Monday, June 30, 2008

Mancat Scrapping Monday

Mom made a scrapbook page of me in one of the Photoshop classes she took a while ago. She forgot all about it. Can yoo imajin she forgot makin somefin wif picshures of me in it? Schmaybe she needs a whappin to get her noggin on strate again. She says she has too many projeks goin one after anufer. Isn't dis da time of year when yoo posed to take it easy?

~Beau Beau

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Easy like Sunday

Um, dis is mine deck. Where yoo gonna sit?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photo Hunt - Bright

I love my new deck. See how bright my white furs are against the deck?


Friday, June 27, 2008

Fridays Furry Friends

Dis is Sidney, owr Grammie and her friend Dan's cat.
We's posted this afore but their squirrel Buddy is always around their house and he's so cute to look at. We don't haf any squirrels on owr deck coz Angie keeps dem away. Dis little guy is adorable tho isn't he?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wacky Paper Wednesday

Ohhh lookit Sabrina, Sam and Simon's Mom of da St. Louis Meezers made fur us! Owr furs an colors match wif da backgrounds. She knew we were getting all acited bout creatin' some scrapbook pages and has been givin' us some tips on what to do.
Mom has a squillion picshures of us so dare has to be somefin we can do to make a nice coffee table book for us. But geez, why do humans want to look a a book when dey can look at us in purrson?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chopped Meat

Um, human mom? I may not be da smartest cat in da howse but I fink yoo need to take da machine owt of da box to use it. :snickers:
Plus I finks I heard yoo say dat owr new v.e.t. said yoo don't need to grind up da meat for us. So what am yoo gonna do wif dis grinder now huh?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy like Sunday

First, we wants to give owr best wishes to da happy couple, Gree and Othello, who took their wedding vows yesterday.

Now today I jus wants to relax and enjoy Sunday. I could do dat if Mom would let me go owtside. But I finks dat we found what might be da problem wif mine eye. It might have somefin to do wif da deck wood sawdust coz mine eye is a little werse today and da deck was werked on yesterday. We finks dare is a furry good chance dat might be what's wrong. So we are jus gonna hang owt inside today after da beans go to church.
Enjoy today efurryone!

Luvs, Beau Beau & Angie

Saturday, June 21, 2008

photo hunt - water

Angie with her WATER bowl.And - da humans went to Block Island, in Rhode Island yesterday. Dey saw flying food over WATER!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angie OWIE progress

First, I felt like sheet. Mine eye wuz all watery and I kept squintin it.
After seein' Dr. Tobin, Mom has been putting drops in my eye. See this wuz this afternoon'. It wuz open more.After Mom came home from werk today it was open even more. Den I went to bed and tried to go to sleep.

Mom woke me up to look in my eye some more. Geez, she has no problem wif da flashy fing does she? No worry, da light and da flashy fing duzn't bother me. When I'm owtside my eyes are way open.See - it's looks much better. I'm hopin' it will be alla way open tomorrow.
Thanks for all the healing thots and best wishes and prayers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Angie gots an OWIE

I gots an Owie in my eye. I don't know what happened but alla sudden my eye gotted all squinty an stuff. Collij girl did a energy healing on me an I wuz waitin' for it to werk an den next fing I know I had to go in da evil PTU! Geez Mom it takes like more den three hours for a healin' to werk ya know.

I lost a few nails on da way but it was like a do it yurself man-a-cure. No more nail clippin fur a while. We wented to a new v.e.t. I could tell coz we went past where da evil teef stealers office is. I met my new v.e.t., Dr. Tobin, who is a holistic v.e.t. He let me walk all over hims office until I got comfy. There were no bad smells dare like at da teef stealers. I got no stabby fings, no cold fings put up mine butt and no stuff sqirted in mine ears. Mom had a good talk wif him about what to feed me and fat boy Beau Beau. I wuz all nice an calm when we left da office an I got to sit on Mom's lap all da way home an look owt da window. Den she let me owt of da car an I got to walk around mine yard and den walk in da door like it wuz an efurryday occurrense. Dinner wuz a nice piece of raw chick-hen drumstick. Me an fat boy Beau Beau eated it all up.
Mine eye feels better all reddy.

Purrs, Angie

Monday, June 16, 2008


Turn owt da lights will ya? Geez. A mancat's gotta get his sleep ya know.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to mine human Dad. Fanks for picking me out of all da kitties at da Meriden Humane Society (Mom picked Angie but Dad whisked her out of dare reel quick like afore some ofur lady got her).
Fanks for getting hunting our stinky goodness and feeding us efurryday. Fanks for making our stinky box not so stinky. Yoo keeps it clean not only once but twice a day. Fanks for leaving plenty of room on da big bed for all of us to sleep on. Fanks for giving me treats. Oh wait, dat's what Mom duz. Fanks for leaving room for me to sit in front of yur 'puter while yoo am werking. Fanks for feeding us so early in da mornin and for coming home early to feed us too.

