Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursdays Tales

Gasp!  It has been HOW LONG since we been on owr bloggie?  Me an Angie been hissin an yowlin at owr Mom bean trying to get her to help us cuz yoo know we cats can't do dis by owrselves.   Lots of fings been going on.  Since Mom had a hurty back we finks she had a lazy hurty head too since she did not help us wif owr bloggie.  But finally, her hurty back/butt went from feelin like a vice grip was on her butt to feelin like a baggie clip was attached to it an sometimes some fuzzy tinglin in her foot comes an goes.  Sometimes da hurty back likes to give her a little jolt down her leg too jus to let her know dat Sigh-atticka is still dare. 
Den owr Daddy bean's Daddy went over da bridge just a couple weeks ago.  He was just shy a couple days from his 89th birfday.  Da family celebrated his long life, love of family, and his service to his country. 
Collij Girl came home for the summer until she goes back to collij dis time in Chicago at Northwestern Yoo.  She's a little scairt so effurybody send her some courage thots.  Fanks.
Mommy has been bizzy bizzy bizzy at werk and den a nice happy lady came to help at werk so werk is lots of fun now.
Plus Mom bean has been learnin lots more bout picshure takin and usin BIG flashy lights.  I likes to jump on da big white paper she gots up on da wall.  It makes big noises and I can put lots of dirty paw purrints on it.  We has picshures to post too.
Dat's da big stuff dat has been goin on since May.  We will be makin da rounds checkin on whats goin on wif efurryone. 
Purrs and kisses,
Beau Beau da repurrter


  1. Nice to hear from yoo. Tell your mom we hope her back heals quickly. My mum had sciatica for a year, but one day she woke up and it was gone, and touch wood hasn't been back.

    Sorry to hear about your dads pop - sounds like he was a good man and lived a good life. Your dad must miss him lots though - we send him hugs and purrs.

    Mum and Poppy Q

  2. You have lots going on at your house. I hope your mom is feeling much better soon. I am very sorry about your grampie.

  3. wow it's been very busy there. We are very sorry about your grampie - {{HUGS}} to efurryone

  4. We are very sorry about your Grampie. We hope your mum's Sigh-Attika soon gets better because our mum gets it and she says it really is a pain in the butt.
    We have missed you and are glad to see you back again.

  5. Pee-ess
    Good luck to the Collij Girl when she goes back to her new collij.

  6. Wow, you have a lot going on! We hope things settle down and are calm, that your mom's back keeps getting better and that collij girl will be fine (she will be!) when she goes back. :-)

  7. Welcome back! We hope your Mom feels better soon and we are sorry about your Grandpa. xoxo

  8. We're happy your back! Hope your mom gets to feeling 100% soon! ALso tell the girl to not be scared, everything will be alright! Also, sorry about your gramps but at least he had a long happy life and loving family!

  9. {{{Beau Beau and Angies}}
    IT is so great to see boff of yoos!
    We has been worrin bouts yoo and we is glad dat fings are OK. Sorry yur Mom has da hurties and we hopes she feels completely better reel soon.
    Tell da colleje gurl to be reel brave she'll lub da noo U!
    WE is reel sorree to here bout your Grandpa. 89 hooman years is a gud long life. Even dough saying farewell is hard.
    We hopes to see some of dem pixchurs soon!


  10. Wow, things have been VERY busy at your house! I am sorry to hear about your male human's dad, but it sounds like he had a very long, good life and a wonderful family. Hope your human's back continues to improve!

  11. We're happy to hear from you guys! We're sorry that your mom's back is hurty and we're sorry about your dad-bean's dad. Tell the collij girl not to be scared...she'll do fine...but we'll purr a little for her too.

  12. Hi....we've been having troubles getting our bloggie updated too....nothing like you (just someone is a little lazy) though. Hope your mum feels better soon. Courageous thoughts to college girl and head boinks for your dad.

  13. We are purring for your mommy's back~
    Hope everything will going well to you!

  14. It's good to see a post! We are glad your Mom's hurty back is feeling better.

    Our condolences to your Dad. We send him soft healing purrs.

    Tell the collige girl that Chi-town has the best food, music, and museums around! Mommy misses the food the most, the Lyric opera second.

  15. We're glad to hear from you, Beau Beau. We're sorry to hear not all the news was happy, though. Our condolences to your human dad and all who loved his dad.

  16. Sorry 'bout yoor grampaw going to da Bridge, but it's good dat someone will be waiting fur yoo wehn yoo get der in a long long time from now. We is haffing trouble getting our mom to type fur us too, what's wif da lazy (an' crazy) moms lately?

  17. We're sorry about your grandpa bean. WE send lots of purrs and tail wags to you all.