  1. Beaubers
  2. Beau Beau boy
  3. Pretty boy
  4. Stinky butt
I) Regarding Catnip:
  1. Love it!
  2. It's nice
  3. Could take it or leave it
  4. Don't like it or can't have it
J) Regarding Cat Grass:
  1. Love it
  2. It's nice
  3. Could take it or leave it
  4. Don't like it or can't have it
K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
  1. A plane trip to Whiskonsin fur Daddy to see the Packers (whatefur dey are)
  2. A cat condo fur each window
  3. A window dat sticks out wayyyyyy into the yard so I can see the birdies efun better
  4. Donations to da place where Mom & Dad bean found me - Meriden Humane Society
L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
  1. Blogging!
  2. Waving my paws to try and get more treats!
  3. Assert my dominance wif Angie so someday I can be da man cat of da house
  4. Watch da birds and Mr. Squirrel
M) Four things I want to do this summer:
  1. Go outside on da deck where Angie goes
  2. Sit in da window downstairs that is ground level and watch da bugs and birdies
  3. Try a new kind of stinky goodness
  4. Find a girlcat to call my own
N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
  1. My fev-vers
  2. My milk top round thingies
  3. My two beds - stay away!
  4. My collection of cat toys
O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
  1. Lick my burnt paw some more
  2. Attack Angie jus fur fun
  3. Head butt Dad & Mom
  4. Try an see how many times the beans will play the high five game
P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
  1. Paper bags
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Boxes
  4. Other (in da bottom kitchen cabinet wayyyyyy in da back)
Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:
  1. Angie - Dat's it.
  2. Da college girl!
R) Four furiends I tag to respond:

  1. Ayla
  2. Turtle
  3. Blackie
  4. And anyone else who wants to play!
Know what to do? Copy this list and paste it into a new post wif yur own answers. Then pass it on. If it's too long, skip some questions an nap whenefur you feel like it - you're a cat and don't have to do what anyone tells you.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beau's Owie

I gots an OWIE again! Dis time I jumped on da stove and it was still HOT! I know I did dis before but I forgotted. Da last time it didn't hurt dat much but dis time it HURTS. Mom tried to put ice on it but I wouldn't let her. Update: I gots blisters it looks like on a few toe pads. Plus I keep wavin my paw in da air. The good fing is that is my signal to gets temptashuns when I play the slap me five game wif mom. So I keep going to high five her and she gibs me treats coz she feels so bad dat my paw has da owie.See my paw? Mom says it looks the same as it always does wif a little pink on dem pads but there might be a little white around da black on da last toe pad. It might be a blister. I don't finks I'll be jumping on da stove again.
~Burned Beau Beau

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Someone needs glasses

Mom went to owr favrit food store to stock up on stinky goodness. She saw this reely cool looking 'sortment of stinky goodness cans. Dis is the stuff dat makes the Thanksgiving meal in da can too. But when she got we saw somefin that just didn't look right. It was food for WOOFIES not CATS! Hahahahahaha ! It looked so good we wanted to eat it anyways but she wuldn't let us.

Monday, February 19, 2007

One Year Blogiversary

Today is our one-year blogiversary!
In celebration of our blogiversary, ferst Beau Beau found a spidey and ated it fur brekfast.
Den we reflected on owr ferst year by lookin out da window. The beans said from da looks of owr picshure it should be big buttaversary! *Hey, you should talk, woman* It's been a wonderful year and we am glad we met so many of the cat bloggers. Efun though we haf only been around a year we have seen the cat blogging community grow.

This year we have learned and done lots of fings like: how to be most effective in waking up the hyoomans in the morning, how and when to take the best naps, how to use the 'puter better, met furry funny kitties (Skeezix is one of dem), met a sweetheart handscome boy cat (Cocoa), how to be nicer to ofur hyoomans, how to help ofur kitties and hyoomans, how to pray better (Beau), what kinds of good stinky goodness efurryone eats, what ham is and how good it tastes (fanks you Miles and Sammy), how to read a reeely good book (fanks Max), all about the paw signals in the Superbowl (Kimo & Sabi) and most importantly, how to haf a reeely good party! Those fings were just some of the long list of fings we learned and did this past year. There are so many ofurs way to long to list. Fanks efurryone just fur being there.

~Beau Beau & Angie

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Momma Cat adopts Rottweiler puppy

Read da story about Momma Cat Adopts Rottweiler puppy. A momma kitty actually is feeding a woofie! The story is from the Meriden Humane Society where owr humans adopted us from! It's the same place dat we just made owr donation to today. We dropped off some cat litter and some cat food and the donation (a $50 gift certificate to Petco) wif all da names of efurryone who signed in on the comments after da party. Fanks for signing in!

~Beau Beau & Angie

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chinook needs a new home

Meet Chinook. He needs yur help because he needs a new home. One of his humans is a co-worker of owr Mom and she has asked fur help in finding him a new home so he can have a happy, stress-free place to live. Chinook currently lives in Pennsylvania somewhere about 45 mins from the Princeton, New Jersey area.

