Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our first book review - Cat Lover's Daily Companion

Our first book review by Beau Beau & Angie.

Cat Lover's Daily Companion
365 Days of Insight and Guidance for Living a Joyful Life with Your Cat
Kristen Hampshire, Iris Bass and Lori Paximadis
ISBN: 9781592535910

Ferst off, me an Angie have trubble readin' so we asked Daddy to read da book to us. It took a while cuz we kep askin questions an Angie kep asking Mom to make fings dat dey show yoo how to make, but finally he read the whole book to us.

We had some laffs from da book as we herd what some humans suggest what yoo shud do wif yur cat. Fur example on page 69 "What Your Cat's Tail Is Telling You" why don't humans just ask us what we mean? Me n Angie's tails are usually up and wagging or quivvering. We am always happy accept when da beans go on vacayshun cuz den we gots no one to read to us. Den dare is a section on training us how to stay off da counters. Huh? Dat's what dey fink. But wait till da humans go to bed. Hah! We laffed an laffed about dat page.

We also enjoyed the "Feline Fun Fact" which was on some pages in da book. Fur example on page 37 "The American Bobtail often grows an extra-thick double winter coat with lynxlike markings." Whew! Dey must bee hot!

Da book also shows how to make fings (we finks we needs da humans to do dat). And what is nice is dey are concerned wif owr safety as dey explain how to make a knitted mousie. It gives instrukshuns how to knit or crochet one and akshully tells yoo to leave off da "tail" from da pattern so we don't axseedentally eat it. And it says to use a solid filler insted of fluff which some of us could eat after we ripped apart dat nitted mousie. We wuz impressed wif dat cuz it shows dat dey care.

Plus, Mom wuz aspeshully in awe of da reely good pictures in da book an all da credits to da humans who took da pictures wif dare flashy fings in da back of da book. Yoo could just look at da wonnerful picshures an be happy wif dis book. Yoo should see some of da awesome lookin Ginger's an Main Coons, an Tuxies, an Tabbies oh my! Oh yoo just gotta see!

And, yoo won't believe dis, but dare is a page on how to start a cat blog! We almost peed on da floor when we read dat!

But da coolest fing efur is dat dare is a little plastic circle on da cover dat yoo can put yur picture in. Or you can put a treat in dare like Mom did. It's like a little mergency spot for treats so yoo always know yoo has one just in case yoo gets hungry.

Me an Angie give dis book four paws (dat means it am reeely good). It wood make a good Christmas or holiday present.

Beau Beau & Angie

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We am Thankful today

Happy Thanksgiving efurryone! See me hangin' owt wif mine human cuzins an mine Mom? I am furry fankful for dem. I helped dem make cookies an pies for Turkey day. An dey showed us dis reely cool website dat takes picturs called cameroid dot com. We played dat fur a squillion hours.

Den da girls stayed ofur last nite an I stared at dem cuz dey were sleepin in mine room to watch ofur dem cuz I am a man cat an I wanted to make sure dey were ok. Remember, make da wimmin happy, dat means young wimmin too! But I scared dem a little cuz I was hidin behind da salt lamp yoo know, so I woodent bodder dem or nuffin, an I looked like a big glowing ghostie! Look! Dey took dis pictur of me cuz I wuz so scary. I wuz only lookin owt fur dem I swear.

So we made chocklit chip pancakes fur breakfast, course we kittehs did not eat dat cuz a chocklit not bein good fur us. Den on to da main event, da Turkey at 1PM.

We had a good time today an hope efurryone wuz able to haf a big tasty meal wif lots of turkey. Plus we had lots of veggie fings an stuffin an da pies an cookies. It wuz nice to see some of da famblyan now we gonna think bout all da ofur fings we am fankful for like all da furriends we haf here in da cat blogosphere an all da nice stinky goodness we haf an a nice warm safe place to sleep an all kinds of fings. We hope owr cuzzins had a good time an efurryon presheated da food an fun we had an now we gonna takes a long snooze.

