Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Saturday

Hey!  Who turned up da heat in Connecticat?  Mom says it feels like Nawlins here today.  An from what she says dat is reeeeely humid an hot.  It is so humid mine furs are wet.   I found a nice spot to lay here in dis one flower pot dat has no flowers in it.  Dare is some dirt tho an I likes to get dat all ofur me.  Time to turn in an get a few zzzzzzz's till suppertime.

~Lufs, Angie

Monday, July 12, 2010

Angie's Mousie Monday

Lookit my mousie I caught!  Him is smaller den my big paw!  Well, It's not akshully a mousie, but it shure looks, acts, moves, and smells like a mousie.  Me an Beau Beau been trackin dis little vermin fur lots of days now.  But I finally gots him.  I has to give Beau Beau a little credit cuz I finks he tired him out from chasing and pouncing on him da last couple of days.  Mom says him is prolly a mole.  I tossed him around a little an den I gots tired of playin wif him.  Den Mom figgured he was done fur but when she gotted closer him wuz still breathing.  We finks him wuz playing Possum.   So she picked him up an frew him back in da Packa-sandra.  Kinda like when yoo catches a fish an frow his back to catch him again later.  Hee heeee.   So I finks I haf a date wif a tired out moley-mousie today.

~Angie, da Mole Hunter.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Mancat Monday

See mine spot 13?  Dis is how cats say hello to each other, by turning around an sticking dare butts in da other cats face.   I got in da middle of mom's flashy picshures.  Plus I am goin to attack dis flower fing. I likes to pull all dose funny long fings out and drag dem around da howse. 

Oops I got caught in da middle of da picture taking!  I finks I make a grrrreat model huh?
Beau Beau

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day and Fourth of July!  Look - I has freedom and independence from da house!  I broke away an gots to go owtside.  Dat's my freedom and I appreciate it as all of us who has freedom from tear-anny today.  Dat's what independence day is all about.  Freedom.  Appreciate efurry moment dat you has freedom.  Freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom who hoooo freedom! 
Freedom is wonderful no matter where you are or where you are from.  Enjoy every moment of life.  Happy Independence Day America!

Angie gets independence efurry day.  She gets to go owtside but dat's becuz she behaves herself.  I sniffs around an den I run off and it scares da beans.  So I gots to go back in da howse again.
See, I found da place where I yoosually look at from above.  I can smell all kinds of fings down here.  I was sniffin da trail of a mousie under da leaves.  I like mine independence.  I hope I gets to go owtside again today.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Furry Friday

Ok Mommie, will yoo please stop takin picshures of me when I'm tryin to sleep?  I has to get my sleepies in cuz wif all da bang bang noises dat will be going on dis weekend I gots to get it all in when I can.  Oh, and yes, I like to make a statement wif mine leggies and tail look.  Kyoot don't yoo finks?

Happy Fourth of July weekend!  It's FURRRRRRRRIIIIIDAYYYY!  PAAAARTY!  Oh wait.  No one parties around here.  It has become furry borrrrring in dis howse wif all da work goin on.  Well, all of yoo has fun dis weekend!  I will be nappin.  Well, at least for a couple hours.

Purrs, Beau Beau

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursdays Tales

Gasp!  It has been HOW LONG since we been on owr bloggie?  Me an Angie been hissin an yowlin at owr Mom bean trying to get her to help us cuz yoo know we cats can't do dis by owrselves.   Lots of fings been going on.  Since Mom had a hurty back we finks she had a lazy hurty head too since she did not help us wif owr bloggie.  But finally, her hurty back/butt went from feelin like a vice grip was on her butt to feelin like a baggie clip was attached to it an sometimes some fuzzy tinglin in her foot comes an goes.  Sometimes da hurty back likes to give her a little jolt down her leg too jus to let her know dat Sigh-atticka is still dare. 
Den owr Daddy bean's Daddy went over da bridge just a couple weeks ago.  He was just shy a couple days from his 89th birfday.  Da family celebrated his long life, love of family, and his service to his country. 
Collij Girl came home for the summer until she goes back to collij dis time in Chicago at Northwestern Yoo.  She's a little scairt so effurybody send her some courage thots.  Fanks.
Mommy has been bizzy bizzy bizzy at werk and den a nice happy lady came to help at werk so werk is lots of fun now.
Plus Mom bean has been learnin lots more bout picshure takin and usin BIG flashy lights.  I likes to jump on da big white paper she gots up on da wall.  It makes big noises and I can put lots of dirty paw purrints on it.  We has picshures to post too.
Dat's da big stuff dat has been goin on since May.  We will be makin da rounds checkin on whats goin on wif efurryone. 
Purrs and kisses,
Beau Beau da repurrter