Thursday, November 26, 2009

We am Thankful today

Happy Thanksgiving efurryone! See me hangin' owt wif mine human cuzins an mine Mom? I am furry fankful for dem. I helped dem make cookies an pies for Turkey day. An dey showed us dis reely cool website dat takes picturs called cameroid dot com. We played dat fur a squillion hours.

Den da girls stayed ofur last nite an I stared at dem cuz dey were sleepin in mine room to watch ofur dem cuz I am a man cat an I wanted to make sure dey were ok. Remember, make da wimmin happy, dat means young wimmin too! But I scared dem a little cuz I was hidin behind da salt lamp yoo know, so I woodent bodder dem or nuffin, an I looked like a big glowing ghostie! Look! Dey took dis pictur of me cuz I wuz so scary. I wuz only lookin owt fur dem I swear.

So we made chocklit chip pancakes fur breakfast, course we kittehs did not eat dat cuz a chocklit not bein good fur us. Den on to da main event, da Turkey at 1PM.

We had a good time today an hope efurryone wuz able to haf a big tasty meal wif lots of turkey. Plus we had lots of veggie fings an stuffin an da pies an cookies. It wuz nice to see some of da famblyan now we gonna think bout all da ofur fings we am fankful for like all da furriends we haf here in da cat blogosphere an all da nice stinky goodness we haf an a nice warm safe place to sleep an all kinds of fings. We hope owr cuzzins had a good time an efurryon presheated da food an fun we had an now we gonna takes a long snooze.

Luf, Beau Beau & Angie


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Beau Beau and Angie!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds fantastic!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
    You did look a bit scary behind the lamp though.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Big Turkey Smoochies too!

  5. Looks like tons of fun was had!
    Just wanted to stop by and say -

    with love from Katie
    (...and my girl, Glogirly)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. You do look very scary behind the salt lamp, Beau Beau. I am glad that you had such a lovely Thanksgiving.

  8. Sounds like a great day.

    My big uncle used to make his boy Bud, give girls flowers when he was a little boy. so when he was 4years old, he used to give his mum or aunty a bunch of flowers because they were girls, and he had to call them gorgeouses. We love a boy who looks after his ladies.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of you.

  9. Beau Beau it looks like you and Angie and your furmaly had a great Turkey Day. Our Niece is coming today for our Thanksgiving meal and she is sleeping in OUR room. We'll probably "watch over" her all night too.

  10. That picture is wicked cool!

  11. Girls are so fun to hang out with.
    I am so glad you had a marvelous Thanksgiving