Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Hunt - Orange

Dis is probably a repeat picshure but it goes wif da season and da theme today.  Mom is gonna try to make a pumpkin dat looks jus like dis  or one dat looks jus like us.   Be afraid be furry afraid if she gets a knife fing in her paws to try dat!  We'll post a picshure when we see dat (many pumpkins later...).
Any pumpkin carving tips will be 'presheeated.

Happy Saturday!

~Beau Beau an Angie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tocks for Derby

Happy Tocktober Purrfday for Derby!  Yayyyyy!  Dis is owr take on tocks fur him.  We likes to be different yoo know.

Wordless Wednesday Portrait of Angie


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tummy

Bet yoo were expecting a tummy shot right?  Well it's about owr tummies alright.    Da door wuz open so we could come an go and it wuz time to eat and where were owr hyoomans?  Not where we wanted dem in da kitch-hen dats fur shure.   We can tell what time it is.  Why can't dey?  Hey beans!  Get in here an feed us!  Geez.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mancat Monday

I'm goin pink for da cause.   I lost mine collar an da lady gotted me a PINK tag to replace it.  I finks she might haf color ish-shoes though.   Altho dis would probably look reely good on Skeezix I finks it clashes wif da blue collar.  Don't ya fink so?

~Beau Beau

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mancat Monday

Oh where oh where ha-asssss Beau Beau been oh where oh where... Oh here I am!  I know I been gone a long time, efur since da lost mousie incident.  So I wanted to show yoo where i has been.  Yoo can hardlee see me in dis little picshure but I haf been owtside a lot!  See me sittin on da piknik table?  And see dat tree to da left of me?  Well dat's where da squirrels howse is.  I has dis little game I play where I watch dem so I can POUNCE on dem!  I loves to chase da squirrels.  We has lots of fun.  It is kinda funny cuz once I chase dem back up to da tree, den dey chatters an yells at me ofur an ofur.  Dey make little piggie noises.  It am so funny!  Akshully, no one seems to fink it am too funny, cept me!  Hee heeeee!

But anyway, back to da lost mousie story.   Mom could not find owr Magic Mousie, da one dat makes da 'puter fing move, anywhere.   Well, I kinda knew where it wuz (snickers...) but since hyoomans cannot unnerstand us all dat much, I could not tell her where it wuz.  So, after she wented an bought anofur mousie, guess what happened?  One night she brought da 'puter in da bedroom so she could werk in her sleep I guess, an what do yoo fink happened?  Alla sudden da 'puter showed dat it wuz connecting to da mousie!  Now dare wuz no mousie anywhere on da bed or on da bed table or on da floor all da time she had been looking for it.   So she looked unner da bed one more time cuz she knew it wuz in da room somewhere, and lo and behold, dare it wuz, at da foot of da bed all hidden away unner da covers an all da huge dust bunnies dat are bigger den me.  (um, werd to da lady, a little cleanin here might be a good fing once in a while, ahem.)   If she had only brought da puter in da room a little sooner she would haf found it.  Or if she used her head and just walked around wif da puter it would haf found da mousie sooner too.  Now she knows da next time I push da 'puter mousie around some where she knows how to find it.  Kinda takes da fun owt of it ya know?

~Purrs to all,
Beau Beau