Chinook is a 4 1/2 year old male cat. He is neutered, four-paw declawed, and current on all of his vaccinations.

He is an extremely affectionate cat who likes to sleep in your lap while you watch TV, lay on your desk while you are checking your e-mail (he must be a blogger in the waiting), and sit in the bathroom while you are brushing your teeth. He sleeps on a pillow close to you at night.

Chinook is great with kids and younger cats. He does not like older cats. He tolerates dogs, but would prefer to be an only cat in a home without dogs.

His owner's really like Chinook, but because of their German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, who stalk Chinook around the house, he has developed a habit of spraying his territory. If he is secluded away from the dogs, he does not spray.

Chinook needs a loving home where he can be as affectionate with his new owners as he is with his current owners.

If you know anyone who is interested, please leave a comment or email us and we can put you in touch wif his current family.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my Sweetie, Cocoa. I keep his picshure right in the middle of my heart. Purrs, Angie

My Sweetheart, Cocoa

And a Happy Valentine's Day to all our blogging furriends.
Beau Beau & Angie

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Angie's present

Cocoa sent me a present! Cocoa sent me a Valentine's Day present! I lufs my Cocoa. I had such a good time opening my present. He must know how much I likes da nip. Fanks you Cocoa sweetie!

He sent me a heart and some nip and a pillow. He's a real nice Valentine.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

After the party

There is still time to leave a comment here wif yur name and we will add you to the total list so's the donation will be reeely big (we are donating .50 cents per cat or ofur furriend who signs in on owr comments here). The more names, the bigger owr donation (up to $100). The total so far is 106 111 120140 for all who signed owr comments and/or attended the paarty.We needs 80 to leave their names to get to owr max of $100 ($50 fur Robyn and $50 for Meriden Humane Society). So leave a comment wif yur names. Fanks!

This morning there were a few squishy pillows left around and we efun saw some of the crabs were still alive and kicking. We thot we got them all but some seemed to haf escaped. Anyone who is missing anything you left behind, please stop by and check out the lost and found box. There are a couple hair bows and it looks like a piece of a suspender??? Anyway, please come on in and pick up anyfing you left. Thanks!

Here's da list of names so far that will appear on owr donations:

Jeter Harris
Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping, Gracie
Pixie, Daisy
Missy, Monte, Munchkin
Jazper, Daphne
George, Tipper, Max, Misty
Grr, Midnight, Cocoa
Eric, Flynn
Fat Eric
Mattingly, Harlie
Meeko, Kiara, Emmy
Bubbles, Mrs B.
KC, Missy Blue Eyes, Bear
Icon Baxter Bentley
Smeagol, Strider, Mystery, Gizmo
Dazey, Jesse, Conner Cloud
Finnegan, Buddy
Oreo the cat
Scooby, Shaggy & Scout, & the 3 guinea piggies: Eddie, Emma Sue & Sasha.
DK, Joaquin, Fiona, Orlando, Max
Flumpy & Meowmepurr
Bow, Jenny, Annie, Gatsbi, G.T., Reno, Dorf, Smokey, Sally, and Obi (40 paws)
Mr. Hendrix
China Cat, Willow
Zippy, Sadie and Speedy
Kimo & Sabi
Patches, Mittens, Mistrie, Precious
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
Tira, Éclair
Gizzy, Jasmine and Millie
yuki & kimiko
Skeezix, Rocky the Gutter Cat
Mia, Ghost, BG
Spirit, Ezra, Dylan, and Sammy the Hammy
Sammy and Miles
Chrissy Whitesocks
Mr. Zenith and the Fancidots Gang --Bailey, Casper, Dagger, Emma, Hatter, Lightnin, Moonlight, Tiger, Victoria
Miss Taffy Morgana
Pumpkin, Tiger, Bebe, Blackie & Quincy

Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Party

When: Party Starts at 8pm EST
(7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, or use the World Clock Time Converter)

How: This is Live Chat Party! Don't furget to sign in da comments here to be counted fur owr donation.

Don't furget: All cats and buns and rats and ofur furriends please sign in when yoo come to the party so we can keep a good headcount for our donation cawse. In light of this being Robyn Appreciation Day, we has decided we will donate .50 cents for each cat (and buns and such) who signs in (not to exceed $100) to 1/2 to Robyn's fund (see the linkies below fur more information) and the other half to the Meriden, CT Humane Society (where we were adopted from). You can start signing in on da comments now if yoo want.
And don't furget to go check out Cheysuli's blog too.

Party Hosts: Angie & Beau Beau

These luxurious squishy heart pillows will be handed out to all cats as they enter the party. This is to enshure that you all have a BIG HEART *and it's good fur laying down yur purty heads and taking a quick nap*.

Then FOOD!
The list of food starts wif Kiss Cookies.

Den we has bowls of owr favrites - Temptations in assorted flavors.

