Monday, March 30, 2009

Mancat Monday Projek Report

As a mancat projek manajer for da new house, dare are a few fings I learned dat I want to pass along to yoo:

When da contractor says dat it takes two paw-weeks to re-do two baffrooms it reely takes two more paws longer.

When da cabinet man says it takes two to four paw-weeks for da big boxes dat da sinky goes in it reely takes four or more. Not two.

When da tile lady says da tile delivery comes every ofur day dat does not mean dats when da tile will come in. Dat takes four paw weeks.

When da cee-ment looks wet it reely is wet. And deep. And Mommie will frow yoo in da kitch-hen sinky coz dare am no tub to wash yoo off. Hey, what’s a mancat to do? I wuz jus tryin to write mine name in dare. Just mine initials, bb. But how wuz I to know dat I wuz gonna get cement up to mine armpits? Well, not reely all da way to mine armpits, jus enuf to make ceement shoes.

When da man comes to strip an clean da floor from h#ll (dat's what Mommie calls it) it will not be done in 2 paw days. Not efun one paw day. How about three paw hours an he stops coz it don't look good enuf to keep goin? Now we gots one clean patch an all da rest still shiny and slippery. Good fur us kitties to play on. Bad for da projek.

See da patch job da contraktor had to do to cover up mine initials.

And dis is da floor from h*ll. We just has fun runnin all ofur it.

~Beau Beau, Projek Manajer

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

It's an easy day on Sunday just lookin' outside an waitin' for da birdies. We finks we like it here.

Dis is da only counter dat I gets to sit on only cuz da beans can't seem to keep us off it plus it's so dirty whats a few of our dust paw marks gonna do? We am allowed to sit on da side fingy to see da birdies coz no one puts fud on dat.

Dis is just a flower eye candy picshure Mom took of da many new flowers dat am popping up all ofur da yard. Pretty huh?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tales of Angie by Dad

Daddy Bean here relating my tail of Angie and me outside our huge house. First, when Angie goes outside she immediately rolls on the ground putting her scent to ward off the evil intruder cats. I immediately have to start taking the dirt off of her fur. We do this about 7 or 8 times.

Angie likes to sniff and sniff and sniff even more when we are outside. Angie's cute little nose goes up the tree branch and down it in an even row. I never saw anything like it. She sniffed the bricks on the corner of the house in a row, moving ever so slowly on each part of the brick in a straight row.

Here is Angie sniffing now the new wood pile, she tries to sniff each piece of wood. She is an amazing sniffing cat, guarding her new home for Beau Beau and Mom and Dad bean. We thank Angie for helping us out outside...

~Dad Bean reporting from the new house with Angie

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesdays Tails

I finally got to go outside for a walk at mine new house wif mine food Dad. He spoils me an lets me out when I beg enuf. Efurry day at da old house he came home at 3:30 human time and let me out for a little while so I could werk up an appetite. Now da beans haf to get used to da new house so dey made me stay inside too so I could get used to all da new places to look out of.
Here is da patio dat I can see right outside da windows on our ferst floor. I kept right close to Dad bean until I sniffed out da place reel good. I stayed nice an close to da house coz dare wuz lots of new smells to explore efun dat close to da house.

See how efun inside it looks like outside? But, I know da difference. I can't wait for da nice warm weather cuz I know I will get to go outside more.Purrs from da big house, Angie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesdays Tails and Toes

Tails away! It's about time I got to take over da blog and show off mine tail. I love to play with the top from the milk carton and this shiny floor is the best fing since well, since ever! Stuff slides all over dis floor. It am all shiny and slidey rite now but some cleanin' man gonna come an take da dirt away. We hopes it will be good to play a soccer tournament on or somefin. I finks we could use dese milk tops an make up a good game wif dem. Dat ferst picshure is from da last storm we had. Dat snow is all gone now. We is waiting for da green grass to spring up now.

Happy St. Patty's day to all of yoo who celebrate it. We are not wearin any green today, but schmaybe da green in da floor an da green rug and da green milk top will do?

Da best of luck to ya all on dis fine St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday

It's finally friday and I finks I am jus gonna pick owt a book to read coz I am way tired from bein a projek manajer. I fink Max's book, Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death, am in here somewhere. I haf lots to tell yoo bout mine bizzy week but da typist haf been too bizzy too to help me. I can tell yoo dat I had a little episode wif ceement. Now if yoo don't know what ceement is, let me tell yoo, I found owt it am somefin yoo not aposed to go near when it am wet. Dat's all I can say fur now.

Beau Beau repurtin from da big howse

Monday, March 09, 2009

Mancat Monday

Me am stayin rite up here to look owt da window an keep a good watch. Dad says he wuz in da back yard an he saw... he saw... GULP... TEN Vishus DEER walkin frew owr yard! We don't know how or where da heck dey livin since we surrounded by streets on efurryside cept one little strip of land off da back yard so we guess dey am livin somewhere rite back dare. All dem bulbs dat da lady who lived heer last year planted are prolly gonna be eated by dem vishus deer. I will haf to put da evil eye on dem when dey come up to da howse. Sigh. What's a mancat to do?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Photo Hunt - Space

Look at all the space we haf to play in now! Yoo can hardly see me on da sofa coz of all da space in dis fambly room. Da floors look ok to us but dey am reely old an dirty so da hyoomans don't like dem much. But we am cats so we don't care how dirty owr paws get.Dare am lots of space here in dis room too. See how little owr pink basket of toys looks? Looks like a great space to frow a big party in huh?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Things on Thursday

Mooving sux. Akshully it am not da moovin so much as getting used to da new house. We get stuck in a little room while boom boom noises are all around us. All we want is food an to find owt what's goin on. Dare am so many fings goin on to make da howse livable dat Mom is trying to get fings done an k-oss keeps happenin an fambly needs help an Dad and mom am reddy to snap like a carrot.
So if anyone of yoo happens to see owr Mom wanderin' aroun where yoo lives can yoo send her home please?

Beau Beau an Angie