Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to mine human Dad. Fanks for picking me out of all da kitties at da Meriden Humane Society (Mom picked Angie but Dad whisked her out of dare reel quick like afore some ofur lady got her).
Fanks for getting hunting our stinky goodness and feeding us efurryday. Fanks for making our stinky box not so stinky. Yoo keeps it clean not only once but twice a day. Fanks for leaving plenty of room on da big bed for all of us to sleep on. Fanks for giving me treats. Oh wait, dat's what Mom duz. Fanks for leaving room for me to sit in front of yur 'puter while yoo am werking. Fanks for feeding us so early in da mornin and for coming home early to feed us too.

Angie: Fanks for letting me go owtside and keepin' an eye on me and protecktin' me from da evil introoder kitty. Fanks for gettin' mine new collar. Fanks for mine hidey spot under da deck to watch owt for da birdies. Yoo am a great Dad. We loves yoo.
~Beau Beau & Angie


  1. What a bootiful tribute to your Daddy! He sounds like a furry special guy. You are furry lucky!



  2. happy fathers day to yor dad

  3. Your Daddy is wonderful, I can see why you love him so very much!
    Happy Father's Day!

  4. That's wonderful of yur Dad!

    Luf, Us

  5. Happy Daddy Day! You've got a wonderful daddy!

  6. Happy father's Day to your dad. He sounds wonderful.

  7. I can tell you really love your dad. That is a nice picture. Did you find out what the banging noises outside were yet?

  8. An EXCELLENT Father's Day to your wonderful daddy!

  9. Happy Daddykitty's Day!

  10. Ohhhhhhh that was super. Your dad sounds like he is a cool dude. Thanks for being a great dad to Beau and Angie, the world needs more men like you!!

    Poppy Q

  11. Your dad is the best! (Well, one of them, anyway.) :)

    Happy Belated Father's Day!