In addition to Temptations we have all assorted kinds of stinky goodness since efurryone likes all kinds of differnt foods. We want efurryone to be able to enjoy whatefur dey like bestest. If yoo like vishus deer we has it. If yoo like vegetibbles we has it. If yoo like chick-hen we has it. Get da picshure?

Next we has some speshul kinds of foods like bowls filled with Smelts fur dem fish lovers.

And who could go wifout Angie's favrit -- Shrimp!

And fur owr Catifornia furends and dose who can't get these so often, we has crabs. Wait! ACK! - we finks dese are still LIVE! Moooommmmmm! Hurry and cook up da crabs - dey are waving dere clawsies at us!


The will be a community drinking fountain to keep all cats and furriends hydrated after all the playing. The water fountain will provide a continuous flow of fresh clean water. Plus there are all kinds of assorted juices and some milk and cream for those who can tolerate it.

There will be wine fur any hyoomans who happen to wander in and dare is plenty of it.

Here am our basket of toys dat efurryone can help demselves to. We efun haf some little bags of catnip in there.

Songs to sing:
Sung to: "The Muffin Man"
Do you know my Valentine,
My valentine, my valentine?
Do you know my Valentine?
His/her name is _____________.

The Paris Nights Pet bed is here for those who wish to nap in complete luxury. Maybe there will be a King and Queen of the party perhaps?

The Stairway to Cat Heaven dat comes frum houses Six Plush Fur Hammocks™ plus the roof of the condos provide a choice of areas for resting and sleeping. All cats will really enjoy this fur resting and fur climbing. It am speshully nice fur da partay since the hammocks are in a nice red color to complement Valentine's Day.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

His and Hers Automatic Litter-Robots. Dey will be clearly identified so each girl and boy cat knows which one to go into. No stoopid confusing picshures will be on dem. The name "girl" or "boy" kitty will be written in cat language on the outside of da box to insure yur privacy..

Dat's all we can finks of fur now! ENJOY YURSELFS!

One more fing --- An fur the finale -- All da girl cats can takes a rose home wif dem.

p-ess. We linked to da sites that da images came frum in case yoo enjoy dat item soo much you just gots ta haf it. Espeshully if yoo like da food and da luxury paris nights bed, right Mom?

On Cheysuli's blog they have posted that they will donate .50 for every comment (though it's one comment per cat) up $50.00 with the rest to be donated at the first of the month. They sais to let everyone know and come by!

Party Day!

Furriday, February 9th, Starts at 8pm EST

Party Hosts: Angie & Beau Beau(7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, or use the World Clock Time Converter)

How: This will be a Live Chat Party! Instrukshuns will be here just before the party starts at 8PM EST.

Party Hosts: Angie & Beau Beau

Don't furget: All cats please sign in when yoo come to the party so we can keep a good headcount for our donation cawse. In light of this being Robyn Appreciation Day, we has decided we will donate .50 cents for each cat who signs in (not to exceed $100) to 1/2 to Robyn's fund (see the linkies below fur more information) and the other half to the Meriden, CT Humane Society (where we were adopted from).

BKRobyn is the very nice lady bean from the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats who does so much for the cat blogosphere. She's been having some troubles lately and feeling furry sad, so us poodins wanted to try and cheer her up by declaring today to be Robyn Appreciation Day! (post taken from Fluffy Feline Friends)

Please visit Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's blog and Missy and KC's blog to find out about Robyn and all the good things that Hot(M)BC-Mom has done fur us all.

Robyn Appreciation Day


(From Fluffy Feline Friends)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The path

It's gettin' closer...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday's toesies

Gotta keep these toesies clean and clipped so they will be nice fur da party. Did I mention we has carpet which is really a full length scratching pad?
~Beau Beau

Monday, February 05, 2007

Valentine's party invitation

When: Furriday, February 9th, Starts at 8pm EST
(7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, or use the World Clock Time Converter)
Where: BeauBeau and Angie’s Place
How: It will be a Live Chat Party!
Sanjee from House of the (Mostly) Black Cats is gonna help us out.
Instrukshuns to get too da live chat at Chatzy will be nearby the snax table at the start of the partay

And just to make fings efun more interesting we decided we would donate 50 cents for each cat who signs in on owr comment page on Furriday to da place that we gotted adopted from, the Meriden Humane Society , and we will put da donation in all owr names.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

I'm ready! Where's my Superbowl extra stinky goodness feast? You made food fur me right? Yur not going to leave us here wifout owr own feast are you? Hrmph. Me and Angie will haf to go to a party if you furgot to get us extra speshul stuff. It's all about the food ya know.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday's view

It finally snowed here in owr backyard. This was the morning view of da birdies eating breakfast. Yoo can see da birdies on da corner of da railing. Sometimes they come right to the tree in front of owr face and we has to duck so they won't see us.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday food stories No. 1

OK people where is my food? I used to be satisfied wif 1/2 a can but that's not enuf anymore. If this sad face doesn't make you feel bad enuf to give me more food I don't know what else I can do.