Angie: Fanks for letting me go owtside and keepin' an eye on me and protecktin' me from da evil introoder kitty. Fanks for gettin' mine new collar. Fanks for mine hidey spot under da deck to watch owt for da birdies. Yoo am a great Dad. We loves yoo.
~Beau Beau & Angie

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day for the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America.

The Elks prompted President Woodrow Wilson to recognize the Order's observance of Flag Day for its patriotic expression. But it was not until 1949 when President Harry Truman, himself a member of the Elks, made the proclamation that thereafter June 14 would be a day of national observance for the symbol of our country.

Mom and Dad are members of the BPOE in our town. She went owt to take piktures and to observe da ceremony.

We stayed home and helped Dad finish da deck.

~Beau Beau & Angie

Photo hunt - Emotion

Emotion - Surprise. What's dat banging noise owtside ? All dat bang bang bang noise. Who can fink wif all dis noise? What am dem beans doin now?

I will haf Mom post a pikshur to show yoo what is happening owtside coz I'm not allowed owt dare. Efun Angie is in today. I should save dis for tattle tail Tuesday but I can't wait. Angie wuz a bad girl. She went owt of owr yard dis mornin to get a differnt view of owr howse and wented across da street to check it owt. Mom had to go get her. Now wif all da commo-shun goin on she is stuck inside so she duzn't go to someone elses howse. Plus dare is an evil introoder kitty dat keeps trying to beat her up IN HER OWN YARD! Can yoo beeleeve it? So just to be safe Angie is going to haf to stay in da howse for a while till da beans can figger owt where dis evil kitty comes from. He's a big un too. He made Angie's leg hurt from fightin wif her alreddy so we has to take strickt mezzures to inshure her safety.

((((((HUGS)))))) to efurryone today. We all needs to share owr love dis weekend and always.

Beau Beau

Friday, June 13, 2008

Furry Fighter Friday

In memory of Storm, the Furry Fighter. After winning the battle against Feline Lymphoma for 18 months, she has gone into the arms of all those furry friends over the rainbow bridge who have gone before her. Our love and prayers go out to her meowmies. They are the loving and generous hearts who surrounded Stormie with all the love and care she needed to make her time on this earth the best that it could be. Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your life with us.
Peace to you our friend. Love, Beau Beau & Angie and Family

Flowers and Fruit on Friday

Mom's Peony flower. She's takin pictures for a flashy fing class. I like to help pick da strawberries. Dis is not one of her picture examples coz I look too bright. I know I haf white furs but dey are not dat glaringly white!Dis is a Rose Glow, Lantana plant. Dis also not a good one coz it has da clothes line in da background. Geez Mom where am da good pictures?
Now dis one is Cat Mint! Can yoo believe it? It's not cat NIP it's cat MINT. Not sure what da difference is coz it makes me want to rub myself all ofur it. Dis is also where I go hunting for bees. See da little bee in da middle?
Haf a FANTASTIC Friday efurryone. Take time to stop and smell da flowers today.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesdays Tummies

How about an upright Full Monty? Ok one two free -- steeeeeeeeretch. Oh dat felt good. It's a good way to start da day wif a reely great stretch. Now for da more leisurely stretcher take a look at Angie.Geez, Angie is dat da best stretch yoo can do?

"I'm doin' an across da body arm stretch. Isn't dat a nice one? "

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday's Friends

I found a turtle outside. There are always lots of fun fings to find on da outside. This one was a little boring tho coz it didn't move too fast. Plus it wuz hard to push it around. We finks dis is a Painted Turtle. But we are not sure if it's a male or female Painted turtle. It sure has nice pretty colors tho. But once we got close it put it's head inside and wouldn't come out.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Tons of Tummies

Mom keeps calling me "Her Floofiness". I can't imajin why? You wouldn't know by lookin at me dat I only weigh six pounds. Yoo can stare at mine belly for a couple days cuz Mom is going away on bizzness. We gets to keep Dad company all by owrselves. Well, da collij girl is here too tho but dey don't know how to help us rite. She will try to steal some time from werk to check in on us but it might be too hard coz dey am werking her like a woofie she says. We am furry glad we am cats so we don't get werked like woofies.


Mancat Monday

I'm feeling much better fanks to mine Boston Red Sox buddy, Wally Jr. We alreddy haf a Wally, yoo remember him - da spoiled one who went to Rooba? So dis is Wally Jr. Mine Dad gave him to me to make me feel better. If any v.e.t. comes near me again him is gonna use his bat on him.

I still have anty-byotiks to take and I take dem like a mancat. Mom just puts da eyedropper filled wif pink stuff near mine mouf and I just lick it all up. Yummy.
Fanks for all yur good wishes. I know it helped me to feel lots better.
~Beau Beau