Luf, Beau Beau & Angie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waiting for Turkey

Hurry up Thanksgivvin Day. I wants some turkey! Bring on da Turkey! Just shovel it in. I finks I could fit a big turkey in dare. What yoo fink? Mine mouf am open as far as it can go. I'm fankful, reely! I'm reely fankful for all dat we haf so can yoo bring on da turkey? Pweeze?

~Beau Beau

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tummy Stretch

Dare must be some yoga name fur a move like dis. Steeeretch and reach, steeeeretch and reach.
If I keep in limber form den I can roll an run away from Beau Beau quicker. He did give me a few liks when I wuz sittin in mine little box last nite. I finks he wuz tryin to suck up a little to me. I told bitey boy to stay away fur a while.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mancat Monday

I haf to tell my side of da story. Yep I wuz a bad mancat an I put da bitey on Angie. But she wuz sleepin on da Kollij girls bed an I wanted her to get off dare! Plus I packed on a few pounds in da last few weeks so when I jumped on her it wuz a little too much. I finks I wuz tryin to turn into a Warewolf like Jacob. Cuz yoo know wif dis extra weight on me I kind a got a six pak ab fing goin. I just did not know how strong I wuz when I put da bitey on her. An hey, mine spit does not smell! I will be nicer to Angie now (dats mostly cuz Mom gave me da evil eye).

~Beau Beau

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Yep. I'm sunnin on Sunday. Today is my favrit day cuz I get to stay owtside all day. I help Daddie by followin' him around in case he needs somefin. Den I come inside for a minnit to tell Mom. Den I go back owtside to follow Daddie round some more. Today I helped him to feed da birdies so dey will come and I can eat see and talk to them. It is nicer owtside den inside because Beau Beau is being mean to me. Yesterday I wuz laying on da Kollij's girl's bed (gettin all my furs an stinky on it fur when she comes home dis week to bisit) when all a sudden Beau Beau jumped on me an started beatin me up. Yup. All his big mancatness jumped rite on me an he bited me. He got my back all spitty wif his stinky spit an bited almost rite frew my furs. Mom saved me an now Beau Beau is in big trubble. I fink he got da messij to stay away from me cuz today he gave me da look like he wuz gonna jump on me again but he looked first at Mom an she gave him her own look an den he slinked away. Guess she showed him who is boss.
Haf a nice rest of your day dis nice Sunday.
Luvs an Purrs,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Hunt: Birds

I know dis is stretchin it a bit, but I feel like I'm flyin like a bird when I jumps onto da counter. Dis is jus a little jump. Beau Beau jumps from across da room almost it seems.
Wishin yoo all a good Saturday. Get some stuff done. And relax. And enjoy da moment. Feel like yoo am flying like a bird, free, and soaring, and living life in da moment. Haf a good day all owr furriends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I don't know wevver to be fankful I found mine food cabbynet or fearful of how da heck I'm gonna get da heck down frum here. Yoo finks da beans could put mine food on da bottom cabbynets an not way up high like dis. Dey can't be tryin to tell me somefin can dey?

Beau Beau

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tummies on Tuesday

Mirror Mirror on da wall who has da fluffiest belleh of dem all?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vishus Deer Attack

Caution!! Werds below mite be icky for some.

It is a frightful day for some bein's cuz we am hearin' lots of bang bang bang noises. We don't know much bout shootin' fings but we am stayin rite here in dis cabbynet till da bang bang noises is gone. It could be a vishus deer attack goin' on cuz we finks dey has Elk attacks dis time of year in Oregun Idyho areas. So it must be dat time of da yeer. Mom has seen five of dem poor deer ded an squashed all ofur da big road efurry day dis week. We finks it might be better to take em owt wif one shot insted of dem bein nuffin left but a piece of fur in da middle of da highway.

We were owt on da deck an we herd da shots an we camed runnin' in. Now we gonna hide here till da vishus deer attack is ofur.

~Scairdy cats Beau Beau an Angie

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Toesies and party tip #2

Dis prolly shud haf been party tip #1 but we do not always follow da correct order of fings. But today's tip is before yoo come in to da house for da party yoo must wipe yur paws. Dat helps to keep da dirt dat nefur goes away off da floors.
Mom wants to know where all da dirt went before when we had da big scratchin pad all ofur da floors in da last house?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Mancat Party tip no. 1

Tip #1: When yoo are at a partay an are da host yoo make sure da guests are comfy an dat dey can sit on da chair. Den yoo make sure yoo warm up dare back for dem. It is da best fing a mancat can do for a lady.
I reely liked dis lady, Merry-lin. She kinda looked like me wif her stripey hyooman shirt an she wuz reely nice.
Remember, make da wimmin happy.
~Beau Beau

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Easy like Sunday

Da beans had a thank you partay last nite for all da peoples who been helpin to make owr howse look nice. We made sure we did owr part as feline host and hostess wif da mostest. It wuz a lot of werk goin' from chair to chair to make sure dey were comfurtibble enuf fur efurryone to sit on. Plus we had to make sure dare wuz enuf food on da island to eat. We did not want any fur owrselves. Nut uh. Reely. Even tho we could smell all dat roast beast.
Den we finally got to see da contraktors who helped put owr kitchen togefur cuz yoosually we wuz locked up bizzy workin in da bedroom while dey wuz here. So now look who is all sleepy an stuff. It's cuz he wuz actin' all lovey duvey to da wimmen an tryin to kiss dem all. What a schmoozer he is. We wuz jus waitin' for him to start talkin like a hyooman. But he did a good job tho so I guess he can sleep.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall leaf watching

It's near da end of fall and I'm watching all da leaves fall down. I watched all day long. Is is efun more fun dan watchin birdies. It was so much fun I watched for hours an hours. We gots big windows so I could watch dem fall down from way up high. I watched all day long as more and more leaves camed down. Den I watched as owr humans tried to rake dem all up. Angie tried to jump in da big leaf pile but she had more fun pouncin on da leafs. She watched da leaves come down too.
We has lots of trees in da yard. One is a maple and da ofurs are Sick-a-mores. Dey has dat funny name cuz day always look sick like dey got a disease or somefin. But dey am fun trees cuz I gets to bring da furry ball fings dat fall off dem into da house an play wif dem. Dey roll around on da floor reel good.
Haf fun leaf watchin if yoo in a fall leaf area too. Show us yur leaves owt yur window.

~Beau Beau & Angie

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesdays Toesies

Beau Beau seems to be hoggin all da bloggin. Now it am my turn. Just acoz he got all nipped up on Monday duzn't mean he gets all da attenshun. Check owt mine toesies. It am a good fing I gots dese big feets cuz I can run alla way down da yard to say hi to my mommie.

Me finks we gots way too many leaves in owr yard. Daddie has spent way too much time tryin to get all dose flyin leavey fings all in a big pile. Wif mine big paws an toesies I tried to help da beans but it did not do too much. Schmaybe we could make a big leaf pile an all of owr furriends could telepurt ofur an do a big jumpy pile? Dat would be fun huh?


Monday, November 02, 2009

Mancat Monday

Bet yoo never saw a mancat sniffin flowers before did ya? Now don't fink dis is a daily fing I do, sniffin' flowers. Dis flower happens to be a cat mint plant just like da real fing, only better. Mommie put dis flower in da vase an I could not help myself an I kept smellin it an gettin all smiley an stuff. I started actin' all un mancatly like. Dis stuff wuz potent I tell ya!

See how it made me look all google eyed?

Den I had a laffin fit! Efurryfing wuz sooooo funny! Whut wuz yoo doin? bwhahahah! Yoo look funny mommie! bhhwhhahaha!

Den Mommie tooked da flower owt of da house. I guess she wuz worried I would rub myself all ofur dat vase efun more an break it. Bhahhahahaha!

~Beau Beau